Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring work has begun….


Terry has been disking the corn stalks.



I loved these photos of the spring buds and the spring work.

Still cold here, but warming up, it only got down to 20* last night.


Canada Geese

I just love these huge black birds!


While walking the dogs at Confluence Park I just had to take a photo of all the many, many Canada Geese that were enjoying what is left of the open water.


Suddenly I noticed white birds…I had to zoom in…I didn’t want to startled all of them and lose my chance to see what white birds are homing with the Canada’s.


I still really don’t know… domesticated geese that have flown the coop?

Snow Geese?

If anyone knows please leave me a comment…I am very interested.



Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Yesterday a very brisk, cold wind blew the clouds out of the way, leaving us with a very, VERY crisp day.

This morning we are in another winter weather storm watch.

BUT…look at this!!!

As the wind was blowing one storm away from us I saw an extremely rare site.

(At least for me in this part of the world)

A winter rainbow in the west…


I was extremely trilled!



The Second Day

I was excused from work this day.

Told I wasn’t needed.

Said it would go faster now and I could stay at the house and get ‘stuff’ done there.

I didn’t complain.

He was right.

Day-2When I went up in the late after noon he was over half-way done.

Day-2--2He thinks he will finish up today…tomorrow at the latest.

Which is good, because we are supposed to have a rain storm Thursday(tomorrow) and snow of Saturday.

If he can get done today the rain will help settle the soil around the pipe and into the trench.  After that we will know how much dirt we will have to bring up from the back side of the place to fill in what has settled.




Our Very Own Sugar Plum Fairy

Sugarplum-FairyWe got to go watch our youngest grandchild’s dance recital.

She was so excited that she had to repeat part of the dance routine at our house later.

(That is her Aunt Kimi, watching from behind.)

Some things are way magical no matter if you are 4 or 63!


Wednesday–Blue Skies

It rained again last night, around 3:30 in the morning

But the sun is shining and the clouds are moving away.  I checked the weather forcaste where it looks like we are now in the 40% chance of rain, with it mostly in the mountains.

The sunrise caught the last of the early morning rain just leaving and I caught the gift with my camera so I could share it with you.


Girls Paste This in Your Hats