And Then the Snow and Wind Came—Wednesday, March 1, 2017

morningWe woke to wind.  Howling wind and then the snow started

snow-005And it was cold and miserable.


napLots of naps were taken

sam-in-the-sunLazing around on the sofa

mindy-in-the-windwoUntil some of us became extremely bored and had to do SOMETHING!
hummmmmSo Boomer, Mom and Mindy had to go for a walk.  It was just too hard hanging inside all day long.

sunshineBy the afternoon the sun came out and the snow flew away to regions just north of us.

Today is warmer, calmer and drier.

Which is a very good thing.  We still have lots of wood to cut, haul and stack!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



While Cutting Wood—-Tuesday, February 28, 2017

We are still cutting and loading and hauling wood…several more loads to got.


But yesterday in the middle of a wind storm (rain and snow coming in) the SandHill Cranes started gathering over us.  They were so loud we could hear them OVER the noise of the chain saw!

Please excuse the wind….I just HAD to take this short video for you.


They were gathering right over us into one HUGE group of birds!  What an amazing site! And true gift from nature!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Soon Only a Vivid Memory—-Sunday, February 26, 2017


The Sand Hill Cranes are on the move.  Flocks of them arrive on our farm (in the evening) then lift wings and fly away come morning.


They are a joy to me.


Although, I miss the Canada Geese these amazing birds have filled the gap of the Geese’s once home. I understand that the Canada Geese have moved further north and are thick around the Montrose, Colorado area.  I wouldn’t know for I haven’t been to Montrose in a very long time.

cranes-007I do know that Confluence Lake, at Confluence Park, and the Gunnison River running through Delta, Colorado is

Geese-2(An old photo of winter past!)

home to a very many Canada Geese.


(A past photo, used for all our enjoyment)

Which is all good.

cranes-008 The cranes come, often times on a cold high desert wind thrumming across our mesa from the Uncompahgre Plateau, and settle down with much chatter and conversation.

into-the-nightDuring Boomer’s and my nightly walk I slow our walk, so we are careful, careful to not disturb the Cranes of the cows.  Boomer walks right by my side…very cautious of Mother cows on the look for predators.

night  If one is very silent, and even still, a person can hear the rustle, rustle of feathers, a shake or two of a big bird getting comfortable.


Then softly, silently home again.  I load the firebox; give Boomie a pat and belly rub.

Pet each sleeping cat, then crawl back into a nice warm bed.

All is right with the world.

From my heart to your world.


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-MOM! HELP!!!

momHi, Dad!  What are we going to do today?


Mom?!  Do You have a plan to do something?

Are we going to get to do ANYTHING?!?!?


We are going to work on the fences!  YAY!


Off we go!


Dad is making an old part of the farm into a new farmed field; down the fences must go.

“STAY!” Mom said as she got off to help Dad.  “I don’t want you rolling in anything, eating anything, or being chased by some mad Momma.”

So I stayed.

And I stayed.

The fencing stuff piled up, poles and wire…I sat there patiently.


Then …. Mom.  Mom, there is a cow coming to sniff me.  MOM!



I jumped off and ran to Mom…a wet cow nose on my dog fur is  SCARY!

You know what?!?!?  Mom just laughed and picked me up and put me back on the four-wheeler.

“You are okay, Boomie!”  She has moved.”

Mom said this while chuckling all the time.

But, geez, those creatures are HUGE!  And they do things, like try to stomp me…


Mom petted me and got on the four-wheeler and we were off.


Whew, it’s good to be back home!


A Gift — February 23, 2017

loggingOne of our son-in-laws (the logger) brought in a load of logs he wondered if we would like to have for our woodpile.

woodSo Terry and he worked out a pretty cool financial deal for both of us—money for him and wood for next year’s winter’s use for us.

sun-waking-upSo waking up early…it’s earlier now, because I wake-up by the lightness of the sky, we ate breakfast, bundled up (there is a nasty chill wind blowing here) and headed out to cut and load wood.

