The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Green Stuff

I hate to admit it, but I got in trouble.

Well, not a lot of trouble.

But trouble all the same.

See it all started with Mom not being able to do much…if Mom doesn’t go anywhere, Fuzzy doesn’t either.

After two days of no walks, no rides on the four-wheeler and no trips to town…well….see…


I got bored!

Heck, man!  I’m only 4 or 5 years or so and there is a still lot to see and do out there.  To top that all off Hank/Puff is 2 years old so he is ALWAYS ready to go see and do.

It was Tuesday last week.  Tuesday is when Hank and Tally come up and spend the day with us.  Mom does something called Grammy School, and then she and Tally usually have to come outside and do something for or with Dad.  (That is what I wait for…doing stuff with Dad.)  I don’t go with Dad because he is usually on something big…hay swather, combine, huge truck so if you go with him there is no room to ride which means you have to run alongside all the time and well, that gets boring.  Up the field, then down the field, then up the field…you get the picture.

Now if you go with Mom she usually has to do something for Dad that requires waiting.  The waiting thing is what I LIKE!!!  She and Fuzzy wait (and Tally, if along) and I go out and see what news is out there with my really good sniffing nose.   If Hank/Puff is along he likes to scare up stuff—birds, rabbits, mice, and oh! Joy! Of Joys!  Squirrels!  Then we give chase!  It’s like ever so wonderful!

So Tuesday came, Tally showed up with Hank/Puff.  I waited.  Hank and I waited.  Fuzzy took a nap.  He always takes really long naps.

Boy, did we ever wait.

We waited so long I could smell lunch cooking…ummmmmmm  yummy good smells….I just sat there with a big goofy grin on my face when my tongue rolled out of my mouth and I drooled on the ground.

Hank laughed at me.

Shoot! I couldn’t help it …people food is wonderful!

Then Dad was in, then back out.

Dad said that Mom was resting today, boys.  She isn’t feeling up to much stuff.

Man…this sitting around was getting old.

So I asked Hank if he would like to go out to the bean field and see what Dad was doing and maybe hit the back pasture to see if we could see anything up there.

Off we went.  No one seemed to miss us.  I didn’t think we would be gone very long.

I knew we had to be back BEFORE Mom and Tally went down the lane to get the kids off the bus, she would miss us if we weren’t there to run down the lane with her.

The pasture was heaven!  HEAVEN!  We smelled raccoon tracks, deer wallows, chased up several kinds of birds and lots and lots of rabbits.  What a heavenly good time we had.

On the way back, just across the bridge of the little pond, over by the hill going up to the Chico patch, where the coyotes sometimes hang out I FOUND IT!!!

Oh! What a wonder!

And I found it BEFORE HANK!

A big green pile of something so wonderfully dead it was not just green it was emerald green!  Oh, yeah the flies had found it too, but WHAT THE HECK!  IT WAS JUST WONDERFUL!

I sniffed all around it…then I lay right down on top of it and rolled all over it it……………….


I rolled again and again. I squished up my back and squiggled all down the back of my backbone, and then I drug my collar and chin through it just as Hank came up.

He was so disappointed.

I had every last gooey bit of rotten wonder stuck to my whole body.

He almost cried he was so disappointed.

He did try to roll around in the sort of grease spot that was left there, but I had it ALL!

ALL! Mind you ALL!


We got home just in time.  Mom was firing up the four-wheeler, Fuzzy was loaded up and so was Tally and they were heading down the lane to the bus stop.  We ran right alongside of them, they were none the wiser.

When we stopped Mom said: “Boomer!  You Stink!  YUCK!  Just look at you!”

“Pretty darn neat, don’t ya think?”  I grinned at her.

Then I did a little swirly dance so she could see how really lovely I was.

Then Talley started saying pee-u, ick!

Mom was going to get mad at me…I could see it in her face, but the bus drove up.


Then Bladen and Linkin started in about how it stinks out here.  So I ran over to them and did a really good twirl so they could see my new green color.

Well, anyway…to make a long story short.

I had to have a bath.  I got hosed down in the yard first.  Then I was dumped in the kiddy pool, which still didn’t satisfy Mom, so I had to go inside and have a bath with all types of soap in the tub.

Afterwards I was pronounced clean.



P.S.  It was really a cool smell, but you will just have to take my word for it.  I don’t want to go through 4 washings again just so Mom doesn’t gag all over the place all the while chewing me out, laughing and grabbing her ribs.

P.P.S.S.  Maybe I’ll find another really good smell someday.

P.P.P.S.S.S.  I’ll let you know if I do!



11 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Green Stuff

  1. They’re mutts – they’re all mutts. Even big dollar ones are just mutts and would do the same.
    People just don’t understand do they Boomer.
    Just wait til you start eating the corn out of – – – oh never mind.


  2. Oh Boomer, Bug (the chihuahua) here. I find stinky ooky stuff to roll in, too, and my mom hates it. She told me that even cute little doggies still will be dogs! She’s right! Isn’t it fun to get dirty and stinky??? I don’t always like being a foo-foo dog!


  3. Sorry to hear you are not quite right, I know all about that. Shame on you Boomer making your owner have to work when she’s sore. Hope you are better soon, and the weather holds so you can get the rest of your crops in….up…. how do you say that anyhow?


  4. Linda, I just finished reading The Dog’s Purpose, so Boomer’s adventures were twice as funny to me today. The worst dog I ever had for rolling in things was a Yorkshire Terrier. He loved to roll in poo, and then in the stickers. He’d come back with stickers poking out all over and whining about it, and when I’d try to pull the stickers out that’s when I’d find the base coat of poo. Needless to say, most of the 11 years I had him, this “ranch” dog had a short haircut.


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