The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday–Goats

This is Boomer.  I’ve never in my life, ever, positively ever saw, see, or seen a goat!  Who knew such an animal even existed!? They are ….well…I don’t even have words for them.

They have eyes like a cat, or maybe a snake…Fuzzy says they have eyes like a goat!

Fuzzy gets rather irritated with me when I see the cows (they scare me, so I back up and bay at them).  The first time that happened, me seeing the cows, I bayed at them with my fur all raised up, Fuzzy just laughed at me.  I still get all ‘afeared when the cows come around.  I hover around Mom’s legs and try to not let those big huge black cows see me.  Fuzzy just looks at me with disgust!

Fuzzy he is amazing. They don’t frighten him not at all, he walks right in the corral with them, sometimes Mom has to tell him to “get out of there, Fuzzy”, but mostly he was taking care of business in there.

The cows they don’t even mind him.  Me they snort and paw the dirt and sometimes I can see snot coming out of their noses when they fling their heads around and stamp their hooves!  I like it better when I stay right by Mom and she is outside of the corrals!

Anyway, back to goats!  Mom-mom has the goats…there are two of them, a black one and a white one.  They are real tame….anyway that’s what Mom’s says.  She says—“It’s okay Boomer, they won’t hurt you.”  Then she gives them a cookie and they bounce all over with their really sharp little hooves and baa at her, begging for more.

I bay when they bounce around too much, my fur raises up and get all nervous.

But, here is a little secret, I’ll tell just you.


Don’t tell!


Okay, I’ll let you know…I’m really not afraid of them.  I just like to bark, well bay.  I think if my people were watching me they would see that I have a really big beagle smile on my face and my tail is wagging.  The second they look at me I stop and run back beside Mom.

I really like getting to bay at the goats.

Now don’t tell.


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14 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday–Goats

  1. Tucker here, and I totally understand about wanting to bay/bark at things. Those silly humans just don’t understand, do they?! I have two cows to bark at in my new place. They are right over the fence… I haven’t found a way to get through it…. yet!


  2. Boomer has such a good life…. He must be just like the yappy mut across the street from us—barking at anything and everything… I love dogs –but that yapping at all hours can get OLD quickly here in our quiet, residential neighborhood…. ha

    Sounds like Mama spoils the goats, Boomer… Does she spoil you too??? (think I know the answer to that!!!! ha)


  3. Boomer, it’s probably best that you leave the goats alone. You wouldn’t want to get butted by one. It can really hurt. You can ask my Copper if you’d like. He rounded them up and put them in the barn, but didn’t stop barking at them until one old nanny whacked him in the side with her head.

    Other than the whacking, goats are great entertainment! They’re always up to something crazy!


  4. Hi Boomer, your secret is safe with me – thank you for sharing. We’ve all got our little secrets.. even Fuzzy most probably. Do you think he’s on to you though? … after all, he’s pretty smart and he is the top dog 😉 Still, as long as your people don’t find out, you can keep on having your fun.


  5. Hi Boomer!
    You’re smart not to get too close to those cute creatures. One of my goat friends butted me in the ribs really hard….it knocked me down, even! Kinda hurt for awhile but Mom babied me and I was soon all better. I still like the goatie girls but I keep a little distance between me and them now! If I bark at them Mom tells me to “hush”, so I try not to be too noisy.
    Say ‘hi’ to Fuzzy for me. Be sure to just lay around and conserve your strength when it’s hot then in the evening make everyone play with you!! Sound like a plan?
    Your friend,


  6. I think the reason you’re not scared of the goats is that they are closer to your size. The cattle are so much larger. Besides, I think you just like to stay close to Mom.


  7. Hi Boomer! I’m Hank, a Walker hound in North Dakota, so I look a lot like you – only much bigger! 🙂 Baying is GREAT, isn’t it????? Sing your heart out my little friend – let the whole world know what an awesome voice you have!


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