Stuck Tractor

This is exactly the kind of stuff I hate…pulling out a stuck tractor—and it’s treating to rain … again.

So Terry takes one tractor and I drive the other tractor and off we go to get the one Terry stuck

But it is even WORSE than I thought because the tractor is on the edge of a ravine.  The ravine isn’t large, but it is steep and covered in slick, matted, winter-killed grass. 

No! I do not back up tractors that are in dangerous positions!!!!  I should, I know.  But I am not that good of a driver and rolling a tire on the edge (the very edge) of a ravine is way above my skills.

This whole thing is just terrifying to me-when I was in high school our neighbor had his tractor tip over backward and kill him, my Dad had a tractor roll on top of him and crush his pelvis, and one of Terry’s very best friends had a tractor roll backward and kill him.  I HATE STUFF LIKE THIS!!!!!

Finally OUT! Whew! 


23 thoughts on “Stuck Tractor

  1. OH, how I hate days like that! And I totally know what you mean about slick grass – unless you have been on it, it sounds like a crazy description. Glad you’re all safe and sound.

    Can’t believe you guys are getting to field work already – hope the weather holds for you!


  2. That’s scary. I don’t know anyone who has been killed by a tractor but I’ve heard so many stories that I’m weary of them all the same!

    Glad you got it unstuck and I hope things dry out a bit!!


  3. Very, very scary! It scared me looking at the photos. I’m so glad you are both OK!
    A neighbor of mine was killed when his tractor rolled over on him when he was clearing roads after a rain storm. You can’t be too careful. Wishes for dry weather so you can get the work done.


  4. Glad that things went well. My hubby makes me do things like that with him also, mostly snow or ice here. How are your lilac starts coming? Did you try the willow?


  5. HOLY COW, how did it get so stuck? Thank goodness you guys got them out safely. It can be tense, enough, when its not on the edge of a fall off! Bet you look good, driving a tractor! 🙂


  6. OK – Linda, now you will know why I don’t like farming/harvesting life.
    Interesting lot of comments! Some know from experience, some don’t.
    Thankfully I have never had a relation die from an overturned tractor, nor for that matter, a family friend. But I have known of this aspect of farming/harvesting life since childhood.
    This will be gruesome – I have heard of and seen photos of, persons in bits and pieces from wheat harvesters. The machine behind the tractor has got somehow stuck, the driver has got off the tractor and not turned off the harvester, tried to fix the problem, the harvester for reasons of its own, starts up and you have “minced meat”!!!!
    Also of tractors “going up into the air” and flipping over, and killing the driver. Tractors are NOT feather dusters.
    Maybe increase that herd of Aberdeen Angus, and try Angorra goats – plenty of money with their wool and they are good cleaners of scrublands and rubbish.
    You and Terry be careful – OK?

    Report of the Ballina trip will be forwarded over the weekend to L of A, you and V of T.


  7. All deaths from tractor roll overs are preventable. Too many good farmers, kids, husbands, uncles, grandfathers and brothers lost.

    All farm tractors need:


    Interesting website with some info

    Here in Vermont there is a program for farmers to get the proper roll bar for their tractors and it is paid for by USDA or some other organization. There are similar ROPS programs in other farming states. Your local Extension or Ag agent may know the details. All you have to do is fill out a one page form. It may save your kids or your husbands life. Please.


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