The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Wet/Cold/Snow/Wind/Rain/Mud

Play I don’t have much to say today.  We, meaning Mom, Dad and Myself, are still trying to get the water down the fields, morning and night, sometimes noon and afternoon.


I like irrigation season, but I sure don’t like this rain/snow/wind/rain/snow/mud stuff we are having now.  I still go, but I get really wet—my belly and my legs.  I need longer legs, I guess.


(There is mud out there, don’t let this fool you.)

Anyway, it’s so nasty and wet today, Mom told me I had to STAY at the house, ON my bed, in my BEDROOM.  She didn’t know but I STAYED right by the wood stove until I heard the 4-wheelers drive into the yard, then I slipped ever so quickly onto my bed in my bedroom.


There I was sitting there like I was ready to go outside, just as innocent as you please.  Mom came in and gave me lots of pets and a hug; said I was a good doggie all nice and dry and warm.  I agree—good dog, dry, warm…I gave her a huge smile and a kiss on the hands!

Other than lots of sleeping, not much going on.  I think the cats have it figured out…Mom and Dad get cold, wet and muddy.  We stay warm and dry!

Sun(What we woke up too.)




The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer —Merry Christmas One and All

Mom, Dad, Fuzzy, Boomer, Sam the Cat, Monkey the Cat, all the chickens and cows wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas!

(Mom made us do this…Fuzzy hid until Mom said “Stay!” and I tried to roll my head thing off—I don’t know why she wanted us to wear this…..)

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Anyway, Merry Christmas, we have enjoyed telling you our stories.

Mom, says “See you on Sunday”,

Linda, Fuzzy and Boomer

The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Here is a really good dog cookie recipe Mom makes for us every holiday….

2 ½ cups sifted whole wheat flour

½ c dry milk powder

1 cube beef bouillon, crumbled

½ teaspoon salt

1 c cooked ground pork

1 c grated carrot

6 tablespoons bacon drippings

2 eggs

½ c cold water

Preheat oven to 350* F or 175* C.

Lightly oil two cookie sheets

In a medium bowl, stir together the flour, milk powder, beef bouillon and salt.

Add the cooked ground pork, raw shredded carrot, bacon drippings and eggs: mix into the flour mixture while gradually adding water to form a stiff ball of dough.

On a lightly floured surface, roll the dough out to ¼ inch thickness and cut into desired shapes.  Place cookies 2 inches apart.

Bake for until the bottoms of the cookies are browned.  Allow cookies to set for a few minutes on the cookie sheet before moving to wire racks to cool completely.

Hope you have a really nice Thanksgiving!

From Fuzzy and Boomer

The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Farming

Well, here it is! The end of the farming season!  Boomer and I have been helping Mom do all her chores while Dad harvests the last of the crops.  He is combining corn, even as I speak.

As for Mom and Boom and I well we are in charge of ditches.

Sometime in the afternoon we all head off to one of the ditches…Boomer has decided that he likes to run, sometimes ahead of the four-wheeler and sometimes beside and even sometimes following.  He rides when he gets tired, but only then, he doesn’t really like to ride.

Following isn’t very good; I don’t think….it’s the spot where you eat dust all the time.

I used to run alongside….sometimes I feel really good and run a short distance alongside Mom and bark, but mostly I don’t.  I really like to go, though, so Mom always takes me. Since I can’t jump anymore Mom picks me up and puts me on the back of the four-wheeler.  She has a really neat carpet there that I can lay on or stand on however I feel like doing.

Sometimes I don’t even want to get off, but when we are at the ditches she makes me get off and at least sit by the four-wheeler.  She says there might be a mouse or two to chase.

Yesterday was a big day…Dad had a bolt break on the tail gate of the big truck…he lost lots of corn,

but the good thing was he was still in the field when the tail gate broke.

We all went over to help him.

After he got it fixed and he left for the elevator, we picked up most of the corn and put into buckets to dump back into the truck.   We had to leave some because the elevator doesn’t like rocks in the corn.

