Fuzzy Blogging on Friday ——-Coyotes!

Boomer and I were down on the equipment hill, the other night. We were scouting around looking for anything of interest.  Dad goes out around mid-night to change water so we like to go with him.

It was a moon-lite night, with a big old huge round moon hanging in the sky almost over-head.  We left Dad picking up and moving dams and trotted on over to equipment area.  My eyesight isn’t as good as it used to be, I have dark areas where I can’t see anymore.  The vet said there were cats a racks growing on my eyes.  There had better NOT be cats on racks in my eyes…grrrrrrrrr, growl!

Anyway, because it’s a little hard to see I decided that I didn’t want to chase bubbles in the ditches, Boomer wanted to smell what he could and I knew there were rabbits and squirrels living over there so off we went.

Things were going on pretty well…we found lots of cool odors out there, saw that the bunny family had made a home in Dad’s roller (they were too far in for us to get a good look at them), found that the squirrel family was hanging out in the leveler, and that about 40 million mice had scampered all over the place.

We didn’t bark or anything like that…barking with Dad always gets us yelled at “FUZZY!! Boomer!!! That is enough! You Dogs don’t need to be barking!”  So we don’t!

We were having a really great time when suddenly over the hill 6 coyotes came running right at us!  They were between us and Dad!  We didn’t have any warning; they were just there lean, dark, shaggy and mean looking.  Quickly I grabbed Boomer by the collar and drug him behind the stack wagon.  I whispered to Boom that we needed to get to Dad fast and asked him if he could see Dad.

Boomer whispered back that he could see and hear Dad but Dad was busy picking up the tubes and setting them down so Dad didn’t know the coyotes were close by.

The coyotes started milling around sniffing the ground, I hoped not for us.  Boom and I waited; it seemed like forever, Dad was still busy.  The coyotes started catching the mice, we could hear the snap and the crunch as they ate their dinner, then they started yipping to each other.  “I have some, come over here, this is the nest of about twenty…yip! Yip! Yip!  Loud they were.

When they started that Boomer and I made a dash for Dad…we didn’t want to be the rest of their dinner!

Whew! We made it just as Dad started up the four-wheeler heading for home.  I don’t run like I used to either, but Dad came by and picked me up.  As he was picking me up I looked over where the coyotes were … they had vanished.


Dad said it was a good thing we dogs were close by or we could have been coyote food.  I don’t think he realized how far away from him we really were.

Boomer told me later that he was really scared…those animals are big and snarly and wild.


He is right.


Delta’s Country Doctor


15 thoughts on “Fuzzy Blogging on Friday ——-Coyotes!

  1. Boomer and Fuzzy:

    We hate coyotes too! We have at least one that lives near by and he was out yipping in the pasture across from the house this week with the full moon too!!! Mom won’t let us go out after dark if she knows he is around and she goes out on yard patrol in the morning while we cross our legs so we don’t pee in the house! Mom even had to close the windows in the bedroom one night he was making such a rukas (she doesn’t like em either)! Mom says she doesn’t want any of the little kids becoming coyote snacks!

    MTWaggin Kids


  2. Kinda reminds me of the lemurs hiding from The Foosa! in the movie Madagascar.
    Shh! We’re hiding. Be quiet everyone. That includes me. Shh! Who’s making that noise? Oh, it’s me again…
    King Julien, what are they? What are they?!” … Julien: The fossa. They are always annoying us by tresspassing


  3. Went out to bring my Chloe into the house just in time to see a coyote pup wandering her direction. Given her looks, the little one probably thought she was an Auntie. She caught sight of the pup and gave it her best mean-dog bark.
    He couldn’t get back in the brush fast enough!

    Fuzzy, does Mom ever give you a summer haircut? You must be hot…


  4. How scary for Fuzzy1
    Would coyotes really kill a dog?
    Loved your little GD sleeping on the dog. Cute boots (o:
    When did you ancestors move to Delta? Mine moved to Firestone as french immigrants…to mine.


  5. When my Freya (hybrid) started feeling her age before we moved to Georgia, our pesky coyotes started coming around more. I’d often see them on the hill behind us and go tearing out the door to chase them off, only brandishing a dressage whip. Until that point, the coyotes would stay far away as it smelled like “wolf” everywhere.

    Fuzzy, you were clearly right to not tangle with those coyotes! Good boy for staying safe! Now, stay away from equipment sheds loaded with coyote dinner after dark!


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