The last time I saw a real Suit of Armor was in one of the New York City museums when I was a kid. Like the King’s Clock, a Suit of Armor is sort of out-of-place in a western museum. I suppose if it was Spanish in origin and related to the early Spanish soldiers in early western history, it would seem more normal. Our suit of Armor, oddly enough, was purchased in Spain by Dorothy Darrow, wife of long-time Delta attorney, Nick Darrow (both now deceased). For many years, this Suit of Armor stood “sentry” in Darrow’s law office in Delta. When he retired and closed his office, he donated the item to the museum. It came complete with a 48 inch sword, though due to the inherent risk, it is not part of the exhibit. The name CARLOS V is engraved on the sword, probably referring to the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V, who lived and reigned in the early 1500s.

Though purchased in Spain, this armor is believed to be a reproduction of early 16th century English or Spanish armor, and itself is over 100 years old. In all likelihood, this Suit of Armor is the only complete set of its kind on the Western Slope, and maybe all of Colorado.

DELTA COUNTY MUSEUM (970) 874-8721


Delta County Historical Society

 Quarterly Newsletter    Issue No. 87   July – September, 2016


MUSEUM DIRECTOR / CURATOR  Jim Wetzel                  835-8905




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