That’s why I’m late getting to my blog…we cut and loaded and unloaded two loads of wood before we got back to our regularly schedule life. 🙂

We had many, many loads to go.  Terry wants to get it all cut and hauled by before he starts farm work in 10 days.  Lots more loads to go.

woodCome August we should NOT have to be cutting and hauling firewood!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Two More Weeks—Wednesday, February 22, 2017

pinto-bean-fieldTwo more weeks the cows will be here.

the-upper-end(They love the grass at the Upper End)

up-on-the-sage-brush-hillAnd hanging out on Sage Brush Hill (where the pack of wild dogs were living, but are gone now.)
upper-endThen it will be time to start the tractor work.  Until that time I hope you don’t get tired of my photos of darling little calves and Momma’s.

Our place is the nursery for the first year momma’s, the second time momma’s, and sometimes a third year Momma.  After that I’m not sure which field they go too.  We can see some of his cows from our farm, but how he sorts them I don’t know.

storm-001The weather people say a cold front is heading into our area tonight with possibility of snow again.  I guess we will see.

cloudsYesterday was just beautiful!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Cow and Calf Run—-Tuesday, February 20, 2017

babies-001We are seeing more and more of those darling little calves

babies-002There are 100 cows

babuSo by the time farming starts

first-black-calf(First black baby)
getting-upThere should be 100 calves.

in-the-brushThat’s provided there are no problems along the way

just-bornSo far there are no twins, or situations, where the calf becomes a bottle baby

sweetIt seems like everyone is a good mother…which is a very good thing.  That means they are attentive to their calf; make sure the calf is fed and close by.

babysitter-cowAnd, if it must be, there is always one or two cows who adore the calves.  We call these cows the babysitter cows—you see, if you just must run to the water hole, or go hang out with the girls at the Upper End, you can always leave your calf with …. the babysitter.  She adores all calves and takes very good care of yours and hers.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


It’s That Time of Year—Monday, February 20, 2017

geese-003It seems like the migration of the Sandhill Cranes and the Canada Geese has begun.  The fields are always in rotation; the skies full of huge flying wedges of big birds.  The bird book (for our region) says the Sand Hill Cranes and the Canada Geese start migration the last week of February and goes through the first week or so of April.

Eckert, Colorado’s Crane Days will start in March. March 10th, plus or minus a couple of days.

sunshineSpring…it’s coming to us anytime now.

Your friend on western Colorado farm,




The Last Game of the Year—-Sunday, February 19, 2017


It was a very exciting game.  The Cardinals were behind until the third quarter.  Then gradually, ever so slowly, they increased the score until they….WON!


It’s always a rush of warm joy to see the Parachute family!   I hug and kiss those darling grandchildren (and they kiss me back even though they are ‘big’ now)


Then it’s time for Terry and I to drive back home.  I always feel a small hole in my heart with the departure.

home-againBut then we are are home.  A calmness enters my soul and welcomes me back to the haven called our farm.

From my world to your heart,


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-Playing with the Cats (s)

Do you know what cats do all day?



Well, anyway most of the day.

But sometimes….Min-Min and I figure out ‘stuff’ to do.



Hunting for Mice….well, Mindy hunts for Mice I just read the news

Sammy thinks he still needs to keep our farm protected from feral cats.


Mom says that is NOT a good thing and makes him stay inside most of the night.  BUT sometimes Sam escapes!


We all go for a walk with Mom and Dad (if he is along).


We also walk with our big Sister and Romeo the horse.

I have to watch out for Romeo, if I’m not walking fast enough he will reach out and take a nip out my backbone right next to my tail.

But the other day….


Min-Min and I were hanging out in the little thicket on the canal bank, when we saw something shiny and red and scary!


I did a big bay and hollered for Mom to come. “COME QUICK!” I bade, as loud as my Beagle voice could yell.



Mom came over to see what the problem was…I led her right to the alien spaceship full of giant spiders ready to pounce on all of us, and gave a loud real blast of my mighty voice.

“Oh, I see”  said Mom.  Down she went into the thicket, reached down and picked UP THE SPACESHIPFULLOF SPIDERS and brought it back out for Mindy and I to see and sniff.


“Just a downed balloon. Nothing big to worry about.”


She gave me a hug and a nice belly rub, and Mindy got a tummy scratch.

With the balloon in hand Mom walked over to the trash can; no more space ship or giant spiders!

We are all safe again!