What Walked Down the Ditch Bank?

I’m not sure if you can see this, but it looks like a big cat walked down the ditch bank during the night sometime.

We had a summer storm move through after mid-night

When we went out to change the water we saw these

Whatever it was was heavy, you can tell by the imprint.   We don’t think it was a bear, although bear do come on to the place.

On a light note, I had a swarm of these colorful Dragonflies visit my tomatoes

The nice part of working and being outside is you really do get to be close to nature.


17 thoughts on “What Walked Down the Ditch Bank?

  1. Hi There, Whatever he (or she) was, it was pretty BIG…. In order to leave prints like that—-well, who knows!!!!????? Glad I don’t go outside much after dark around here.. We have a natural wildlife area near us—and they say we could have most any kind of critter at nights!!!!! What we see mostly are little ones like Raccoons, Skunks, etc.

    Oh isn’t it fun—life on the farm, or for me, life in the woods!!!!?????

    Hope you are having a good day. Love the blue dragonfly –against that green.


  2. Lock up the chickens! And maybe Fuzzy too! Wow. Big something.

    I agree the time spent in the garden is as rewarding as the produce and flowers. Love your dragonfly visitors.

    And your deck-patio looks like a great place to enjoy a summer evening. Have a good weekend.


  3. Its nice being outside with nature when it is pretty blue dragonflies but I wouldn’t like to meet up with whatever left those prints.


  4. This is what i love about CO – the wildlife!! But maybe not that close to you!!! Whenever we go to CO, which is normally every other year, I always keep my eyes glued to the countryside when we drive anywhere. Once we saw a bear when we were out in the mountains south of Hayden looking at beaver (I was terrified). Once I saw a mountain lion between Hayden and Craig (I was so excited to have seen it!). We stopped at a shop right near where we saw it & told the shopkeeper, and he said they were trying to get that mountain lion bc it was killing their animals. I hope your animals are safe, maybe the cat was just passing thru??


  5. What huge feet you have, my pet!! Tho certainly NOT a pet! We have reports of mountain lion sighting here on the plains of West Texas, but I’ve not seen any and I’m not sure I would want to out in the wild. Coyotes are the biggest predator I’ve seen, tho I am told the wild pigs are just a matter of a few short miles away. They are mean and a horrible destroyer of all vegetation and fences.

    Your damsel flies are sure pretty and your patio looks cool and inviting.


  6. Your pictures are lovely as is your porch. So relaxing looking. Our dragon flies are here at the moment too and they keep me entertained. I did have a bear this year and then I saw more tracks in the woods yesterday so if your tracks are a bear, it’s not a black bear. Kind of scary when you think of all the wild creatures running around and yours looks BIG!


  7. Oddly, we are dealing with a large (150 lb) cat of some sort here in our (non-wild) neighborhood. Found out for sure last night, did some more checking around today. Like I needed one more thing to worry about. Sounds like someone’s “pet” got loose. Or turned loose.


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