HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME! Sunday, January 22, 2023

Today is my birthday!!!


The last six months of my life have been with

Mom, Dad, and my very own kitty, TLC Cai-Cai

Happy Happy Day of Birth to me!

Boo Berry Betty

The Adventures of Boo Berry Betty and TLC Cai-Cai on Friday—-Mom Did This to Me, Friday, January 20, 2023

Because we sometimes have weather like this

Mom thought I had better have a coat

A COAT!!!?

What does a girl do with a COAT?

I showed Mom.

I just stood there and would NOT move.

Finally, Mom took it off so I could walk around.

(She isn’t going to trap ME in a coat!)

Boo Berry Betty


The Adventures of TLC Cai-Cai and Boo Berry —SCATTER— Chapter Six, Friday, September 2, 2022

Okay, dokay, Mom and I were at the Upper End where Mom was busy taking photographs of ever so much,

and I was sniffing the air

from the safety of my little blue seat.

Blue for me. Boo Berry Betty.  Boo Berry cereal is blue, so therefore Mom buys me lots of BLUE stuff.  Besides, Mom told me blue is her first favorite color with lavender her second. So, my name being Boo Berry Betty told Mom she and I were perfect for each other.

Anyway, I got sidetracked.

Mom and I were out on the farm taking photos and smelling all the cool smells on the farm.

Mom saw the little chipmunk, who lives somewhere in the thicket behind the equipment. This little animal likes to run around on the header for the grain combine.  Mom likes to hoover close by to see if she can get any photos of critters who want to run around on the grain header.

Yep, she got a good one! (after Mom put out a small handful of treats 😊)  Chippy has a fun smell too.

Then Mom and I drove to the pond between the Upper End and the Back Forty where Mom SAW A BUTTERFLY!

(I smelled a Giant wild, HUGE wild, Doglike thing; I wonder if that is what Mom calls a coyote?  I just smelled it; the scent was very faint.)

Mom very carefully tried to get a photo of the BIG white butterfly with black trim on its wings.  Mom was hoping to get a really good photo because she thought it might be a Snow Apollos or Rocky Mountain Parnassian, or something like that.

Just as Mom snapped another bazillion shots of the butterfly it lifted up and flew away.

Mom reached out to give me a pat when


Every which, where, and even Up!


Is just what Mom and I did (after a few more photos)

and I was getting nervous.

Mom started the four-wheeler, flipped it into gear and we were GONE!

Boo Berry Betty BROWN!

The Adventures of TLC Cai-Cai on Friday—-Farm Adventures, For Mom, June 17, 2022

I was out and about

When I saw





A Lizard!

You have to be Extremely Fast

To Catch a Lizard.

TLC Cai-Cai

The Adventures of Mindy on Friday—-Farm Life Series 3, The Big, Noisy Stuff, Friday, July 23, 2021

Another thing you need to pay attention to is the BIG, LOUD, STUFF!

Like the tractors

Corn choppers

Hay Swather

The baler

Old trucks

Mom and Dad’s four-wheelers,

The pick-ups

Mom’s Car

The Lawnmower,

All those things can KILL you!  Smash you flatter than a smashed miller.

When you hear one start-up or

one coming into the farmyard


Your life depends on it!

Mindy Lou-Sue, or as Mom calls me, Min-Min

The Adventures of Mindy on Friday—-Farm Life Series 1, We are a Farm, Friday, July 9, 2021

Well, since you don’t really listen to me, or take my advice—yes,

I have seen you clear out by the Butler Bins—-you need to get this through your fluffy head…



there is a fox out there!

Fox EAT CATS!!!!

 Let that sink in…STAY. AT. The. Butler BINS!!!

Huff, huff.

Well, on with your lesson.  We live on a farm.  We don’t live in town, or in a clump of houses called a sub-division, or on a ranch.

We live where Dad works the land—plowing, planting, marking, watering, growing, and then harvesting.

Farms grow foodstuffs.

