Some Where there are Dreams Being Lost — Monday, August 9, 2021

The smoke is thickly here, looming and seething into every crack, washing everything in grey vapors.

The smoke is thick enough we can’t see the beginning of the cornfields

unless we are close

Air quality is terrible.

Still, the regular work goes on.

Although, this is miserable for us…

I am fully aware

We are experiencing the result of someone, somewhere losing everything they own, whether human, or animal, or Forrest.

Smoke is the result of huge sparks and flames; taking away everyone’s dreams.

My heart goes out to each soul and all lives experiencing these horrible, horrible fires.

From my heart to your world,



18 thoughts on “Some Where there are Dreams Being Lost — Monday, August 9, 2021

  1. It seems that all I’ve done lately is cry but your compassion and empathy (and since I know you I know it’s real) touches my heart and gives me hope and comfort. (((Linda)))


  2. So very well put, Linda. The smoke you’re experiencing is even worse for others who are losing everything. So very sad. I’m praying for them all.


  3. I hope the fires are put out soon. We are expecting rain tonight then a new round of smoke starting tomorrow, so not looking forward to it. So many losses for so many people it is so sad:(


  4. We’ve been told that Storm Season, and the fires it brings, will be early this year, and last longer than last year. I don’t know how some people will survive – the fires here have been so bad. We’re taking our evacuation plan and the warnings very, very seriously this year…


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