Instructions on the Proper Method

Remember this post?

This is how it comes about

One cow starts down the path

So everyone follows.


You are trying to find Momma!

There are 75 cows (plus ours) in the fields.  As of yesterday we have 7 new calves. 


18 thoughts on “Instructions on the Proper Method

  1. Here comes some Dumb Questions from the non-farm person: Where to the cows have their babies? Is there a barn–or just in the field????? Does anyone (owner) help with this—or does it just happen????? How can you tell your cows from someone else’s?????

    Okay–enough of the dumb questions… I at least knew what the PATH was…. ha ha …. OH—how do the calves know which one is Mommy????



  2. Who keeps an eye on the birthing cows, you or the owner? Maybe I could fit a baby calf on my property without the neighbors noticing. (YEA RIGHT!!!)


  3. Awwww, cutest thing ever seeing baby calves looking for their mommas.
    I remember when my family used to say that I used to call a calf “Baby Moo!”

    Hope to visit your farm someday and pet the cows. Love them!




  4. By the way, I just got done watching Centennial TV show series from the library.
    It is the best educational film of American history of how Europeans invaded this country and the Indian’s homes/land.

    It took me 17 years to finally move to Colorado and I am disappointed seeing cookie cutter houses developed EVERYWHERE in this state. Think they’re on to something about the real Colorado is now in Wyoming.

    I hope to find an undisturbed patch of farm land somewhere in western CO— but with job tying me down to certain city places and health issues requiring I’d be near a special pharmacy – I try to believe that I will find some pretty farm land area.
    I want to rescue abandoned animals so that they retire being fully nurtured and grow an organic garden, etc.

    Great reading your farming blogs – I thoroughly enjoy the slightest details – being raised on a farm myself when I was a young girl — it’s just heart breaking of how hard it is to return to such country living now that I’m older.

    Keep up the great work you’re all doing!



  5. Nothing is cuter than a baby calf…especially the bull calves with their curly heads. I miss seeing them out my windows. So I will enjoy yours! We got your winds on Sunday. Up to 68mph here and, of course, you heard about the wildfires I’m sure. We need moisture…we’ll even take snow!


  6. Sounds like you have a good handful! I have always wanted a cow…………just one. But I am not educated enough on this type of creature………..and so, I am a little intimidated in getting one. Not sure if one would be advisable and I know I don’t want two. I don’t want a bull………however……..I really am not sure about milking every time I turn around. So I guess I will just wait and tend to the chickens. I see from your last post that the wind has been stirring up trouble for you as well! We still have fires popping up all around us, and I am nervous. Will be so grateful for rain. blessings,Kathleen


  7. Hello found you on another blog. Love the cow photos, so true. I now have 20 new calves. You can check my site and see them in the snow. Yours have nice weather right now it looks like. I am glad I found your blog. Buttons


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