Mindy and Boomer Have an Adventure Chapter Nine Friday, February 7, 2020

Chapter Nine

“BOOMER!!!” Mindy yelled.  “BOOMER Come SEE!”

I trotted over, put my nose to the ground and smelled.


“Yes!  A Very big cat! Are we safe, Boomer?”

“Well,” I pondered, “I think so.  We’ve had them walk down the farm road and the irrigation pipes before and nothing ever came of it.  Although, I did hear Mom and Dad talking about our neighbor, just over the way from the Back Forty, losing several sheep to a Mountain Lion.”

“SHEEP!”  Mindy jumped sky-high landing on her four feet over on the other side of the paw print. “These big cats eat SHEEP!?!?!”

“And other things.” I mused.  I remember Etta, my  sweet lovely Etta telling me they were out on a hike once and came across a BIG CAT in a tree. She said those big cats don’t waste their time eating mice and birds, they need BIG things to fill their tummies so they eat horses, cows, calves, sheep, goats…you know BIG things.”

“Oh!  Boomer!  Does the smell say the cat is gone?  I really don’t want to be food.”

Sniff, sniff, snuff, snuff…” yes gone. Gone one down the road.  I think we are safe.”

“BUT Mindy…the sun has set and now it’s dark.

Dark is NEVER a good thing out on the farm


“OH! BOOMER! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO!!!” Mindy wailed.

It was just at the very moment when:

“Danger!” Mindy screamed.  “Danger!”



Back to Normal—Tuesday, December 30, 3014

We are back to normal…our children are all back at their homes- our  house is empty and lonely.

Boomer did really well with all his dog company– Puff Cake (this photo is from this summer as he was taking a nap have a hard run while irrigating) came and stayed with Boomer.WaitingShannon brought up two of her six dogs to hang out for a spell—Rocky and Black Beauty (sorry no photos), which added to Boomer’s joy.

I’m very behind with my comments and blog visiting, but I hope to get caught-up today!

Thank you all for stopping by and visiting.  The photo and video of the cougar that GNan sent was just stunning!

We have Mountain Lions here…


many a time we have walked down the ditch bank and saw paw prints in the mud.  Thankfully we have NOT met the ‘in-the’flesh’ cat.


Those big cats also hang out at Confluence Park in Delta..(the food source is rather plentiful there)   The city has placed signs along the walking paths to be aware of the Cougars in the area and how to defend yourself if you happen to meet one.


Anyway, today is getting us back to normal…Terry is hauling the next to the last load to the Elevator and I’m putting up the Christmas stuff.  Then when Terry gets back with the truck we will load out the very last load of corn from our Butler Bin into the truck.  He will either haul it today (you have to be there before 2 in the afternoon) or he will head down the first thing tomorrow morning.

We are so grateful for the call to take every last kernel of corn we have…who cares if it has to be there by 2 on the 31st.  The gift of having this year’s crop delivered and sold in this year is HUGE!

I hope this post finds all you doing well and ready for 2015…it’s almost here!

Your Friend,



Mountain Lion Video from a Blog Friend– Sunday, December, 28, 2014

Mountain Lion

Cool mountain lion sighting from this morning near Roxborough Park, in Colorado, sent in by Gnan P.

GNan sent me this photo that she shot out her bedroom window.  She said I could share it will all of you.

Wildlife up close and personal!

It was posted on the Denver News …go here to see the whole video!

Your western Colorado Friend


What Walked Down the Ditch Bank?

I’m not sure if you can see this, but it looks like a big cat walked down the ditch bank during the night sometime.

We had a summer storm move through after mid-night

When we went out to change the water we saw these

Whatever it was was heavy, you can tell by the imprint.   We don’t think it was a bear, although bear do come on to the place.

On a light note, I had a swarm of these colorful Dragonflies visit my tomatoes

The nice part of working and being outside is you really do get to be close to nature.