Mom said the wild creatures will enjoy the corn anyway.

After that we went to the corn field Dad was getting ready to start on and Mom started picking up and a stacking the irrigation tubes.

I stayed by the four-wheeler

and Boomer ran around sniffing stuff.

Once Boomer found a really cool poop to roll in but Mom yelled at him…I ran over as fast has my stiff back legs would take me, but Mom beat me too it and buried it.

Darn it!

Both Boom and I agreed it was a really cool poop, even had hair in it…smelled of coyotes. If we could have rolled in it and peeped on it the coyotes would have known some really tuff dogs live and work on this farm.

Mom was busy picking up the tubes and stacking them when suddenly three field mice ran out of the tubes.  She didn’t really like it because she was carrying the tubes at the time.

I was on them in a flash!  I forgot all about my stiff legs and hard to move hips…

Boomer was way down a corn row but I barked at him and he came running.

I got the first one of the three, and then we kept following Mom and waiting for her to drop another one out of the tube.  She got smart and started shaking the tubes before she put them into her arms.

What a blast!

We caught several mice.

Then Mom started picking up the dams…..NESTS!  NESTS OF MICE!!

Oh joy, joy, joy!

Tomorrow we are going way up to the upper end and doing the little hay field, then after that is the bean field.  Boomer and I can look forward to at least two more days of catching mice, err helping on the farm.

Have a nice weekend everyone, I sure plan too!


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Pheasant Hunting Season

Finally!  Mom and Dad are home!

They have been super busy, super busy!  Which suits me just fine…I like being busy.  Fuzzy says we are busy but really we aren’t.

Here’s how our day went when Mom and Dad were in Texas.  Sleep until Misty and Tally came up to do the chickens….hang out with them for a while.  Then they would leave and Fuzzy and I would sleep again.  Fuzzy would pick out a spot in the sun somewhere and doze off.  I like to jump on top of the dog houses and sleep there.  It’s all nice and cuddly and warm, the sun hits and warms everything up.

Then I would sort of mosey around but I never went too far, because I knew Fuzzy would miss me. Then later, way later, in the day Blade would come over with Puff/Hank and they would do the chickens…gather the eggs and put the chickens to bed for the night and throw some hay over to the cows.

Mom and Dad were gone 4 days….an eternity!  On the third day I begged really, really, hard to get to go home with Mom-mom and Tally so they let me.  (Fuzzy didn’t want to go)


While Fuzzy slept in the sun Puff/Hank and I P.L.A.Y.E.D. everywhere.  I came home with Blade in the evening.  The next morning when Mom-mom came up I hopped into the truck, because I WAS going home with them again!

Then Mom and Dad came back!  Which is just wonderful, you see.  They’ve been doing lots of stuff in the kitchen and the bathroom and we have been without water for a couple of days, something about the hot water tank leaked and caused the bathroom vinyl to come up and the underneath wood to get really soaked.  A new hot water tank had to be bought, new carpet laid down…but Mom saved lots of water so we didn’t have to go thirsty.

I think they are about done with the water because we rode down twice to the end of the lane to turn the water off and turn it on.  Now Dad says he has to haul hay down to the elevator as they are out and want some more.  Then maybe, just maybe, on Friday Dad plans on combining corn.  He had a flat tire on the combine, but he took it town and got it fixed so plans are still on for Friday.

We all will help with that, but all the other stuff comes first, Dad says.

Today is Friday the 11th, on the 12th Pheasant Hunting season starts.  Since none of us had checked fences for a while or even checked on the cows for a time we all headed off to do so.  Mom and Dad don’t let hunters hunt on our property anymore.  There was a time when they did, but not anymore.

Dad says too many people have left gates down, climbed over fences and broken down the fences, shot at the cows, and even walked down the canal and shot close to the barn to even begin to think about letting hunters back on the place.

