Happy 2010

It has taken many years for me to understand that material things (which seemed so important) can be replaced by the beauty and simplicity of the views from my  our backyard —

Like watching the last of the leaves blow off the giant Cottonwood tree

Seeing Fuzzy running alongside the four-wheeler, as we go check the water

Watching the chickens busy scratching in the dirt

Feeding the cows, brushing their fur

The shadows of the buildings slowly working their way across the place until fading into the darkness of the night

Grandchildren playing outside in the late summer evening with laugher floating on the breeze

I used to be too young to care about all these things

Then as time progressed too busy weeding, or mowing, or canning, to notice

But I am old now; these things are my most precious memories

And my most favorite of things


After spending the first part of my life rushing through it I think I’ll spend the last little bit enjoying every minute I have left.

Have a Happy New Year!  I’m taking some time off and will return on Monday, January 4, 2010.


27 thoughts on “Happy 2010

  1. My mom died when I was 12, and unfortunately at that young age I realized how precious life can be. Way to go, sit back, relax and enjoy all the simple things of life. I believe that is why I am so happy just watching my kids when they aren’t fighting and they are smiling from ear to ear. 🙂

    Happy New YEAR!


  2. Why does it take a lifetime (nearly) to appreciate all these things? I guess we at last learn what’s important, and chasing after “things” does not make us happy. I’m my happiest when I’m outside – maybe working, maybe sitting and enjoying the sunshine, listening the birds, just basking the beauty of God around me and listening to the “rhythm of the land” as you so beautifully put it. I hope I can instill these things in my kids.


  3. Yes Linda, enjoy life to the full. Here in Brisbane it is raining on and off. I only got back last night from Young in the Southern region of NSW, where the farmers were given the best Christmas present possible. Good soaking rain from Christmas Eve until midnight on Boxing day. Some areas got over 5 inches of rain and the dams were all filled. It was so parched when I was going there on the bus from Canberra but on the return journey you could already see the benefits coming to life. On TV they were showing the dry river beds with the new water surging along them and the people having the time of their lives in the water. Quite funny really. Just shows how much we depend on the weather, especially if you are a farmer ( crops) or as you say rancher ( cattle and sheep).
    It is quite muggy ( humid) here in Brisbane but who cares – it is RAIN!

    Cheers and have a bonza 2010


  4. I was just talking about the same thing this evening. …Being at peace and happy with the “real” things in my fortunate life. I’m not rich, will never be rich. That is, rich in material possessions, but wealthy is so many ways. Hopefully both you, and I, and our blogger friends will all know a safe and happy 2010.


  5. This is all so true and one of the gifts of growing old. I think of the play “Our Town” where Emily comes back from an early death to see how life goes so fast and we don’t see what is important.


  6. It is the simpler things. The sweet things of life. That comes across in your posts. You may have a large farm, with lots going on, but your posts reveal the small and beautiful things that go mostly unnoticed by the world.

    Probably what makes your blog so enjoyable to read.
    Happy New Year!
    May the Lord bless your and yours.
    Talk to you soon!



  7. You are such a wonderful lady, with a great perspective. I am so glad you are Evans mom and part of my life. Hugs! A big toast to 2010, you and Terry and many happy times ahead.

    Your New York daughter! 🙂


  8. Awe… you made tears come to my eyes. I am so glad that as I get older I “get” some of this “stuff”. I like you reflective post.
    I just love your statement: “Grandchildren playing outside in the late summer evening with laugher floating on the breeze.” It brings back so many good memories of my childhood. I don’t know what it is… but something in that statement really struck a memorie vein. wow. wasn’t expecting that.
    Hope you have a wonderful break and new year celebration.


  9. You are so right. One really does notice and appreciate the simple things more as we get older….now if only we could slow time down we would really have it made. Happy New Year to you and yours.


  10. Happy New Year! I’m right there with you enjoying all the simple things. Just like you I have found them to be the best and most important things in life. Hope you have a wonderful New Year!


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