Fuzzy Blogging on Friday

For some reason I think I am the only dog with any real sense around here.  Sure I’m old, I’ve lived here for 6 years, but I lived with my first master for around 5 years.  I’ve blogged about that before.  Enough said on that subject.

Anyway, I’ve lived here 6 years and I want you know that I love living here.  All the food I want to eat, birds to bark at, Dad’s four-wheeler to run by (when I feel like running) and Mom to do all sorts of stuff with.

Well, sometime last winter, no wait was it last fall, hummm, maybe it was late last summer, our family acquired another dog. Now mind you, I really don’t like other dogs, I never encourage them to stay I put on my mean face and I snarl and snap at them.  I refuse to share this cushy life I have with any other dog.

That was how it was until Boomer came.  Boomer picked us.  My folks found him out on the back 40 and took him to another place that wanted him clear down on the river about 6 miles away from us. Three days later Boomer was back sleeping in my dog house, full of porcupine quills and thin as a slat board.  He looked at me, then at Mom and Dad, with this huge goofy Beagle grin of his and well….who could resist him?

Mom went down and got him his very own dog house and a soft and fluffy bed with snuggle blankets just like I have.  Sometimes I take Boomer’s house and bed but he doesn’t mind he just takes mine.  I do NOT share my dog food, I even show Boom my teeth every once in awhile, but he still just grins and goes on.  I found out one day that my dish of food is an exact replica of Boomers.  Geez, who would have thought?!

Also, Boomer is a city dog, he was never very far from wherever it was he lived, had the thinnest fur you have ever seen on a dog, knew nothing about farm living, had never seen a real live rabbit.  Boomer told me that he had lots of stuffed toys, but they really never hopped and ran.  (Who has ever heard of stuffed toys? Me I love squeaky rubbery things that do stuff like bounce and …wait I’m getting off the subject)

Just know that Boomer was a city dog through and through, he had a lot to learn and I and Mom and Dad have been opening up his horizons.

Anyway, this Farm Friday post is about this—-

The tractor and planter (that’s Sam, he thinks he runs the place)

Normally Dad parks the tractor in the shed and he put the planter away in its own special little spot that has a cover to keep the weather off the planters. But because Dad has been planting corn…I LOVE helping plant corn, well I used to love to plant corn.  I would run beside the tractor as Dad headed toward the field he was going to plant and then I would wait at the end (by the water) of the field and snooze, or I would run around looking for rabbits or squirrels or other exciting things, then I would head home again with Dad when he was done.

I don’t do that so much anymore and since I don’t go out with Dad, Boomer doesn’t know how to do that. Gosh, in reality he is a really good dog, whatever I say goes. And he always has a goofy smile on his face. Who could ever get mad at that!?

Anyway, back to the story….last night was a really nice evening. Heck Boomer and I really liked it a lot so we didn’t go to bed when it got dark out.  We just sat on the back step, well I sat on the back step and Boomer sat in the swinging chair we were just shoot’n the breeze talking about the day as the night got darker and darker and darker.

Now Dad, had not put the tractor and the planter away, he left it right where you see it.  I don’t see as well as I used to so I really didn’t notice anything unusual, besides I knew that Dad parked his tractor there sometimes.

The lights went out in the house but Boom and I, we continued to sit there and chat, Boomer really likes me to tell him stories about my life so that was what we were doing… when Boom had to go relieve himself. Off he trotted in the same direction as the tractor WOOF! Boomer was baying up a storm, since I don’t see or hear right well anymore I thought I had better get out there and help him scare off whatever it was he was baying at.

Boy, did we put up a good bark.  Woke up Mom who came out, turned the outside light on and walked all around with us looking for ….she was afraid that some critter was out there stalking her cat Sam. (Sam thinks he runs this place).  So we all walked together, Mom and her flashlight and us with our tails wagging and Boomer doing an occasional bay or two.

Back at the porch Mom gave us both hugs and told us “Thanks for keeping everyone safe”, but that it looks like whatever it was is now gone.

Just as soon as Mom went in and turned out the light Boomer got all afraid again and started up that rack of baying. Back out came Mom, around we go again. Nothing!

This goes on for about 20 minutes.  Finally Mom comes outside without turning the light on, walks to where Boomer is having a fit and realizes he is upset because the tractor is there.


Well, many minutes later of sniffing and hanging out at the tractor and planter Mom talks to Boom about the tractor and gives us both a dog treat and heads back inside.

I went to bed.  I was tired.  All that barking (I helped) wore me out and Mom was a little miffed (although, I swear I saw her smiling and a chuckle escaped every now and again) as she walked Boomer around the tractor and planter.

I hear Boomer start in baying again.  This time DAD got up.  “SHUT UP BOOMER!”

Boomer went to bed after that.  I asked him the next morning, why he felt like he had to keep on barking…he told me he thought they would bring out another dog cookie.

I told him…  “I guess you carried it too far.”

He agreed.


First White Child in Delta County


15 thoughts on “Fuzzy Blogging on Friday

  1. Cute story! I used to have a small pack of Beagles that I hunted rabbits with in Georgia. Fun dogs with lots of character! 🙂


  2. What a fun post, Fuzzy you are the best! Boomer you are a “keepa” that’s a Maine word! Have a wonderful Mother’s Day tomorrow Linda, Blessings, your friend from Maine, Julie.


  3. Hi Linda, I’m a real fan of Fuzzy, so thought I’d try and find earlier blogs of his.
    Enjoyed this one as well. Was nice to read Boomer’s story too.
    They’re so cute. Cheers :D)


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