A Ranch grows Grass.  Grass called Pasture. Pasture lands for animals.

Not us…yes, I know we are animals.

Big animals, cows, horses, sheep, goats, those sorts of animals.

Oh! Just so you know.  Come winter, after the crops are gone from the farm, then cows come. They eat up all the dried-up grasses and weeds and alfalfa, and left-over corn stalks.

“Are we a ranch then?”

“No, we are a guest hotel for a rancher and all his cows” I replied.

So, now you know, we live on a farm. We grow pasture grasses, alfalfa; three big fields of alfalfa, which Dad and Mom turn into hay, and corn.  The corn is field corn, not sweet corn.  Although, the cows think it is pretty sweet and yummy.

Our corn is the kind of corn that goes for food like cereal, and food for animals; like chickens, cows, goats, etc.”

Okay, so now you know…we live on a farm.

Next time I will teach you more about the farm.

Until then you stay out of the cornfield, there are foxes in there!

Mindy Lou-Sue, or as Mom calls me, Min-Min

The Adventures of Mindy on Friday—-Farm Life Series 1, Friday, June 25, 2021


Since you are going to be outside with me—sigh.

You need to learn some things:

We, that means, you, me, Mom and Dad, live on a farm.

You live in the house…. where I wish you would stay 24-7.

But since YOU don’t WANT to stay inside, I guess I can say you live in the house and outside just like Mom, Dad, and Me.

We live and work on several acres of ground that belong to Mom and Dad and You and I.

Mostly you and I will hang around the Farm House and the Farm Yard.  That means you and I take care of the house and yards, the chicken pen, and the two tractor sheds, plus the equipment building, and Dad’s shop.

I (I NOT YOU) will take care of the equipment parking area and the hay stackyard. (And go on walks with Mom and Dad, but I won’t let you know that.)

You need to stay at the house and take care of the lawn.  I’ll handle the rest.

Oh, yes, you can go as far as the Butler Bins (grain bins) and the fuel tanks, but that’s far enough.

You can also go into the corrals but STAY OFF the canal banks. That water can get you.

Okay, you got all that?

Good.  That’s how it’s going to be.

Lesson One. We live on a farm.

Mindy Lou-Sue, or as Mom calls me, Min-Min

The Adventures of Mindy on Friday—-Why Worry , Friday, June 11, 2021

“Well, this is a fine thing,” Mom said, getting out of the car with her hand in a massive pink thing. “I looks like I actually fractured my joint in my right hand, in the little finger.”

“Six weeks of PINK and metal on my hand” Mom explained as she bent down to pet me.

What is a six weeks, I wondered to myself; what is that heavy thing on Mom’s hand?

O………….purrrr………..turn over on my tummy……………..purrrr…keep petting Mom this feels good.

Mom scratches me under the chin.  Then gets up. “Well, it’s going to slow down some things, but not going for walk with you, Mindy Lou Sue.  Let me put my stuff down inside, then you and I can go for a walk. I think my mind NEEDS a walk.”

I jumped up on the lawn chair and waited.

Soon Mom was back outside—off we went.

Out to the chicken house

Over to the shed

Behind the woodpile

We took a small walk-about. I don’t get why Mom is worried, she can still pet me and do walkabouts. Life is still Good.

Mindy Lou Sue, Min-Min

The Adventures of Mindy on Friday—-Can You Find, Friday, May 28, 2021

(Here is a secret—I don’t really like that annoying little cat!  But don’t tell Mom)

Anyway, I was wondering you could help me find




So off we go

You and I


We look here



And Everywhere.







Mindy Lou Sue (or Min-Min, as Mom calls me)

The Adventures of Mindy on Friday—-On a Walk with Mom, Friday, April 23, 2021

Mom and I

decided it was time

to go for a walk-about.

Off we went together

Mom looking at this and


And taking photos

of ME!

We go on

walkabouts at

LEAST once a day



Here we go



And I.

Mindy Lou-Sue