Friends from Far Lands—October 26, 2017

Shannon made friends with a really nice person from India, who lives and works here now.

Over time I have  gotten to know him.  He is here from India, along with his two cousins.  Being a very friendly soul and a very lonely one he has gradually introduced us to his former life in India.

October 24-29 (of this year) is the Festival of Lights in India called Diwali. On the 24th Shannon and her family were treated to a special meal made up of many delicious and unusual things (to our palates) — there wasn’t anything I didn’t like

Then on the 25th Shannon and I took to him some American food, and a small bag of pinto beans. (He looked extremely nonplussed as how to prepare the pinto beans :).  I will take him some cooked next.)

The he sent home some more food for us to try…snacks made with rice and three types of pickles.

What a special gift to be included in their traditional celebration! 

Very humbly your friend on a western Colorado farm,


14 thoughts on “Friends from Far Lands—October 26, 2017

  1. I love the smell of curry not just in the morning but anytime. India has always had an allure. There is a four part documentary on Netflix about Shanti Bhavan that is soooo good. You would enjoy it – you can’t help but to be moved.

    Also there are programs about how the railroads are managed and one on how millions of lunches are ordered prepared and delivered on time every working day. Truly amazing stuff.

    And some Indian Cuisine does not appeal to me for sure. Want a change in the house? Make some curry.

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  2. Oh how fun, to exchange foods with somebody from another country. It always widens our horizons doesn’t it? How is the corn harvest going? Hope you haven’t gotten a ton of rain. So glad you’ve started it already!!!

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