The Adventures of Mindy on Friday—-Why Worry , Friday, June 11, 2021

“Well, this is a fine thing,” Mom said, getting out of the car with her hand in a massive pink thing. “I looks like I actually fractured my joint in my right hand, in the little finger.”

“Six weeks of PINK and metal on my hand” Mom explained as she bent down to pet me.

What is a six weeks, I wondered to myself; what is that heavy thing on Mom’s hand?

O………….purrrr………..turn over on my tummy……………..purrrr…keep petting Mom this feels good.

Mom scratches me under the chin.  Then gets up. “Well, it’s going to slow down some things, but not going for walk with you, Mindy Lou Sue.  Let me put my stuff down inside, then you and I can go for a walk. I think my mind NEEDS a walk.”

I jumped up on the lawn chair and waited.

Soon Mom was back outside—off we went.

Out to the chicken house

Over to the shed

Behind the woodpile

We took a small walk-about. I don’t get why Mom is worried, she can still pet me and do walkabouts. Life is still Good.

Mindy Lou Sue, Min-Min

31 thoughts on “The Adventures of Mindy on Friday—-Why Worry , Friday, June 11, 2021

  1. Walks and tummy scratches are a good things! Purrrs and head bonks will help mom’s hand heal faster… 💕🐾💕

    Dang Linda, that had to hurt ~ hope it heals well! 💐


  2. sorry about your hand…. i just broke my wrist last week…..but have to have surgery on it, this coming week. Heal well, Linda,


  3. Pink and metal will definitely interfere with many of the things your mama does each day. She is a busy farm mama. It is a huge blessing that they will NOT interfere with YOUR activities, M. Whew! Get well soon, L.

    Love and licks,


  4. Mindy Lou-Sue, Min-Min, Kit-Kat Brown…Meow. Momma needs to heal. Meow. You will need to be patient. Meow. I know that is tough. Meow. I have trouble with patience, too. Meow.

    I hope you are not in any pain…


  5. Oh no, I am so sorry to hear about your broken finger, that must have been painful. Lets see…have you come up with some fantastic story of heroics when you broke it? Hope you can do some things…and that it heals fast!


  6. Charlee: “We’re sorry to hear your Mom got an ouchie, Mindy!”
    Chaplin: “We send lots of purrs for her to feel better soon! And of course for you to continue getting belly rubs and chin skritches without interruption.”
    Lulu: “And I send tail wags!”


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