Fuzzy Blogging on Friday (Really This is Boomer)

Fuzzy Disappears

Yesterday was really hot, so hot Fuzzy and I did anything we could to cool off.  First we went down to the canal and tried wading in the water, but it was running way too fast so that didn’t work.

While we were there Fuzzy told me about the time he fell into the canal and couldn’t get out until he got to the next head gate a mile away.  He kept thinking Mom would come get him out, but she didn’t.

I guess, how it happened, Fuzzy hadn’t been living with Mom and Dad very long maybe a month or so, not a full two months yet so he was getting use to all the ‘stuff’ around the farm.

Fuzzy loves water and he loves bubbles in the water. The canal is water (huge, rip snorting, fast moving, and thundering water) and the water makes lots of bubbles as it crashes along.

Fuzzy was down at the little slide spot where we all get a drink of water staring transfixed at the bubbles when suddenly a river monster jumped up and pulled him into the canal and tossed and turned him every which way.  Many times he tried to swim but the current was way too strong for his 30 pound body.

Mom was working in the yard when she missed him and started calling for him. She told Fuzzy later she looked everywhere for him, but she never even considered that he had fallen in the canal.

Anyway, Fuzzy said he was swept along so fast he had a heck of a time getting his balance when suddenly he was pushed into Shay’s head gate.  And that is what saved his life.  Once in the head gate he could get his feet under him and climb out.  Fuzzy laid there for some time then got up, got his bearings and started walking home.  He got there in time for supper.  Mom knew immediately what must have happened because Fuzzy was still wet (although not AS wet) and he was exhausted.

Fuzzy said he got lots and lots of petting’s that night and even got to sleep INSIDE!

So here we are on this miserable hot day, the canal was too scary to cool off in, Dad gets upset if we lay in the furrows out in the field and Mom comes unwound if we dig nice cooling holes someplace in her yard.

So we just sat outside on the back step and panted.  Our tongues hanging so far out of our mouths we must have looked like old shoes.

Dad felt sorry for us and asked Mom if she and the dogs would like to go for a ride down to the river.


We are going to the river!  Fuzzy and I LOVE the river.  There is a really cool, shallow spot where we can swim and shade all around, and best of all there are really neat smells down there.

Golly geez the ride down to the river is just wonderful…so much news on the wind I feel like I’m in heaven.  Fuzzy and I keep trading sides just so we don’t miss anything.

Once down at the river we all splashed and played for ever so long.  Then Mom wanted to take a walk so we all walked on down the road and up the draw to see where Davis cows traveled up to the White Ranch and then on to the Plateau.

The whole experience was delightful!

Suddenly I realized Fuzzy wasn’t with us.  I tried to tell Mom. I got a real worried look on my face, wrinkled up my brow, whined a little bit and ran around in circles sniffing the ground.  I sat down and tried to beg a little, then got up and wagged my tail end in a sort of sad drooping way.

Mom just said “Come on Boomer, we have to get back to the truck it’s almost time to change water again.”

That really upset me….”Where was Fuzzy, we couldn’t go without Fuzzy!”  I whined and squeaked and really tried to tell them I was worried about my wonderful old friend.
Mom said “Come on.”  Sadly I did.  The walk back was horrible. I would stop off and on and bay —hoping Fuzzy would hear us and come running.

I tried to bay really, really loud because Fuzzy is losing his hearing and doesn’t always know even when the Mail Man comes.

The whole way back was agony.  I was so afraid Fuzzy was going to become bear bait I could hardly go back I wanted to go look for him.

After awhile we made it back to the pickup.  Mom told me to get in the back. I couldn’t even jump in I was so sad.  She had to pick me up and put me in. I jumped right back out. Then she grabbed me and tied me in.

Blackness just descended…I didn’t know where Fuzzy was and now no one was going to look for him.

It was horrible.

Then I heard Dad say:  “Jump in Fuzzy, you should be cool enough now after your swim and you nap under the truck.”

Fuzzy was found!

He was never lost!

He was just sleeping under the truck.

I was so happy I howled with joy when Fuzzy jumped into the back of the truck.

Mom laughed and untied me and I kissed Fuzzy all over the face!



21 thoughts on “Fuzzy Blogging on Friday (Really This is Boomer)

  1. Aww! Boomer, what a good puppy you are! You tried so hard to tell Mom and Dad that Fuzzy wasn’t with you all! You must remember Fuzzy is alot older than you and probably couldn’t do all that walking in the heat like you could. Sounds like you had a great time at the river. I really wish I had a river within driving distance. The closest one is over a hour away!
    It’s been up to 105* here the last 2 days. Not as much wind yesterday so we could smell the smoke from the AZ fires for a while.
    Stay cool today, Boomer. Be very careful along the canal. Tell Fuzzy “Hi”!


  2. Oh Boomer! How good of you to worry about Fuzzy! Maybe you can convince Mom and Dad to get you a kiddy wading pool for your yard so you and Fuzzy can cool off without worry of Fuzzy getting lost! And maybe you could suggest that Fuzzy might want to play with some bacon flavored or mint flavored bubbles? There’s even this cool kid toy that runs on batteries that spits out lots and lots of bubbles!

    Yes, Cooper, Barrow and Roxanne are a bit spoiled. And they don’t have as much work as you and Fuzzy. They just have to keep the cats in line and help me hear until we get another farm of our own. Then, there will be real work for them to do again!

    PS Tell Fuzzy to share some of his special treats!


  3. Hi Linda, We’re on the road… Meeting Vadarae on Sunday for lunch…. Yeah!!!! I’m not commenting much now–but wanted you to know that I’m reading your posts though… Keep me posted about your plans.


  4. Oh, Boomer, you are such a good dog! I loose things under my nose a lot too – like my sunglasses that I will spend a while looking for – then one of my girls says “Mom, they are on your head!”


  5. I had my hound about a week when she launched herself into the river Suir under the castle in Cahir when it was in full flood.


  6. I’m glad you and Fuzzy got a ride down to the river where you could enjoy the water. It’s nice to see how you two have become such good friends and how you worry.


  7. You have a story telling gift Linda. Keep ’em coming eh. Thanks for the post and pics, very nice. We are getting the Arizona smoke. ( SW Iowa)


  8. Aw Boomer, you’re a loyal mate to Fuzzy. Thanks for telling us that story. It was lovely… I started to get real worried for Fuzzy too. What a great ending. Big tummy rubs to you 😉


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