Family, The Sum Total of Life— Sunday, May 14, 2017

Saturday we needed some ‘time off’—something to give us rest and to soothe our minds

A day to lighten our hearts

So we headed to Parachute, Colorado to watch our grandson’s last track meet, and our youngest Granddaughter’s last soccer game.

The day flew by, as if caught up in quicksilver, suddenly over

Then it was home again!

Family—each per person you would die happily for, but you also know each and everyone must do their lives their own way.

Good or bad, failure or success.

So you just travel on…going forward into your own life.  For that really is all there is.

Happy Mother’s Day

From my heart to your world,


20 thoughts on “Family, The Sum Total of Life— Sunday, May 14, 2017

  1. Happy belated Mother’s day, Linda.
    Big day here at my sister’s place ( just close by here at Terrigal).
    Mother was collected by Cheryl and with all Lynette’s family
    we had a wonderful day…………… and drinks galore.
    Mother at 95 enjoyed herself but now tires very quickly.
    None the less she loves getting out and that is the main thing.

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  2. whew! parachute — were both athletic events there? (nice track (& field) they’ve recently constructed there!). I say/wrote “whew” ’cause I would-a been in a liddle bitta trubbul, but our son (& girlfriend (& dawgz) visited for Mom’s day weekend. cheered her up. dogs had fun. catchin’ up on our sleep again …

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