A Raid on the Farm! Another Sherlock Boomer Adventure

Chapter Two


“Boomie!!!”  Mom called one more time, as I rounded the bend by the propane tank.

“HERE, MOM!”   I skidded to a stop; almost running into Mom. I have to be really careful to NOT run into Mom.  Mom says I have a very bad habit about doing that. Running into Mom and making her just about fall over!

If I do that— run into Mom, I always gets me yelled at: “BOOMER! Slow down!  You are going to make me fall down and that is NOT a good thing”!

So I skidded to a stop…sat my tail end on the ground and whapped the ground with joyful short little whaps.


“You know what is today, Boomie?”  Mom leaned down and gave me a pats on the head, scratched both my ears, then gave me a kiss right on my cute beagle nose.

“NO!” I smiled up at her.

“It’s Your BIRTHDAY!  TODAY YOU ARE 12 years old!”

“Happy Birthday, My beaglie boy!”

birthday-presents-for-boomeWith that she laid two packages of treats in front of me and I went bonkers!  I LOVE treats …LOVE THEM!  I spun around, licked my lips, danced thirteen jigs and rolled onto my back until she opened up one and gave me one of my BIRTHDAY presents.


I jumped up and headed to the lawn to savor my gift. Everything else can wait…. Birthdays only come once a year.

A Raid on the Farm! Another Sherlock Boomer Adventure

Chapter One

stuff-to-doIt was a busy day yesterday!  Mom and I had lots and lots of stuff to do.

fixing-a-tireSo did Dad.  FIrst there was a flat tire needing fixed

greenThen Mom and I had to follow Dad over to the wire trailer

helpMom and I had to clean out the pick-up and give it a good wash

rideIt seemed liked we worked and worked all day long.  I only got to take a nap when I was on the back of the four-wheeler heading here or there, as Mom drove.

tummy-rubWe all went to be early…8 o’clock.  Well, I did anyway. I was so tired I kept trying to sleep wherever I could.  Finally Mom opened the back door;  I jumped into the house, headed right to my padded bed, scratched up my covers and flopped right down.

Mom says I snore.  Dad says I really snore.

I don’t think so, but for the sake of this story…I fell right to sleep!  Maybe I snored; I guess I will never know.

in-the-sunNext morning I padded my way out to the bridge over the canal…let’s see—

the-samSam was guarding the place for a spell.  That’s okay by me.  He’s a light sleeper wakes Mom up every night around one or two in the morning to be let outside.  Of course when he wakes Mom up he wakes me up.  That’s when Mom and I go outside for nice little walk.

I don’t go with Sam.  Although, he sometimes goes with us.  Most of the time he doesn’t even when invited.  Just looks at us and heads off to dig a hole or something.  I don’t go with him either…when a cat digs a hole it to ‘do his business’ and I’m not interested in that.

ALTHOUGH!  I do know dogs who are VERY interested in eating …

Shake, shake, rattle my head, and flap my long, soft beagle ears—“BOOMER!  That’s enough!”  I could just hear Mom admonish me.  (But you know what I’m talking about, I’m sure.)


Then I headed into the farm yard to sniff and snuffle my way through every little nook and cranny.


Yep, Min-Min Lou Dad’s shop cat has been here.

OH! Snuff, snuffle…seems like she saw something that alarmed her.

I guess I’ll just follow her tracks and see what she found out.

busyThose ring-tailed bandits have been walking through the farm yard!


Oh…they were heading to canal to wash their food.  Those creatures are the cleanest critters around.  They wash everything…ever give a raccoon a slice of bread…off to the canal, an irrigation ditch, even my dog water bowl and wash the bread. Of course the bread just dissolves—nothing left.

They fall for it every time…EVERY TIME!

I sure get a kick out the look on their faces when the bread is there and then just GONE!  TEE HEE HAHAHAH BAHAHAHAH!







I picked up my paws and loped to where she was.  When Mom calls like that it means we have STUFF TO DO!

