An Irresistible Exuberant Delight—-Tuesday, July 19, 2016


We’ve been living with heat for several, several days now.


Miserable heat, the kind that hangs in the air  and never really seems to cool down. (Although, I will take this heat over winter any day!)

Yard-8The weather people said we might have rain yesterday…so we waited.

Then last evening I could see rain playing around us on the Uncompahgre Plateau.

Yard-9Rain chutes filled the sky looking toward Montrose and over toward the Peach Valley area; still the bumblebees and the hummingbirds never exhibited anxious hovering in the flowers like they do before a storm makes it’s way to us.


We set the last set of water in the glow of the Full Thunder Moon; the air more restless than early in the evening.


Then during the night the rains came!  We woke to beautiful fresh air, the ghost of the storm hanging damply on each blade and leaf.

Today is alluring, with clouds moving in again, and the promise of POSSIBLY more rain.  My garden, the farm, and myself are all doing the happy dance!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,



Gifts from Nature—Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My first gift from nature  is a new bird to my feeders!  I am so excited!

Sharpened A Western Tanager!  I’ve never seen one here before.  The website says they are woodland birds.  It just may be passing through.  Only time will tell.

BearThe bears are back.  A mom bear (sow) and one cub have been spotted (several times) just below our farm…running along the fence line.  Another bear has been bothering a bee hive over about two miles from us.


Saturday is the first day of May’s Full Moon…this year it is a Blue Moon complete with a sighting of Mars!!!  You can read all about it here! 

Full Moons

I hope the sky is clear for you, wherever you might be!  To see the bright, bright light of the moon and the red planet Mars will be a gift of a lifetime!



April’s Full Moon—Thursday, April 21, 2016

We are cloudy and cold again.


I so wanted to get a photo of April’s full moon, but alas…it isn’t to be.


SO I have some old moon photos I will re-share with you.

Full Moons

April is the Full Pink Moon and it comes from the herb wild phlox with is pink and starts to bloom in April.  Other names for the beautiful celestial orb is Full Sprouting Grass Moon, The Egg Moon and the FIsh Moon (shad spawn at this time, I’m told)


Love the silver light of a full moon!

Wherever you are I hope you can go outside and enjoy April’s full moon,

Your friend,


The Full Moon of February—Sunday, February 21, 2016

Moon-1February’s Full Moon is called the Hunger Moon.  A time of scarcity and want. If you click on the blue link you will be taken to a site that will give you the names of the moon in the northern hemisphere AND in the southern hemisphere.

WarmBut for us it’s finally warming up, of which I am very grateful!

MoreThe warmth is good for giving birth to new little ones.  There are more and more every day. Such a huge joy!

Two full weeks to go until farming starts.  Not long now.  Two weeks for the ‘decision to be finalized’.  Nothing has been carved into to stone (at this point), but the time is narrowing down.  (BUT I must say there is a huge restlessness occurring…


the tractor with the blade has been out and about scraping up the ruts in the long lane to our house, blading in old ditches,

Fixing-Fences-and-gates-2fences have been moved, straighten and re-aligned…

cc.jpgThe woodpile is cut, sawed, chopped, and split …..the sheds straightened and sorted…)

Two weeks…

Your friend on a western Colorado Farm,




Love the Moon! Full Wolf Moon—Sunday, January 24, 2016


Boomer and I still go for walks in the moonlight.  We both love it!

Back in the house, I put a couple of logs on the fire, then head back to bed.  Sammy, our old cat,  is trying to sleep in his spot on the bed, but the full moon lights up the whole room so much he has to cover his eyes.  🙂  It makes me smile to see him.

I leave the curtains open—I love the moon light.  The west side of the house has a soft radiance filling the rooms caused from the silver beams coming through the curtainless windows. Suffusing everything in silver light.

January is the time of the Full Wolf Moon. The full moon names date back to Native Americans.  January is the time of deep snows and very cold temperatures.  It is also a time of starvation, thus the howling of the wolves in search of food.

This moon is also the second full moon after the solstice.  

The Full Wolf Moon came into its full and dramatic beauty last night.  It is most stunning!

