A Sparkle which Really is Brilliance— Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Terry is checking the moisture in the furrows—we want the water to sub over under the top of the soil, deep inside of the furrow

You can see the top of the soil showing wet

It seems simple, doesn’t it?  And in theory, it is; in practice, it takes lots of monitoring and paying close attention

Sometimes you can walk out on a dry looking row and suddenly sink right up to your ankles…sigh.

The water running beneath the dam is good…this is the water going to the next field — if the water was coming over the top of the dam we would need to start more tubes

The brilliant rays of sunlight on the furrows, in one of the alfalfa fields

It was so pretty, the glow of the rays, the sparkle of the water, the rich green of the alfalfa plants coming together in a perfect way.

Then when I looked up, in the bluest of blue skies, a sweet little bird flew over-head

The work is hard, still nothing to hide from,

I truly could not ask for more.

From my world to your heart,




Inspiring and Amazing, Swirls of Light —- Monday, April 6, 2020

I’ve been wanting to show you this for sometime

But Friday’s with Boomer came first, then the start of the water on the farm came second

But one-day last week we had rain

Which is an essential part of spring, bringing vitality to all growing things (and mud, but that is a very different story than this one)

What I wanted to share with you is this!

As the sunset, the mist created by the rain was the color of rose

I have never been blessed to see such a sight in all my life

The whole hazy effect was very enchanting.  Even when the rainy mist turned into shadows.

What a joy!  What a blessing!

From my world to your heart,


The Sound of Water —- Sunday, April 5, 2020

After Terry marked out (put furrows) the cornfields, and the alfalfa fields

He made all the earth ditches, which carry the water onto the fields

Then he went back to the bottom each and every field to make the shallow waste ditch….this is the ditch, which catches the water, then moves the water to the next field or to the canal.

Then it was time for us to start the water onto the land.  You are looking at Terry opening the headgate and the water starting into the headgate

The water starts down the cement ditch where the trash is forked out by Terry and me

There is always lots and lots of trash; thanks to the cows (it gets caught in their hooves) and the wind.

There are lots of cement ditches on our place, so lots of forking out of the trash.

I always think how grateful I am for my arm muscles and for the ability to straddle the cement ditch — still, at my age. 🙂

Now we start setting the siphon tubes.  (See that pooling of water—not good, we have to go out there and dig the furrow out and dam up the spots where the water broke out.)

There is no wasting of the water.  Ever.  Please don’t think that.  We water several fields all at the same time…water that runs by one field is put on another field, the water that goes to the end of the field goes onto another field.

And we work at it constantly.  Water checks every two hours to make sure nothing is happening, which shouldn’t be happening—like trash in the ditch causing the water to spill over the side, or trash in the furrow causing two (or more furrows) to run together, or trash in a tube stopping the water altogether.

To put in dams one must straddle the ditch again.

The over-flow of this dam, tells us we need to start two more tubes.

No waste. Ever!

One last time…one more check before the sighing of the night wind takes over.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—- April 3, 2020

I’ve been laid up some.

My horrible old injury came back…the one where I blew out my knee.

I can still get about, I just carry my left back leg.

My right back leg works just fine

I can go for short walks with Mom.  Or she will put me in that contraption you saw in the first two photos.

If I’m really careful I can kinda put some weight on it, but not for very long

Mom watches after me very gravely; taking my old age seriously and my bad knee into consideration IF I get to go with her.

Mom says it’s Her and Me (and Dad and Mindy) against the world.

That works for me!

I Love Mom

Boomer Beaglie Brown



The Lovely Month has Arrived, Day Two, Now here — Thursday, April 2, 2020

We are experiencing a lovely April so far,

Although, the weather folks are saying rain is due in (April Showers ) today or tomorrow with a cool-down

That’s okay…a wee bit of rain is good for so many things

April is such a delightful month…golden land starting to turn green

The constant work to ready the farm for planting

Plus getting my yard all clean and ready for plants and seeds of my own

The gifts of spring tell me that I sat around too much over winter, that my body is feeling it’s age

After very restless sleep the day brings me NEW—everything clean and fresh and brilliant

Making my mind and soul feel like a child again.

