In a Spray of Glimmering Stars — Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The lovely, lovely moon

Broke through the thick and heavy clouds

Lighting our world in silver moon dust.

Oh, how I love the full moon and how the earth turns into a magic fairyland of light.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



Back When the Moon was Full —- A Study in Black and White—Monday, April 13, 2020

I love watching the moon come up…

I enjoy the leaps and bounds of the quickly rising globe of silver, devouring dark and twisting shadows in its trailing silver light

I tried to capture the light it’s self, even with editing  I couldn’t make it as beautiful as it really is.

The sky, now neither dark or light, but brilliant in a very special way

The silver rays of light

Sprinkled beauty on the earth; on Boomer, Mindy and I.

From my world to your heart,



A Sparkle which Really is Brilliance— Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Terry is checking the moisture in the furrows—we want the water to sub over under the top of the soil, deep inside of the furrow

You can see the top of the soil showing wet

It seems simple, doesn’t it?  And in theory, it is; in practice, it takes lots of monitoring and paying close attention

Sometimes you can walk out on a dry looking row and suddenly sink right up to your ankles…sigh.

The water running beneath the dam is good…this is the water going to the next field — if the water was coming over the top of the dam we would need to start more tubes

The brilliant rays of sunlight on the furrows, in one of the alfalfa fields

It was so pretty, the glow of the rays, the sparkle of the water, the rich green of the alfalfa plants coming together in a perfect way.

Then when I looked up, in the bluest of blue skies, a sweet little bird flew over-head

The work is hard, still nothing to hide from,

I truly could not ask for more.

From my world to your heart,




In a Sky of Heavy and Thickly Swimming Clouds —- Monday, February 10, 2020

February’s Full Snow Moon broke through

A blend of magic and sorcery, causing the black night to fade

Sending (for a short spell, a very short time) silver light, sharp and clear.

Just perfect for me and my camera.

From my world to your heart,


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— Moon Walk

Mom and I took a walk in the moonlight…that beautiful wonderful silver moonlight!

Mom LOVES walking in the moonlight.

Mindy didn’t go, she was sleeping next to Dad when Mom and I got up and went outside around one in the morning.

It’s still warm here, but cooling down rapidly in the night.  It’s quite cold by morning.

But one o’clock is not bad…work jacket cold.

So off we went…just Mom and I.

On our way past the cornfield, we ran into a buck…well, actually we scared him.  He was sleeping at the edge of the field, near the irrigation ditch.  Up he jumped!  Mom’s camera caught him in the light of the moon and a little star next to the moon.

“Cool!” Mom exclaimed.

I just kept on sniffing around and down the road.  Although, I do stay close to Mom anymore…elderly now you see.

Mom doesn’t make me stay close, I just want too.

We walked around the big cornfield then crossed down the ditch between the little corn field and the big corn field and ran into TWO bucks.

MOM was very careful to be very still so she could get a couple of photos of them.

I was very still also.  That camera thing is really important to mom.


Good job!

Of course, the deer scrambled away.

We started back home, just Mom and I, nothing much happening when Mom stopped took a photo and started RUNNING!

I ran with her, all big grins and floppy ears.

I wonder what made Mom run?

Oh, well, I will probably never know.

Still, the running was fun!




An Irresistible Exuberant Delight—-Tuesday, July 19, 2016


We’ve been living with heat for several, several days now.


Miserable heat, the kind that hangs in the air  and never really seems to cool down. (Although, I will take this heat over winter any day!)

Yard-8The weather people said we might have rain yesterday…so we waited.

Then last evening I could see rain playing around us on the Uncompahgre Plateau.

Yard-9Rain chutes filled the sky looking toward Montrose and over toward the Peach Valley area; still the bumblebees and the hummingbirds never exhibited anxious hovering in the flowers like they do before a storm makes it’s way to us.


We set the last set of water in the glow of the Full Thunder Moon; the air more restless than early in the evening.


Then during the night the rains came!  We woke to beautiful fresh air, the ghost of the storm hanging damply on each blade and leaf.

Today is alluring, with clouds moving in again, and the promise of POSSIBLY more rain.  My garden, the farm, and myself are all doing the happy dance!

Your friend on a Western Colorado Farm,


Gifts from Nature—Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My first gift from nature  is a new bird to my feeders!  I am so excited!

Sharpened A Western Tanager!  I’ve never seen one here before.  The website says they are woodland birds.  It just may be passing through.  Only time will tell.

BearThe bears are back.  A mom bear (sow) and one cub have been spotted (several times) just below our farm…running along the fence line.  Another bear has been bothering a bee hive over about two miles from us.


Saturday is the first day of May’s Full Moon…this year it is a Blue Moon complete with a sighting of Mars!!!  You can read all about it here! 

Full Moons

I hope the sky is clear for you, wherever you might be!  To see the bright, bright light of the moon and the red planet Mars will be a gift of a lifetime!



April’s Full Moon—Thursday, April 21, 2016

We are cloudy and cold again.


I so wanted to get a photo of April’s full moon, but alas…it isn’t to be.


SO I have some old moon photos I will re-share with you.

Full Moons

April is the Full Pink Moon and it comes from the herb wild phlox with is pink and starts to bloom in April.  Other names for the beautiful celestial orb is Full Sprouting Grass Moon, The Egg Moon and the FIsh Moon (shad spawn at this time, I’m told)


Love the silver light of a full moon!

Wherever you are I hope you can go outside and enjoy April’s full moon,

Your friend,


The Full Moon of February—Sunday, February 21, 2016

Moon-1February’s Full Moon is called the Hunger Moon.  A time of scarcity and want. If you click on the blue link you will be taken to a site that will give you the names of the moon in the northern hemisphere AND in the southern hemisphere.

WarmBut for us it’s finally warming up, of which I am very grateful!

MoreThe warmth is good for giving birth to new little ones.  There are more and more every day. Such a huge joy!

Two full weeks to go until farming starts.  Not long now.  Two weeks for the ‘decision to be finalized’.  Nothing has been carved into to stone (at this point), but the time is narrowing down.  (BUT I must say there is a huge restlessness occurring…


the tractor with the blade has been out and about scraping up the ruts in the long lane to our house, blading in old ditches,

Fixing-Fences-and-gates-2fences have been moved, straighten and re-aligned…

cc.jpgThe woodpile is cut, sawed, chopped, and split …..the sheds straightened and sorted…)

Two weeks…

Your friend on a western Colorado Farm,




Love the Moon! Full Wolf Moon—Sunday, January 24, 2016


Boomer and I still go for walks in the moonlight.  We both love it!

Back in the house, I put a couple of logs on the fire, then head back to bed.  Sammy, our old cat,  is trying to sleep in his spot on the bed, but the full moon lights up the whole room so much he has to cover his eyes.  🙂  It makes me smile to see him.

I leave the curtains open—I love the moon light.  The west side of the house has a soft radiance filling the rooms caused from the silver beams coming through the curtainless windows. Suffusing everything in silver light.

January is the time of the Full Wolf Moon. The full moon names date back to Native Americans.  January is the time of deep snows and very cold temperatures.  It is also a time of starvation, thus the howling of the wolves in search of food.

This moon is also the second full moon after the solstice.  

The Full Wolf Moon came into its full and dramatic beauty last night.  It is most stunning!

As always your friend,