As always your friend,


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Sing a Night Song

Umpft!  Snort!  Stretch….ahhh!

What am I hearing?

COYOTES!  The Coyotes are close…right in the bean field!




I ran to the grain bins and bayed to the coyotes…Scram you nasty critters! I yelled.  About that time I heard Mom outside–Good!  She scared them away!

Good job!

I trotted back to Mom and we sat on the back step.


Wow! What a beautiful night!  It made heart lift in great joy!

So much so I walked into the middle of the lawn; lifted my nose way up in the air, made my mouth into a tiny o, and let out a plaintive sound.

I sang and sang for a very long time.  Trying to reach back, back in time to all those that came before.

When I was done Mom called me over and gave me a big hug.  “I understand, Boomer.  I wish I could reach back in time also” she said.


We sat on the back step, just mom and I, letting the silver light flood over us.



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Full Moon on Friday the 13th

lHey, FUZZY!!!  Wake-up, Fuzzy!  Today is Friday the 13th!  Not only is it Friday the 13th we have a FULL MOON— TONIGHT!!!


We won’t be alive the next time this comes along, in fact Mom and Dad won’t be alive…it won’t happen again until Friday,

August 13th 2049!

How very cool is this!!

Hummmmmmmmmm, snort, skurkle….wha, what, Boomer?

Full Moon, Fuzzy!  AND IT’S FRIDAY THE 13th!

Last year we had three Fridays the 13th’s but this year there is only ONE and there is a Full Moon with it!

Hey, that is pretty neat!  What do you think we should do tonight, Boomer?

Lots of people are really suspicious over dates like this, but I don’t see any reason to be nervous, Fuzzy.   Heck, what bad thing can happen?…the sky is full of bright silver light, we will get to go with a walk with Mom in the moonlight and it’s really warm so we won’t be bothered by the cold at all.

Okay, Boom…let’s get to going:

  1.  First let’s holler over to Hank and let him know it what today is.



Bark, Yip, yap….repeat and repeat again and again and again.

Oh, this is good, Pepper is on the line…HEY, PEPPER…You Know what tonight is…..?

Oh!  BOOTS is joining in…Welcome, Boots…guess what tonight is?

Hey, this is really cool everybody in the neighborhood is talking on the dog telephone!

  1. Let’s tell the Coyotes….Every dog in the neighborhood…yipping and yelling!

“You soft as marshmallow house dogs…what do you think you are doing bother us real DOGS?  You are just pretend dogs.  Snarl, growl,



Shhhhhhhhhhh, she said

  1.  Pant, pant, puff, pant….sit by Mom’s bed and act like your are suffocating Fuzzy, so we can get back outside…after all TIME IS A WASTING!“Oh, alright…go on back out.  But be quiet!!!”  Mom warned as she let us out the back door.


BAM!!!! OW!!!!  Boomer!  I tripped and fell and bloodied my nose.

Darn thing, just won’t stop bleeding!

  1. YIKES!   SKUNK ——————– BOOMER!!!  Slow down, boy!  There is a skunk by the grain bin!
  1. Hey, dogs….chitter, chatter,  squeak…you can’t catch me

GET HIM BOOM!!!!  Get the raccoon!!

  1. Come on Fuzzy…he’s heading to the old tree by the canal
  2. Put y’er brakes on Boom…he’s gone.  We’ll never get him up the tree.

Okay, Fuzzy.  Let’s see if there is anything else out here.  We haven’t been this far up the ditch bank for several days…..sniff, sniff, snuff…do you smell anything, Fuzzy?

Nope, not very good, my nose is stuffed up.  But I do think I can smell those two cats from the neighbor way over the way.  They passed here about an hour ago.

10. Boy, the moonlight is sure bright.  Hummmmmmmmmmmm  oh, yes…ahhhhh…ooooooooo, this is really nice.  Come on, Fuzzy…you are going to like this.

11.Ah…no…I don’t think so, Boomer.  That’s just something I really don’t like.

12. Ummmm.  Listen….Mom is out…she’s calling us to go for her mid-night walk.  Well, I guess, tonight it more like her two in the morning walk…  Listen, Boom…we gotta go!