(Besides there really aren’t many pheasants left in our area.  Too many fox and coyotes!  They eat the eggs and they eat the birds!  I know because I’ve been sniffing out the sad tale now for the year I’ve lived here.)

We headed out, but had to stop; as our neighbor was moving his cows down from the plateau to his winter pasture…he said the cows were eating snowballs up there.  Made us all laugh.  The cows said it was true; they were super glad to see food again.

Fuzzy and explored along the corn fields,

there were a couple of lose wires that had to be fixed so the folks worked on those.

The wind had blown some big weeds into the electric fence which had to be picked off; we explored some more while they did that.

Fuzzy pretty much had to ride with Mom —  he would get way too tired.  Still Mom would put him off and let him run around while they worked.

When we got home the moon was coming up….WOW! Sure was a pretty moon! The last time we had a full moon Sissy Coyote came calling, but we all checked out the known dens (yes there are two for sure) and it looks like they have left our farm.

I sure hope so!  Dad said…we’ll see, we’ll see.

Anyway, nothing happened last night.  Except it got really cold around  8*, I stayed in my dog house all snug and warm.

It was dark when Mom gets up…I wonder why she gets up so early.  Oh, yes…to get the fire started in the woodstove.

The moon was just going to sleep but she came out anyway with her camera, she said she wants a good photo of the moon.

I think she got one.  She took one at night and one in the morning.  I don’t care if she is outside with the camera that just means I get to go and do something with her.

Then we all went inside and had a good snuggle around the fire.  It got too hot for Fuzzy so he headed outside.  I thought I could just stay inside and keep myself cool by panting.

That didn’t work.

Still everything is good, I helped Mom rake and I tried to catch mice that were sneaking into the chicken house.

Then I rode in the wheelbarrow as Mom hauled wood to the house.  I jumped out when Sam the Cat smirked at me.  Mom caught Sam and made him ride then.  He did too. Rode all the way to the house on a load of wood!

Smarty pants cat!

Well, hang on to your ears as pheasant season starts Saturday!!  (I’ll lay bones to hamburger Fuzzy tried to hide in his dog house or to make a dash to get into the house when the guns start going off.)


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Sissy Coyote

Mom said we had a first…well, first time for her anyway.

Sissy Coyote came calling!

This is how it happened:

The night was beautiful, a clear, full bright moon hung in the sky just above the cottonwood tree. The light from the full moon lit up everything, casting sliver and blue shadows everywhere. Fuzzy and I were having a great time sitting on the back step of the back porch. Every once in a while Fuzzy would see something run across the road out by the tractor sheds, and then he would take off running and barking! HEY YOU! WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON OUR PLACE! Then I would follow hollering as loud as I could.

It was great fun.

I really don’t think Fuzzy can see very well anymore, but what the heck, he sees enough that we get to chase ‘whomever or whatever’ off the place. If they really aren’t there, who is going to complain? NOT ME!!!

So we had a great time until Mom came out and turned all the yard lights on….

“What is happening out here, boys, are the Chickens safe?” She asked giving each of us a wonderful pet on the head and all over the body.


I sort of think she knows we are just having fun.

So we all three walk  out to the chicken house, opened the door, and turned on the light in the chicken house.

“One, two, three, four” counted Mom. “Well, nothing bad going on here.”

The chickens were rather startled to have the light turned on, but they didn’t move. They continued to sit on their perch and sort of talked to each other about the lights and stuff like that.

Mom, Fuzzy and I all walked back to house. But she took the long way…we checked on the cows, all asleep, we walked by the grain bins, nothing happening there, except they were all sparkly in the moonlight. Really rather pretty, I thought.

Then we stopped at the tractor sheds, Mom said she wondered if there were some stray cats out here (in the tractor shed) that Fuzzy and I were barking at. We just looked very sincerely at her and I thumped my tail really vigorously, Fuzzy just shook his little stub of a tail, but he did shake it really hard. We wanted Mom to think she was right.

