A Gift of Life —- Today is my 71st Birthday, Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Today I am 71 years of age. At times it seems rather shocking to know I’ve traveled this earth for 71 years.

Most of the time I don’t think about my age. I honestly don’t FEEL old.ย  Or elderly, or Ancient, or over-the-hill.

Yet there ARE those times with my bones don’t move the way I want them to move, or my memory seems to suddenly go blank….then I know I’ve turned a corner or two ๐Ÿ™‚

This is the age my Momma left this tangible earth—Daddy having gone a few months before her.

If I make it past this year and move into and my 72nd year, I will have lived longer than Momma.

From that point on I will be charting my life without her voice, her experiences, her presence singing her healing song to my heart.

I will have the Daddy’s experience with me until I’m 73, for that is when he left us.ย  So that will warm my life a delightful wee bit more.

So forward I move, with ghostly voices in my mind of those all-important Wisdom Keepers who gave me life

71 years ago.

From my world to your heart,




58 thoughts on “A Gift of Life —- Today is my 71st Birthday, Tuesday, January 14, 2020

  1. Your parents did a good job of making you an insightful, energetic, generous, responsible, loving, hard-working 71 year old. That’s a good start for the next 71 years! Ha! Happy Birthday. Have a great day and a wonderful year ahead!


  2. May you have a most Happy and Blessed Birthday today and many, many more!!!
    I’ve got those voices in my head from my parents and maternal grandmother. The love is always there.


  3. Happy Birthday Linda! Your motherโ€™s wisdom and love will stay with you, for she gave you a gift for all of your life. The longer we live, the more amazing it is to me that the experiences and love of the first two decades or so of life inform and influence the next (many, in my case) decades.


  4. That’s a good age. Nothing left to prove, experience to show you the way, long companionship to bring you joy. I have 5 years to go to catch up with Ma, but heaven help me if I live as long as Pa, who is now 97…
    Many happy and contented returns of the day โค


  5. Happy Birthday Linda! Congratulations on 71 years! My 71st year brought me a cancer diagnosis. I pray that your 71st year goes much better than mine. God Bless You.


  6. Happy, Happy Birthday dear Linda! That number thing we all live with, is just that. You are way younger than I – And such an inspiration! )))hugs(((


  7. Happy Happy Birthday dear friend! I hope your day was extra special! I know what you mean about the bones not doing what you want them to, and the lapses in memory where it seems to take forever to come up with a name or when I put something away so good I cannot find it! I wish you many more birthdays!


  8. Happy 71st Birthday, Linda!!! A day late. I understand about getting past the parental death date. You are so fit and happy I’m sure you will see many more. We are at an age where we take nothing for granted and are grateful for every moonbeam and raindrop. I hope you celebrated or will celebrate at the weekend with friends and family. Wishing you all things love can bring. M


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