Okay, Fuzzy….just a dollop more.  Mom, is going to love me!  Just wait until she smells this great perfume….roll, wiggle, squiggle, squirm…yes!  I’m ready to go, Fuzzy.

Come on then, Mom is heading our way…we’ will intercept her at the bend in the road.

13. “YUCK!  Boomer!  What in the world did you roll in?”  Mom GAGGED!  (Actually, Mom almost puked)… “Boomer! UGH!”

But it is really nice, Mom.  Really, just take a good whiff…see you do like it.


She went back into the house, Boomer.  I’ll bet you get to have a bath in the morning.

WHAT!  And lose my great perfume?

Darn, I guess a full moon on Friday the 13th does bring some sort’a bad luck.


Pout, pout…I really wanted to wear my perfume for a long, long time.



Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I love the moon!  I love when the moon is full — spreading sliver and crystal and blue lights upon the land.


The dogs and I go for a walk, just to be showered in the lovely glow




We go just as it’s just coming up and we go again just before nine at night

December-moonI always try to wake-up sometime during the night, just to take the dogs and go walking down the lane…oh, sometime around one or so in the morning.  The dogs know the second I start putting on my Carhart we are going for a walk.

I don’t walk out into the fields late at night…too many coyotes and other critters I don’t want to meet, but in the evening we do.

PaoniaIn the evening we are surrounded in the glow of the winter sunset

Raggeds1With the air full of winter bird calls…the Canadian Geese and the Sandhill Cranes…later after mid-night the owls will hoo-hoo -hoo , we will hear a fox barking and the coyotes yipping as the moon light and the star light fills the shinning clear air.

We will walk along, the dogs sniffing out news and I watching stars fall from a million years ago.

The neighbor’s dog (who lives outside, no matter the temperatures) will hear us crunching along in the snow, or hear me calling to Boomer to not go off too far…he adds his warning bark to the other sounds.  His people, either don’t care nor never hear, I call to him…’It’s okay…it’s just us walking in the moonlight.  It’s okay…’  He stops.  Then calls out again…”GOOD NIGHT” I call back…’Sleep Well, little dog!  Sleep Well.”  Then the dogs and I go in to the warmth of the wood stove and snugly blankets.


By five in the morning the moon has made it’s way to shine into the bedroom windows, lighting up Sammy the cat as he sleeps on the edge of the bed. Sam puts a paw over his eyes and keeps on sleeping.  Monkey jumps into the window to watch the world from the warmth and safety of the house.  I too watch the world as the moon slowly sinks and the day begins.

Good Morning everyone!

Your friend,






Nighttime Irrigation—Moon Music

Coming back from irrigating last night the moon was just delightful!!

We had some rain storms in the mountains that have helped (sort of) the irrigating situation.  Enough that Terry thinks he can go ahead and plant his new alfalfa field.

Don’t get me wrong, water is still short, and we are still having trouble getting the ground wet because it has been so dry.  But water in the hills brings a little more water down the canals.  Enough to put out two more tubes, or open two more gates for a short time.  If we get more rain in the hills or steady rain, that would be great.

Every little bit helps!

Sara did a cool post on Moon Music I would like to share….just perfect, just perfect.

We don’t have frogs or fireflies, but we still have the moon and last night was just beautiful.

Moon Music is right!


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Sissy Coyote

Mom said we had a first…well, first time for her anyway.

Sissy Coyote came calling!

This is how it happened:

The night was beautiful, a clear, full bright moon hung in the sky just above the cottonwood tree. The light from the full moon lit up everything, casting sliver and blue shadows everywhere. Fuzzy and I were having a great time sitting on the back step of the back porch. Every once in a while Fuzzy would see something run across the road out by the tractor sheds, and then he would take off running and barking! HEY YOU! WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON OUR PLACE! Then I would follow hollering as loud as I could.

It was great fun.

I really don’t think Fuzzy can see very well anymore, but what the heck, he sees enough that we get to chase ‘whomever or whatever’ off the place. If they really aren’t there, who is going to complain? NOT ME!!!

So we had a great time until Mom came out and turned all the yard lights on….