The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-Re-arranging the Ditch

Mom told me years and years ago she always liked to clean the house by re-arranging the furniture.  Move the sofa here, place the dining room table there…you know…shake it up a little.

Gradually over time she stopped that nonsense, finding just the perfect spot for the piano, the lazy-boy chairs, the beds in the bedrooms…they fit perfectly, so there they have stayed forever.

I told you this little story, because now Dad has taken to rearranging the ditches.

Well, really only one ditch—it’s slightly crooked, you see.  And he wants to ‘square up’ the field.

It’s the MUD ditch!  Mom’s least favorite ditch to work from.   But in order to have the Mud ditch moved a few feet we had to get the ditch ready to move come March.


First we had to pick up all the syphon tubes, remove the gated pipe and the dams.

Then we had to move the one stick of gated pipe…hard job.  It’s still out there waiting for Mom and Dad to go get it.


But nothing was as hard as removing the culvert between the cement ditch and the gated pipe.


The carefully cemented in culvert had to be chopped-out.  One smack at a time.

I hung around while they did the syphon tubes, but that cement stuff seemed to take forever.  Therefore, I checked out the deer, the pheasants, all the Quail…rabbits….you understand.  NEWS!


When I got back they were ready to haul two loads of the broken cement up to the head gate. (Dad is trying to shore-up the banks so they don’t keep washing away.


Up we went —  back we came, and up we went again.

I didn’t jump off; just waited there guarding the four-wheeler and the cement chunks from angry badgers or something.


Boomer…the best Guard dog on the farm!



The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-I Got Company

The coolest thing happened!  I got COMPANY!

Company just for me!

Well, not really just for me, but still for me.


My dog cousins Scout and Gypsy came to visit!  For TWO WHOLE NIGHTS AND THREE WHOLE DAYS!

Right at first we weren’t too friendly with each other, but by the end of everything we were the best of friends.


I even got to go with Mom and Dad to my sister’s and my brother-in-law’s house and hang out with Scout and Gypsy, while Mom and Dad helped Kimi and Cliff move in.


WE  had a BLAST!

love-the-beagleMom told me I was a very good boy!




The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-Mom Tricks Me

“Come on, Boomer!  Let’s go for a ride!”

RIDE!!  OH! GOOD!  I’m Ready Mom!

“Here, wait just minute; your collar needs to be on.”

Huh!? Collar?

Collars usually mean I’m going somewhere I have to be on a leash—town, the Vet’s…I wonder where.

“Okay, Boom.  Here we are.  Wait just minute you have to be on your leash.”

Oh, well.  Hurry Mom, snap it quickly there are smells that need to be smelled.

“Come on Boom, Houston is coming and you are first.”

Houston!  Oh good. I adore Houston!

WAIT! NO! MOM! NOT THE GROOMER!!!! Jerk, pull, drag my feet….


“Come back and get Boomer in an hour,” Theresa, the groomer told Mom.




(Sorry, Houston, you are on your own!)



The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-I Get a Treat





Tiny-Footprint-2I head out every morning to see whom and what has been walking on the farm.


I know, I know…I could be outside GUARDING the farm, but Mom likes to have me sleeping inside.  She says I need to be guarding the inside of the house, so everything can sleep safe.


Anyway, there is always lots to know about once I get out the door.

I know, I know, I could go out the door much earlier than I do, but Mom likes me to have breakfast first.  Besides she says 5:30 is early enough to go check out the morning news.


Now Sam-Sam, he has a hard time sleeping all through the night.  Many times I’ve been woken up by Mom and Sammy.  Sammy yowls when he wants to go outside…that wakes up the dead, Mom always says…Sammy’s yowling.


Mom says Sammy is our guard cat, although she really doesn’t like Sammy to go outside at night (Sammy will be 17 this year), but Sammy never listens to her and demands his way ALWAYS!