She must have as we all walked back to the house, got many pets and rubs and scratches and told good night. We were also warned to not do any more barking if it’s just for fun as Dad will be the next person out to see what the problems were.

So we were silent. BUT…we did chase a couple of cats, and a really neat squirrel, or at least I thought it was a squirrel…but the highlight was when the FOX came through the yard.

Fuzz and I were sitting out by the woodpile, next to the chicken house, just taking in the night…when right out of the corral a fox came, padded by the garbage cans and almost ran right into to us!


Both Fuzzy and I were so excited that I’m sure it came through in our yips and barks. Mom came out of the house fast…it looked like she may have been asleep. We kept up the barrage of barking, I pointed down the road, Mom flipped on the yard lights, I ran back to her really fast and twirled and swirled around and headed back to Fuzzy who was looking down the road sort of prancing for us to get there.

We made it just in time for Mom to see the bushy tail sliding under the barbed wire fence; she flung the flashlights light into the field and saw the red fox heading as fast as its little legs could go to the drain ditch across the way.

Mom said it didn’t have anything in its mouth!

“You boys sure are doing a good job tonight,” she said. We licked her hands and she petted us all over.

After all that it was starting to get rather nippy outside so we decided to head to our snug and cozy dog houses. I went in first, because I feel the cold before Fuzz, but I heard him come in a few minutes later.

We were sleeping really good…sound as you might say. When in the yard, RIGHT BY THE CLOTHES LINE was SISSY the Coyote! And she was …WOW! Some kind of beautiful! She started making this pretty strange howl/bark thing that had Fuzzy and I out of our dog houses in a flash!

We both barked and howled back at her, but she was NOT afraid. It was getting close to morning…I could see the rim of almost light in the east along the Paonia Mountains…we were frenzied in our barking.

Both Mom and Dad came out of the house FAST!!!!

Dad had his gun!

This was a good thing, because while Fuzz and I were looking at Sissy the Witching Coyote, there were four other lurking coyotes over by the hen house!!!

They were trying to raid the HEN HOUSE!


Dad shot the gun!!!

Scared off the coyotes, even pretty Sissy Coyote — Fuzzy and I watched her slink away, well actually melt away into the shadows.

The gun pretty much frightened me also. I yelped just as loud as the gun!

Fuzzy laughed at me. Heck, man! I wasn’t expecting anything like that L.O.U.D sound!

Mom said she didn’t understand why the coyotes were so aggressive this year; a friend of hers said that they are probably coyote-dogs. Which is probably true…lots of people have dropped dogs off out here.

The ditch rider says he has seen a pack of wild dogs down over the hill. So what is living around our place is a mix of coyote/dogs. Dad’s going to talk to the D.O.W. Trapper to see what can be done. Calving season is a few months off (February) we don’t need any coyotes, wild dogs, or coyote-dogs around.

Anyway….this full moon was sure full of fun and excitement! (By the way…Dad wondered why Mom didn’t grab her camera; she usually has it with her all the time. — NOW That would have been cool….a photo of Sissy Coyote! I would pin it up in my dog house. She was that kind of wonderful!)


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Poop

Now most people never talk about poop.  Maybe Doctors and Nurses do but real people in the world really don’t talk about poop.

Cats don’t talk about poop.  They get all embarrassed and go off and hide whenever poop is in the making, they even make sure and cover the whole subject up.

As far as I know I have never heard of a cow, or horse or goat or pig or even a chicken give any thought at all to poop.  They eat…there is poop.  That’s it. They just move on.

Now dogs, which are what this story is all about, understand poop.

Well, at least most of us do.

So dogs everywhere—-listen up!!!!

If you see cow poop, no matter how good it smells……

No matter that it may or may not have little bits of undigested corn in it…..

You just DO NOT EAT the poop!

OF COURSE that is how your people will feel about you eating the poop….you won’t.

You will love eating the poop!

You will want to eat as much of it as you can!

But don’t!

After you eat you WILL throw up!

