The Adventures of TLC Cai-Cai on Wednesday —Farm Life Series, Chapter8, Those Things that SLITHER and Hop, Wednesday, April 6, 2022

First, there are


(this is a snakeskin)

We have two kinds, that Mom and I know of

(This is a bull snake.  Photo is by Linda Pierson in Alberta, Canada)

Bull Snakes and Water Snakes.

Bull Snakes are non-poisonous…they can get BIG…Long…and they are fast.  Mom and Dad see them, once in a while in the alfalfa fields, but Mom said they haven’t seen one for a long time now.  She doesn’t know why.

Then we have

WATER SNAKES!  They live here, there, everywhere.  We have them in the farmyard, on the ditch banks…in the fields.

Mom has two that live in the hen house with the hens.  I see them once in a while when I’m in the hen house.

They don’t bother anything, but the mice.  One snake can eat one mouse a week.

They seem to eat everything whole, so if you are in the hen house and see a snake with a bulge in its tummy then you know said snake was helping me keep the mouse population down.

That said—they do scare me a bit and I have seen Mom jump a little jump when one of the snakes comes slithering out from under the nest boxes.

Mom and Dad try to take care of the water snakes, if they are laying on the bridge taking in the sun and the warm cement…then one of them shoos the snake off the bridge so the vehicle can drive on over.

If there is a snake on one of the farm roads – yep, Dad or Mom takes a shovel and lifts the snake off into the weeds so the tractor or four-wheeler can pass by.

Snakes.  Fuzzy hated snakes, he would shake and snap them to death.  Me…I just go the other way.

Other Things that are a creepy factor to them are:

Lizards—we have little greenish-gray lizards with strips along

It’s back and sides…I think they are called—six-lined race runner.  I call them “FUN TO CATCH!”  which is exactly what I try to do when I see one!

Frogs and Toads:

We don’t have lots of frogs

Once in a while, one or two will float down in the irrigation water,

but that’s all.

What we do have lots of are toads.

Mom LOVES toads.

She has little toad houses for them.


She tells me to leave the toads alone

She tells me to leave the toads alone they eat lots of bugs.

Mom doesn’t have to worry about that…they don’t even look good enough to chase.

TLC Cai-Cai


17 thoughts on “The Adventures of TLC Cai-Cai on Wednesday —Farm Life Series, Chapter8, Those Things that SLITHER and Hop, Wednesday, April 6, 2022

  1. You are very brave and curious, CC. I’m pretty sure Mom and I would be afraid of all of those slimy, slithery, hoppy, helpful creatures. Once in a while, we see an empty snakeskin in our parking lot. She will not usually let me sniff it.

    Love and licks,


  2. Hello TLC Cai-Cai! I rarely see any snakes on my farm. I used to see garter snakes, but I don’t think I even saw any last summer. You better be glad you don’t have Pythons or Boas or you could be on their menu. The frogs that live in the lagoon and ponds have been very loud already this spring. Sometimes I have seen a Bullfrog in the yard. Lizards are rare here, but I also have a lot of toads. I am glad you listen to your mom and don’t chase them. They are pretty neat, harmless, and beneficial. Take care and thanks for sharing!


  3. I’ve never seen a snake, a frog or a toad. Meow. I have seen a lizard. Meow. They are called blue tails. Meow. They are fast. Meow.

    I love the toads around here. I chase them, talk to them, take their picture…LOL! I call them “hop-hops!” LOL!

    We have a lot of black snakes and green snakes. They are cool. The copperheads, not so much. They are pretty but, I don’t want to mess with one of them. They are deadly.


  4. Charlee: “Oh, yeah, we have lizards and snakes here. Not much in the way of frogs and toads though.”
    Chaplin: “Once in a while a lizard gets into the house. Then it’s happy fun time for us cats, I tell you what!”
    Charlee: “Maybe less happy fun time for the lizard.”
    Chaplin: “As for the snakes, well, all our snakes are treated as dangerous and to be avoided, at least until Dada can get a look at the shape of their heads …”


  5. Gosh that’s amazing seeing that bull snake wrapped around that fence! We don’t have snakes here thank goodness! I couldn’t imagine them in my hen house! So you have lots of toads .. I bet they eat the bugs 🙂


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