Thank you all —Late Autumn—Sunday, November 2, 2014

Falling-Leaves-2A storm blew in yesterday…although the temperatures were warm…75*.  The weather people are saying there is a strong possibly of (lots of) snow around the 8,000 feet by this evening and Monday morning.

Falling-Leaves-4  (Which is good) it’s good to be busy.

I got the house completely finished painting on the inside of the house…HAPPY DANCE!

I will start on the trim on the outside of the house and the fence.  Also, raking of the the leaves.  The work is starting to end down there…(which is another good thing)

13Tuesday Terry will check the corn again to see where the moisture content is…the ranchers are already combining their corn. They feed up the corn, as they combine, so they can use high moisture corn.

I wish to thank each and everyone of your for your heartfelt condolences about my Fuzzy. I hope to get each of you answered as time permits.  Please know that I appreciate your thoughts and kind words.  I know he was ‘just a dog’ but what A Dog he was!

Your friend on a Colorado Farm,




The Way It Was –From the Past

From the Past

Compiled from Delta Newspapers by the Delta County Historical Society

251 Meeker Street, Delta, Colorado, 81416  (970) 874-8721

From the Delta County Independent

A horse belong to Edward Goddard took fright at a passing automobile on Delta’s Main street last Tuesday morning and raced around the corner of Main and Fifth with enough speed to cause everybody and everything to give undisputed right-of-way.  The buggy trailing behind the Goddard horse went over and was considerably wrecked before the race was concluded.