Happy 2010

It has taken many years for me to understand that material things (which seemed so important) can be replaced by the beauty and simplicity of the views from my  our backyard —

Like watching the last of the leaves blow off the giant Cottonwood tree

Seeing Fuzzy running alongside the four-wheeler, as we go check the water

Watching the chickens busy scratching in the dirt

Feeding the cows, brushing their fur

The shadows of the buildings slowly working their way across the place until fading into the darkness of the night

Grandchildren playing outside in the late summer evening with laugher floating on the breeze

I used to be too young to care about all these things

Then as time progressed too busy weeding, or mowing, or canning, to notice

But I am old now; these things are my most precious memories

And my most favorite of things


After spending the first part of my life rushing through it I think I’ll spend the last little bit enjoying every minute I have left.

Have a Happy New Year!  I’m taking some time off and will return on Monday, January 4, 2010.