Before the Rain, and Sleet, and Snow Came Again —- Sunday, January 9, 2022

Terry and I took full advantage of a rather nice day the other day

Taking that cascading and overflowing onto the road huge pile of wood

Whittling it down to a small pile (we got tired)

Creating a large pile of split wood.

Thankfully we still have masses and masses of wood to go.  We are thinking it will last us this year and maybe next year, also!

Wood is the gift of heat in winter!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



15 thoughts on “Before the Rain, and Sleet, and Snow Came Again —- Sunday, January 9, 2022

  1. Linda , hope you both are well. Until New years day we had not snow. Just mist . Then snow and some ice. it melted, then last week we had more snow, just covered the grass both times. Will take any moisture we can get. The wheat was looking thin, but it will come around. I live in south central Kansas south of Wichita and 10 miles from Oklahoma .Glad you have lot of wood. Our Son has a wood stove outside and the lines of heat go in the house ducts. Well , thank you for sharing your life. Sharon Drake


  2. Chaplin: “Ooh, Dennis used to tell us that Trixie used to tell him that the wood pile at their house back in New York was always full of chipmunks.”
    Charlee: “We’re not sure what chipmunks are but apparently Trixie used to enjoy chasing them around the yard.”
    Lulu: “Sounds fun! Maybe if we make a wood pile here, we’ll get chipmunks in it?”
    Chaplin: “Mmm more likely rattlesnakes and black widows.”
    Lulu: “That sounds like less fun …”


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