Crop Report

We only grow three products.  DinnerThat is all we grow.  Back in the day…not so very long ago we also raised pigs, goats, and cows.  As we aged the raising of the animals diminished. Every year Terry says this is his last year…we had a big laugh about that yesterday.   He finally admitted that the only way he is going to stop farming is if there isn’t anymore water or the Good Lord calls him home.


He says there is dirt in his veins instead of blood 🙂  Probably.  He’s been farming (helping his Dad) since he was tall enough.  He tells a story of the first time he got to go help his Dad…his Mom drove he and his little brother and smaller sister out to the field that his Dad was working in –his job was to harrow the field behind his Dad who was on another tractor.  He said he felt really big and grown-up —although he couldn’t sit on the tractor seat and could only stand.


His Mom drove up…he got out…got on the tractor….Mom, brother and little sister stood by the side of the pick-up and watched him…he turned and waved, they waved back ..he then gave the tractor gas and drove off…..leaving the  harrow behind.

He was so embarrassed because he hadn’t even thought to check to see if everything was hooked up and ready to go.

They all had a good laugh at him…he backed up and his Mom helped him hook everything up and off he went.


Anyway, everything is looking good…the corn is almost as tall as MY kneecap, the pinto beans are growing taller every day and the hay is sold.  The Delta Elevator told him they wanted everything he had, don’t even unload and stack up…just bring it right down to them NOW!


This is the last load to take —  sure is nice to just move it once!

The heat is on here…early for this time of year BUT I’ll  take this any day over winter!  I love the long days, the warmth (heat) and the color that surrounds us.


I need to get outside and get the hedge clipped before the wind starts!


Have a nice day!