Usually, by the time you throw up you will be in your car heading back to the city, or at your house as you are running up the stairs to bounce on the bed with your family.

I promise you.


Trust me.

Just give the poop a really good sniff and that is all.

No, stop!






When the s *#t comes down, err, up… remember I warned you!

Green grass helps.


Works to settle most any stomach….

Oh, yes! By the way.  I gave up poop when I was a pup.  It just wasn’t worth the stomach ache afterwards.


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday-Strange Tires

Well, here it is another day on the farm and not much happening.  The weather has been rather bad…sweltering hot in the morning, and then it cools down, which is nice. But it cools down into masses of thunderstorms and lightning strikes. Makes my whole body tremble and shake and I try really hard to climb into the house or on Mom’s lap or anywhere where I can’t be shot at by the sky.

Another really bad part of all this loud booming weather is Mom is always outside trying to get a photo of the lightening shooting at us.  Or Dad thinks he has to go change the water.  The reason that is bad is it’s my sworn duty to follow them everywhere they go.

If I have to choose between one of them I choose Mom, but lately she is just insane wanting to out there with those loud gun shots and fire in the clouds.  Mom says they are not gun shots but thunder and it won’t hurt me, but I still shake and tremble.

Boomer says he doesn’t understand, nothing seems to really ever scare Boomer.

Any who, let’s not talk about the weather but about the stranger that came to visit the other day.

It was some person who wanted to talk to Dad about something or other, they sat outside in the cool of the afternoon (potential thunderstorm) and Mom stayed inside because it was something called ‘business’.

But Boomer and I were outside.

The man was driving a cool pick-up with a DOG in the back.

First the dog jumped out and followed his person everywhere Dad and that man walked and that strange dog followed and he peed on everything!  I do mean everything.

So if he peed, then Boomer would take a pee.

I would wait until they were all done and I would pee all over their pee.

That way I was showing them who really is the one who runs this place.

Smirk, smirk!

Now if there is something that Dad doesn’t like…its dogs marking their territory.  It will rile him up real fast.

After about 10 minutes of the peeing thing Dad asked the man to put his dog back in his truck, then he talked real stern to Boom and I about stopping the peeing.

He said “STOP IT! NOW!”

So we did.

The guy put his dog in the back of the truck but the dog would wait until his person’s back would turn and he would jump out.

This dogs name was some Spanish name I don’t know how to say or spell.  He is a mean hombre, a big old bear catcher of a dog.

Anyway this went on for a few minutes until the man grabbed the dog and clipped him to a rope he had tied to the bed of the truck.

Boomer and I watched all of this with interest…way over by our dog houses…we didn’t want Dad to yell at us again.

Mom came out and brought some pop and glasses with ice so Dad and his visitor settled down for a very long talk.

When they got to laughing and chuckling, I signaled to Boom to follow me.

Off we went.

We were very safe you see…the hombre was tied up and Boom and I were free.

I showed Boomer what to do….

The Hombre suddenly jumped up and hollered at me…”Get away from that tire!”  “You stop messing up my person’s tires!”

Boomer saw what I was doing and laughed.

The next thing I heard was water running in the front of the truck on the other side away from me.

Hombre started growling deep menacing growls way down in his throat…


I just laughed.

What could he do?

I grinned and lifted my leg as high as I could, which isn’t very high anymore, but I was able to get the edge of the tire next to the ground.

Hombre went nuts.  His fangs were flashing; he lunged from his rope, and let out furious barking.

He was so loud I knew Dad would be over here soon or for sure his person would be, but guess what?

Mom headed out the door and saw what was happening.

She grabbed my collar (as Boomer gave a couple of more swipes to one of the back tires) and then grabbed Boomer.  She marched us right past Dad and the person, and then put us in the house with her.


Oh, well.  We each got a dog cookie.  She also told us we were not being very nice to company. And we had to lie on our beds until she told us we could go back outside.

When that time came, the hombre and his person were gone.

But Boomer and I both agree we had a great time.