So let’s see…oh, this makes sense everyone in the house smelled skunk around 4 or so in the morning.


Sam was out by the canal…I know, I can tell by the smell of his footprints.


There was lots more smells, but I won’t bore you with them.


After lunch Mom and I had work to do.  Mom drives and I ride.

Then later on in the day Mom asked if I wanted a treat—you bet I did.

She put me in the truck and off we went!


TO THE CAR WASH!  I LOVE going to the car wash!  I love every minute the whole thing is happening.

That was a cool treat!  I thought I was going to get a dog cookie, but instead I GOT TO GO TO THE CAR WASH!

A smiling, tag wagging,


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-I Always Help

COMINGI always help!  Every day with everything Mom and Dad do.

I mostly help Mom.  But we always help Dad!


Well almost always…there are some things Mom and I don’t do.


We help change the water.  Dad always rolls up the dams, because they are tricky.

Mom doesn’t like the dirt ditch, but Dad says he does.  Mom likes the cement ditch the best.

Neither Mom nor Dad like the gated pipe; syphon ditches are their favorites.


Right now we are helping Dad fix the erosion at our head gate.


Mom works with Dad…




I rest in the back of the truck!



The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—-Just Say’n

When the little kids were here they brought all three of their cats AND Hank Puff with them….oh, yes, and four fish.  They were bringing all these critters because they were moving from Craig, Colorado to Battlement Mesa, Colorado.

The little kids and all the critters stayed with us and their Aunt Shannon, my oldest sister.

Well, wouldn’t you know it one of the cats bolted out the door at Shannon’s and became….lost!

After days and days of looking for O’Malley, setting a live trap in the garage at Shannon’s the looking for O’Malley had to stop.  Either the cat was lost or didn’t want to be found.

We are all sad.

Then a week ago today (Friday) something tried to break into the front porch of our house (around mid-night)…climbed right up the screen door and rattled it mightily.  Scared Mom right out of the bed.

Off and on throughout the night, this someone tried to climb into the front porch of the house, Sammy and I sat up a stern watch protecting the place.  Well, really, Sammy the cat and I slept through the whole thing.

The next morning Mom and Dad decided to set a live trap to capture whoever it is trying to break in; thinking it might be O’Malley, since she hung-out up here for several days before being taken down to Aunt Shannon’s.

Mom baited the trap with yummy canned cat food, set the trap and proceeded to wait.

I, Sherlock Boomer, took it upon myself to find O’Malley and bring her home to the kids.


The second night I patrolled the long lane from our house to the mailbox….nothing.

Flee-1Just one of the deer skittering through.


On the third night I headed out toward the Butler Bins…I had smelled some pretty interesting smells out there…raccoons.  I didn’t tell Mom it was raccoons…one never knows, raccoons are very clever at breaking into things.  Maybe it was one of them trying to get into the house.


The fourth day Mom changed out the canned cat food.  Then Mom, Dad, and I headed up to Olathe, Colorado to get some parts for Dad’s pressure washer.

I scanned the world looking for O’Malley.


I did see dogs along the way; we had some great barks at each other.

The fifth day—nothing

In-the-cageThe sixth day—I took care of the cat food.



A Summer Storm has Arrived—-Thursday, August 4, 2016

Storm came in 1The wind blew in a rain storm last night; slamming huge drops of water into the west side of the house. The dog and cat made a mad running dash to the house before me, but had to wait as only I (or Terry) can open the door for them.

Storm-2This morning we woke to thick clouds overhead.  A curtain of mist rising off the fields, and the flash-frying heat of the last few days…GONE!!!

Sam-and-SunThe air is cool and wonderful, bringing relief to the plants, the animals and us!  The thick scents of the wet ground and the bathed plants insinuate themselves through the open screened windows and the screened doors.

We are all rejoicing!  Cool moisture, after searing heat, is such a blessing!  It makes one want to dance.  Although, dancing in Colorado rain is a very chilling experience.

From my world to your heart!