Last of Last Year’s Corn

We had to store several ton of last year’s corn,

the dairy we sell to didn’t want it until the first of March this year.

But as of three o’clock today (MST) we are through. Finished!  Done with the 2010 corn harvest.

The last of the corn has to be scooped into the auger…the worst part of a grain bin.

2010 is now over! 

The big farmers, and the onion guys,  have all started working the ground this week.  Terry will start disking and plowing Monday the 7th, provided the weather holds

 The 2011 farming season has begun!


22 thoughts on “Last of Last Year’s Corn

  1. Today I read through many of your posts. I enjoy your writing and photos very much. You have a writing gif take great photos and certainly live in a beautiful place. I love reading about your farming life and the area’s history. Thank you.


  2. Hooray for the end of the harvest…even if it was a loooong time coming for you. That corn looks very nice. At least the years didn’t overlap too much. Best wishes for good dirt digging weather in the next few months.


  3. Oh how exciting I hope you post about the farming! I don’t know much about big farming. I would love to hear about it. Do you only grow corn? Or do you do the other crops also? I’m trying to grow a larger garden so I can feed my pigs through the winter or at least supplement them a bit.


  4. When you work a farm, there’s not much time between the end of one year and the beginning of the next. I hope the weather cooperates so you can begin disking and plowing on Monday.


  5. Yea, for being done with 2010!!! Hang on….here we come 2011! We’ll pray for beneficial weather and bumper crops, won’t we?!


  6. I cannot even begin to comprehend how much hard work and long-term planning the type of farming you do, requires! It sounds both overwhelming and awesome to me, a mixture of pain and reward. I know that being so very reliant on weather and climate, and now the challenges you’ll face with climate change, makes life incredibly precarious at times – certainly, the majority of us ‘urbanites’ would not even come close to coping!

    I think you’re truly amazing and I admire you hugely for holding on to your dreams in spite of the hardships and challenges! I know it’s those ‘sometime rewards’ and the call of the earth, deep in the soul of the farmer, that keeps you all going. It’s a tenacious spirit you all share, universally.


  7. I bet that felt good to get rid of the corn! I started digging in my garden this week and it felt nice to get outside and play in the dirt. 🙂


  8. While we do NOTHING like your scale … just container gardening, I did already start seeds this Tuesday. As of today, we have cucumber and cabbage sprouts! So exciting.

    Coming to Denver soon? Would love for you to see our little place.


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