New Books at the Museum

The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Bubbles

The kids in this family, well, not Mom and Dad’s family….Misty’s family, seem to love to come over to Grammy and Grandpa’s.  It seems like they are here at least once a day, if not more.  I really don’t mind.

I don’t even mind if Hank comes with them, which he always does.

I don’t even mind if Linki takes the curry comb and tries to brush me.  I hope you caught that word tries.    I keep moving and moving so she finally just gives up.

Hee  hee

I don’t even mind the goats coming over, Boomer is getting better about the goats– I keep working with him.

What I do mind is Boomer and Hank.  They get to playing so hard, laughing and barking and rough housing that that I get to thinking someone or something is coming down the road to the house and I missed barking at whomever or whatever is coming.

So I jump up, sometimes from a very sound sleep, quickly get my bearings and take off running out to the road barking as loud as I can so whomever or whatever knows there I’m on duty.

What’s really frustrating is when Hank and Boomer are together I can’t tell what’s happening.  So when I jump up and run to the driveway and see there is nothing there…well (to save face) I start barking at the birds.  I’ll even run right out in the alfalfa field so they will think I have always been barking at the birds.

So back to my story-

The grandchildren were up, and Hank, and Mom-mom, everyone was sitting around on the east patio as it was now in the shade. So that means the sun was in the west and the day was starting to cool down.

My Mom went into the house and came out with a box loaded with GUNS!!!!

Three of them to be sure!

Also a HUGE bottle of bubble making stuff!

That is all it took.

You mix bubble making supplies together with three little kids and you get lots of fun on a late summer day.

What surprised me and everyone else is Hank, oops I mean Puff.

He loved them as much as the little kids.

He jumped and twirled and tried to catch bubbles all afternoon.

Along about dark, he sank down to the grass and just went to sleep.

My Mom gathered up all the bubble making stuff and took it inside.

I sure don’t understand Puff.  Who would have thought bubbles could be so much fun.  I watched all afternoon, not once going out to bark at the birds.  Boomer watched too. Although, every once in a while Boomer would wrestle with Hank.  Boomer didn’t know what to do with the bubbles either.

Beats me!



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday–Goats

This is Boomer.  I’ve never in my life, ever, positively ever saw, see, or seen a goat!  Who knew such an animal even existed!? They are ….well…I don’t even have words for them.

They have eyes like a cat, or maybe a snake…Fuzzy says they have eyes like a goat!

Fuzzy gets rather irritated with me when I see the cows (they scare me, so I back up and bay at them).  The first time that happened, me seeing the cows, I bayed at them with my fur all raised up, Fuzzy just laughed at me.  I still get all ‘afeared when the cows come around.  I hover around Mom’s legs and try to not let those big huge black cows see me.  Fuzzy just looks at me with disgust!

Fuzzy he is amazing. They don’t frighten him not at all, he walks right in the corral with them, sometimes Mom has to tell him to “get out of there, Fuzzy”, but mostly he was taking care of business in there.

The cows they don’t even mind him.  Me they snort and paw the dirt and sometimes I can see snot coming out of their noses when they fling their heads around and stamp their hooves!  I like it better when I stay right by Mom and she is outside of the corrals!

Anyway, back to goats!  Mom-mom has the goats…there are two of them, a black one and a white one.  They are real tame….anyway that’s what Mom’s says.  She says—“It’s okay Boomer, they won’t hurt you.”  Then she gives them a cookie and they bounce all over with their really sharp little hooves and baa at her, begging for more.

I bay when they bounce around too much, my fur raises up and get all nervous.

But, here is a little secret, I’ll tell just you.


Don’t tell!


Okay, I’ll let you know…I’m really not afraid of them.  I just like to bark, well bay.  I think if my people were watching me they would see that I have a really big beagle smile on my face and my tail is wagging.  The second they look at me I stop and run back beside Mom.

I really like getting to bay at the goats.

Now don’t tell.


Lost Army Airplane in Delta County 1943