From my world to your heart,



On a Fine Day After a Cold Rainy Morning — Tuesday, March 31 2020

The clouds started thining around noon yesterday

Leaving behind a brightening sky

Perfect to work outside—not hot, but not over-the-top cold either

You are looking upon a HUGE Mouse Hotel…all warm and toasty and gross.

All inhabitants swiftly dispatched among some rather dreadful sounds, I might add.

Although Mindy enjoyed herself very much.

Boomer delighted in his search for news on the rather misty earth,

And, of course, Terry was thrilled, even though it rained…

It wasn’t so wet he couldn’t go back out in the afternoon.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm


Flames Along the Ridge —-Monday, March 30, 2020

Terry and I were out working in the alfalfa field, he was marking out the field

Beaglie and I were setting out the siphon tubes

Boomer has decided that his work now is to just stay on the four-wheeler.

My little dog is getting old.  Rather sad.

When I noticed HUGE flames soaring high at the end of our farm

Then I saw Terry getting off the tractor and heading to the edge of one of our hills.

By the time Boomer and I made it to the rocky point the fire was out…but O! MY! Was that every scary!

Fire is a most frightening thing!  Frightening!

Back home I opened my email and there waiting for me (and for you)

All the way from Australia was a rainbow! “This morning, walking Mouse, I saw this and thought of you 🙂🌈


WOW!  A perfect sign of Hope!

From my world to your heart,



The Glimmer of Watching Eyes — Sunday, March 29, 2020

Although times seem pretty dire…where we are all penned up like my rather spoiled hens

Some beautiful things have happened to me

A surprise hand-made card from Connie in Snowy Minnesota showed up in our mailbox. She wrote to us such a sweet and heartwarming note that all the gloom cast by the order ‘to shelter in place’ cleared all the trapped feelings.

And no matter what is happening on a human level, the alfalfa fields are renewing themselves for another season

Once more I had to pause…for there, flung up by a passing tire

I saw a heart…resting gently on the dark wood of one of my planters.

Then speaking of the wonders of friendship, Kate from Australia called me on FACE TIME, whereby Terry and I and Kate and her husband got to meet each other and visit the longest mostest wonderfulest of times!

I love this new world of Technology!

One afternoon last week I noticed shadowed patterns rippling upon Terry’s arm as he got into the pick-up.  I told him it looked like the sun gave him a full-sleeve and glove tattoo 🙂

Friday,  after we finished up and I was heading in to fix supper I stumbled, causing my camera lid to flip off and a photo to be taken

When I looked at what the camera shot, I saw another heart, resting somewhere on the ground…

I know times are terrible right now…in so many, many ways.

But I do believe, as, in all things, this too will pass.

Love you, each and every one.

Stay Safe, my friends!

My thoughts, my mind, and my prayers are with you,

From my heart to your world,



Not Just a Single Thing—Thursday, March 26, 2020


There are so many good things happening….the water in the canal is now on!

My purple crocus popped up from the ground!

The wind is cold but it blew away the heavy clouds of the morning

The whisper of God’s (Your God, My God, and Everyone’s God),  Love is strong and  streaming all around us

There is the  promise of a new season of farm products

The little creek at the end of the place is flowing—small like a whisper, but growing stronger every day, sorta like the wind at the end of March.

I wish I had a globed ball of crystal, where I could look and see clearly where all this scary pandemic is going to lead us.

I wish I could see through all the treacherous smoke of this pestilence, and know clearly how things are going to turn out

But I don’t. All I can do is send to each of you hope, love, and prayers.

Stay safe my friends.


From my world to your heart,



Rumors and Fear Fly Round and Round — Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Like stinging bugs

But, if —if we just slow down and listen to the god-filled skies

Or Heavens, if you prefer

You will have the courage, strength, and ability

To remain calm

The promise of warmer weather

Is changing the bleakness of each and every day

Soon to be nothing but a memory, a gift of a world-wide movement to bring us into a new world

A gift of darkness but also one of light.

Where friendships forged on the home-front and through the internet, will be strengthened; causing strong and unbreakable bonds

We are now visiting the future, although the bitter sting of the Coronavirus is making its wild and violent way around the world in the present.

The pandemic is leading all of us to band together, to be safe, to care for those we know and those we don’t know.

I am most thankful for all of you out there in my Blogland and on FaceBook. You make this trying time much better.

From my heart to each of you,


Stay Safe.  Stay Strong.

We will emerge from this into a new and better world.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,