Look Quick Before the Weeds Appear

I’ve finally got my yard weeded. What a job!  In between working with Terry on the farm, it’s taken me until 9:30 last night to finally get everything weeded.

It didn’t help that we cut down that tree and I had to do something there

Or the fact I was given a HUGE, DOUBLE HUGE pile of old railroad ties, that I needed to figure out what to do with

Which first had to have all sorts of hardware, nails and wire removed (they were an old corral before I got them)

And I felt like I just HAD to use them….they were really cool

Then I needed to find some more cross-arms.  Everything took time. The weeds ran away from me.  But finally I did  it !

Weed Free!  For a short while anyway!

Now I need to reseed the lawn, in places, and get the weeds out of the hedge.  But for today, I’m just going to enjoy having this big job done until I have to start again on Monday.

You know weeds just don’t stay away, they will be back.

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads out there!


1890 Trees in Delta City

18 thoughts on “Look Quick Before the Weeds Appear

  1. Over here we call them railway sleepers! Your garden is looking good. I used to do mist of the gardening, but since Malcolm retired, he has taken over as chief gardener – all I have to do is say where I want things planted!!


  2. Wow! Call Better Homes and Gardens! That place looks great. I can’t even guess what it took to haul around all those railroad ties. We’ve moved a few in our day. HEAVY!! Too bad there isn’t something to stop weeds in their tracks and still makes the flowers and veggies jump out of the ground. Hoping for some great garden weather for you. Yay!


  3. I love how you have your gardens set up! Once the kids are gone I want to do the raised beds too! I sure know how you feel when it comes to weeds! You did a great job!!


  4. WOW, very impressive Linda… and you said you were retiring! LOL. Your gardens appear very lush, tidy.. oh and weed free too!!!! Have a great Monday, your friend from Maine, Julie.


  5. Your gardens look so inviting that I would just love to be in there to weed awhile. It is so dry here that there are not any weeds……….or crops……….my pumpkins and zinnias have been choked out with the dust and hot wind. I am replanting and hoping that the wind will stop and the rain will come! Love you beautiful growing spaces! blessings,Kathleen


  6. Your gardens look great!! That was a lot of hard, heavy work you did. I love the wheel effect that you made. I have railroad ties also. Had some landscaping done several years ago and had them make raised beds for me…2 feet high with the ties. Since I have 2 metal rods in my back it makes gardening so much easier. The beds are 4ft wide and 20ft long.

    I’m like Kathleen… dry, hot winds have scorched about everything. The flower petals on my Rose of Sharon are absolutely crispy! 50mph winds and 5% humidity yesterday. We have an uphill battle this summer. Hope your weather cooperates much better than here in Texas.


  7. Looks amazing Linda!
    Despite what the glossy magazines and television shows say … gardening is stinking hard work!
    Hope the weeds stay at bay for a short time at least.
    I’m planting veges out today … may take some photos … but yours put mine to shame.


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