“What is happening out here, boys, are the Chickens safe?” She asked giving each of us a wonderful pet on the head and all over the body.


I sort of think she knows we are just having fun.

So we all three walk  out to the chicken house, opened the door, and turned on the light in the chicken house.

“One, two, three, four” counted Mom. “Well, nothing bad going on here.”

The chickens were rather startled to have the light turned on, but they didn’t move. They continued to sit on their perch and sort of talked to each other about the lights and stuff like that.

Mom, Fuzzy and I all walked back to house. But she took the long way…we checked on the cows, all asleep, we walked by the grain bins, nothing happening there, except they were all sparkly in the moonlight. Really rather pretty, I thought.

Then we stopped at the tractor sheds, Mom said she wondered if there were some stray cats out here (in the tractor shed) that Fuzzy and I were barking at. We just looked very sincerely at her and I thumped my tail really vigorously, Fuzzy just shook his little stub of a tail, but he did shake it really hard. We wanted Mom to think she was right.

She must have as we all walked back to the house, got many pets and rubs and scratches and told good night. We were also warned to not do any more barking if it’s just for fun as Dad will be the next person out to see what the problems were.

So we were silent. BUT…we did chase a couple of cats, and a really neat squirrel, or at least I thought it was a squirrel…but the highlight was when the FOX came through the yard.

Fuzz and I were sitting out by the woodpile, next to the chicken house, just taking in the night…when right out of the corral a fox came, padded by the garbage cans and almost ran right into to us!


Both Fuzzy and I were so excited that I’m sure it came through in our yips and barks. Mom came out of the house fast…it looked like she may have been asleep. We kept up the barrage of barking, I pointed down the road, Mom flipped on the yard lights, I ran back to her really fast and twirled and swirled around and headed back to Fuzzy who was looking down the road sort of prancing for us to get there.

We made it just in time for Mom to see the bushy tail sliding under the barbed wire fence; she flung the flashlights light into the field and saw the red fox heading as fast as its little legs could go to the drain ditch across the way.

Mom said it didn’t have anything in its mouth!

“You boys sure are doing a good job tonight,” she said. We licked her hands and she petted us all over.

After all that it was starting to get rather nippy outside so we decided to head to our snug and cozy dog houses. I went in first, because I feel the cold before Fuzz, but I heard him come in a few minutes later.

We were sleeping really good…sound as you might say. When in the yard, RIGHT BY THE CLOTHES LINE was SISSY the Coyote! And she was …WOW! Some kind of beautiful! She started making this pretty strange howl/bark thing that had Fuzzy and I out of our dog houses in a flash!

We both barked and howled back at her, but she was NOT afraid. It was getting close to morning…I could see the rim of almost light in the east along the Paonia Mountains…we were frenzied in our barking.

Both Mom and Dad came out of the house FAST!!!!

Dad had his gun!

This was a good thing, because while Fuzz and I were looking at Sissy the Witching Coyote, there were four other lurking coyotes over by the hen house!!!

They were trying to raid the HEN HOUSE!


Dad shot the gun!!!

Scared off the coyotes, even pretty Sissy Coyote — Fuzzy and I watched her slink away, well actually melt away into the shadows.

The gun pretty much frightened me also. I yelped just as loud as the gun!

Fuzzy laughed at me. Heck, man! I wasn’t expecting anything like that L.O.U.D sound!

Mom said she didn’t understand why the coyotes were so aggressive this year; a friend of hers said that they are probably coyote-dogs. Which is probably true…lots of people have dropped dogs off out here.

The ditch rider says he has seen a pack of wild dogs down over the hill. So what is living around our place is a mix of coyote/dogs. Dad’s going to talk to the D.O.W. Trapper to see what can be done. Calving season is a few months off (February) we don’t need any coyotes, wild dogs, or coyote-dogs around.

Anyway….this full moon was sure full of fun and excitement! (By the way…Dad wondered why Mom didn’t grab her camera; she usually has it with her all the time. — NOW That would have been cool….a photo of Sissy Coyote! I would pin it up in my dog house. She was that kind of wonderful!)