Wednesday–Blue Skies

It rained again last night, around 3:30 in the morning

But the sun is shining and the clouds are moving away.  I checked the weather forcaste where it looks like we are now in the 40% chance of rain, with it mostly in the mountains.

The sunrise caught the last of the early morning rain just leaving and I caught the gift with my camera so I could share it with you.


Girls Paste This in Your Hats

10 thoughts on “Wednesday–Blue Skies

  1. Oh, I would love to look out my window and see those puddles and rainbows!! I know that you all would rather it wait until the hay is in and put up, and I hope that will happen soon. I’m sure Terry is biting nails waiting for it to dry off. You send me the rain and I’ll send you some hot, dry weather, o.k.?


  2. That sky is so beautiful…blue
    the rainbow is amazing
    rain must feel good as long as you are not washed away
    we are hot…it rains here and there around us, but not us so far.


  3. Hi Linda, Hope those rains stay totally away for awhile –so that Terry can get that hay work done…. I’ll pray for you to have NO rain —and for Vadarae to have RAIN –and for us to have some COOL weather.


  4. Thanks for sharing.
    We are expecting rain in the form of a tropical storm by Friday. Should get drenched which is not a bad thing. As long as it doesn’t develop into a hurricane. I hear those are bad.
    I looked around for your address the other day but couldn’t find it. I have something for you that I got in New Orleans but couldn’t find until we unpacked. Found it! Now, I need to send it to you. Email me.


  5. Hope the weather works to the best of your harvest. How sweet that you caught that rainbow? While much of the country is sweating away, we’ve had a remarkably cool summer. Of course it’s still over 100 degrees daily!


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