My Heart is Broken—-Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Monkey-MooI will miss you forever.

Monkey Brown


Your human Mom





87 thoughts on “My Heart is Broken—-Wednesday, July 6, 2016

  1. Linda I am so sorry that you have lost such a beautiful companion….I can feel the pain in my heart and I send my love and hugs to you both….

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  2. Dear Linda …I just moved down here to Nrothfield Mn a week ago. My dear 18 year young friend and companion and borther to all seven of my rescued kitties…..and best friends who have all passed in the last few years now, he came with me. and his mission was to get me here…….the otehr day, he did not come out of the bedroom where he was resting each day…terrified at the new surroundings. But he played and seemed fine…..and when I went in to get him —he was passed on..jsut at that moment. I droped into such a state of pure hopelessness as the move has been hard, and all and cherished his being with me… all. my comfort, and I wondered why this happened…..I had not friends here to call,no one to help me, jad just moved here…so I prayed…..asking for comfort and answers. I kept him for a bit in the car,…then caleld a lvoely aldy to help me form the Vet..whish was one of my answers in prayer… she came, and got him and I am still grieving , yet thankful for him more and more each day for his comfort. I send you love, and on one can know how our hearts are seemingly broken …as those are our chidlren…who loves us unconditionally…so let us rejoice in teh facct we got to have them as long as we did..and my heart is with you…in Love and Healing..merri

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  3. Oh no, no no no. I am so very sorry for you, and poor Monkey. I didn’t like seeing your comment on how it was bad and unnecessary- that sounds really horrible. Please take care of yourself, and let the family help you deal with this heart ache. Hugs to you, my friend. Email me if you need to talk, of course.

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  4. The passing of a beloved pet is never easy. For so long after they leave us it seems if we could turn quickly enough the cat or dog will still be there in a favorite place–asleep in a spill of sunshine.

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  5. Oh Linda I was so sorry to read this! it is so hard to lose a fur baby… Three weeks ago today we lost our dog, she was six weeks shy of her fourteenth birthday so truly, across the miles, I share your pain… Sending big hugs, Helen

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  6. Smoky the dog and I send our deepest condolences, Linda. I know how painful it is to lose a fur baby. Sadly, it’s something we just have to live through. Have a good cry, it’ll help. I know Monkey will be sorely missed. Sending many hugs from me and lots of kisses from Smoky.

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  7. So very sorry for your loss of sweet Monkey. I’ve learned to love your fur kids through reading your wonderful stories about them. I hope it wasn’t a coyote attack….. they are nasty creatures.

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  8. Oh my. My condolences are heartfelt though tardy. I had a Himalayan that looked very much like Monkey Brown. Her name was Buffy. I am sorry you have to experience this kind of loss. Our furry family is hard to lose. We never stop missing them. They are woven into our hearts. Giant hugs.

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  9. Oh my dear Linda — I am so sorry. i’m just getting caught up after our trip and was not going to overload you with comments, but I am reading all of your posts. This one must have a comment although it is late. But it is never too late to say I am thinking of you and I’m sorry. Or to sesnd a virtual hug.

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