888,246 Ceramic Poppies—-Tuesday, May 30, 2017

These are all photos taken from the internet.

I just read the book: The Story of the Tower of London, by Tracy Borman; the joint Chief Curator of the Historic Royal Palaces (who has written many great books)

In this book she talked about the 888,246 ceramic poppies filling the moat surrounding the the Tower of London.  Each poppy represents the fallen military in England.

The tribute is so stunning (and heart breaking) I wanted each of you to see it.

Someday I would love to travel to England, but until there, there is the INTERNET!




14 thoughts on “888,246 Ceramic Poppies—-Tuesday, May 30, 2017

  1. This is heartbreaking, and breathtakingly beautiful at the same time. What an amazing tribute to those that gave all. A reminder of the sacrifice that hit so many families. The setting is stunning. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. The installation commemorated the centenary of the first day of the UK’s involvement in the First World War; the consequences of which affected the lives of much of the population in the ensuing generations. Both my grandfathers served; one in the army and the other in the Royal Flying Corps.

    It was a stunning visualisation of the loss of life which had a huge impact on so many of us.

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