The Earth Gave Me a Heart—-Thursday, June 1, 2017

While building fence…

Shannon’s cat, Willow, decided he wanted to come with us.  But no, Willow (he is a Norwegian Forrest Cat) it’s too far up there, too dangerous for a kitty…you have to stay home.

We saw several water snakes, but that was all.

Some of the Yucca was blooming…

They bloom so rarely that it’s an amazing site

The San Juan Peaks were impressive

A fox zipped in front of us…heading —somewhere

And I found a heart!

Just sitting there waiting to be noticed!

Picking it up, after giving thanks, I brought it home to grace my heart shaped tree stump!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


27 thoughts on “The Earth Gave Me a Heart—-Thursday, June 1, 2017

  1. It’s Amazing what you do to notice the Beauty of Creation and then sharing it with us. I don’t know you well enough but I could imagine you would be such a good writer and poet, taking your own Pictures for your books. It’s all about blessings and grace, we are given so much that we never even Think about using or thinking of as anything special. Perhaps it’s enough that you share with us in this fashion, perhaps there will be other Days. Perhaps you already write books!!!
    Anyway, I enjoy your posts very much, Linda!
    Greetings from Solveig in Sweden.

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    • No, I have no books written. I sometimes think I would love to write books, but I don’t know how to begin so I just write here. Thank you for your kind words!


  2. D > J found a heart stone and brought it home for me – it’s on the windowcill by the kitchen sink. I’ll have to post a photo. It’s a lovely sparkly stone.
    J > I was thinking of D when I realized I was looking straight at this small stone …
    D > This might surprise you, but Yucca’s grow very well here in the Outer Hebrides! And they flower most years!
    J > D hasn’t mentioned as she should have, that Yuccas grow well when bought in a garden centre or online and are planted in a garden. They don’t grow wild – they haven’t naturalized!


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