The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—It’s Summer Time

And the living is getting easy!


First things first, Mom says: “Our boy left today.”  But for a small space in time I got to be petted and loved on by the two girls.  The littlest one had broken the ball in her elbow and wasn’t feeling very well (they had been to camp and she fell off the top bunk during the night).


I understand about bad limbs…I blew my knee out again.  It’s been taking lots of time to heal this time.  Mom says it’s because I’m elderly, now, so healing takes longer.

Nap time

I’ve been sleeping lots and lots so my knee WILL heal. (Mom says I’m silly sleeping like I do in the dog house.  She makes me come in so I will lay flat.)


Mom rubs DMSO on it once a day.  I really like how it makes my knee feel.  Afterwards…like in about an hour, I usually feel good enough to go outside and do ‘doggie things’—you know sniff around and gather up all the news in the farm yard.

Backing-upYesterday Dad was gone so it was just Mom and I doing the irrigation. I actually felt good enough to go with her.  I had just been wagging my tail and watching her drive off, but not today.


Today I beat her to her four-wheeler and waited for her to get there and lift me up so I could GO!


I even wanted down so I could check out everything going on, on the farm!


Mom said she was “DELIGHTED” I was feeling much better!





The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Things to be Doing


“Hurry up, Boom!  We’ve got things we need to be doing!”  Mom patted her leg and took off at a good clip of a walk.

Huh?!  Hurry! UP!?  That only means one thing… we are going somewhere!

Yep, Mom lifted my up on the back of the four-wheeler, waited a spell.  Dad was moving the tractor with the loader out of its shed, which is right behind where Mom and Dad park their four-wheelers.

GoingThen Dad took off going one direction and Mom and I headed to the Back Forty!

Soon as we were up where we were going mom gave me the talk: (I get the talk EVERYTIME, okay…Mom go ahead, get it over with so I can go do my stuff) “Don’t roll in anything stinky or nasty, Boomer.  Or you won’t get to sleep inside tonight!  Also, come when I call or you hear my four-wheeler start…there will be a treat for you when we get back home.”


TREAT!  I love TREATS, so I really, really, really, try hard to remember to come when mom calls or the four-wheeler starts.  I really do TRY hard!!!!


So anyway, Mom started doing whatever it was she wanted to do up there and I took OFF! There so many things to sniff and smell!


Fun things to look upon and interesting animals….sniff, sniff….badger… porcupine—hum, don’t go that way…once quilled is enough for me.  Let’s see the swamp is full of Red-winged blackbirds…Pheasants, doves, quails…ah so much to learn ab…..

HUH!!! Do I hear Mom calling?  Maybe…I’ll go in a minute or so…sniff, sniff… OH!  The four-wheeler is starting up…HURRY! I got to hurry or I won’t get a treat….HURRY!!!



Yumm—dog cookie!

Humm, mom is back outside and has her purse… “Come on, Boom! Let’s go to town.”


TOWN!  Oh, boy! TOWN!


Gosh, this has been a great day…and it isn’t even noon yet!

Wonder what the afternoon is going to bring!




The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—News of Our Work


We are finishing up lots of things now…Lots of stuff.

I love this time of year!  There is Always something to do…sorta like spring.  Only opposite.  In the spring we are ‘putt’n stuff in the ground’ and in the fall we are taking stuff OFF the ground. 🙂


So far we’ve had really pretty nice weather…blue skies and slight breezes.  Keeps the heat and the bugs off a dog.  And er, my people also.


We are still irrigating…that’s the best part for me.

Corn-Tunnel I sniff out the news in the corn tunnels,


check for interesting things in the alfalfa field….I saw where a snake shed its skin.  Looked like a pretty big snake to me!


The raccoons keep coming in my yard at night.  I chase them off…there is NO room for a raccoon in our yard…they can have the whole farm, but NOT my yard!


I like to run as fast as I can in the fields…I don’t know a dog out there that doesn’t like to run and feel his ears flapping on his head…makes a dog feel free!

Scout-and-WillowMy sister, Shannon, has a new member to her family…Scout, the pinto horse.  He is really a neat horse…although, I AM a tad afraid of him…I’ve never been around a horse IN MY LIFE!   Now Willow, one of Shannon’s cats, LOVES Scout…they do all sorts of things together…I like to hover way over there (somewhere Not close) and just watch…Scout seems so BIG!


We have a cool spider in the yard…it makes a NET for a web.  I haven’t seen the spider yet, but I keep looking.


The bean harvest is done.  We are still chasing water’, as Fuzzy used to say,


Fuzzy lives over the rainbow bridge now, Mom and I still miss him loads.


I have the bestest life in the whole wide world!  Running Free, riding on the four-wheeler with Mom, gathering news, gosh, just so many great things to do every day!


Lucky We Are—Sunday, August 16, 2015

Getting-ReadIt is Linky turn to stay the week with us.  (That is one reason I got my days mixed up and didn’t have the Adventures with Boomer on Friday post 🙂 )

GoShe is learning how to drive the four-wheeler,

set23and can now set siphon tubes right along with Terry and I.

zThe days are going fast…there has been time with all the aunts and uncles and her very best friend in the whole wide world.  I’m sure she has had some boring times, but she says no.

As for Grandpa and I just having her with us is never boring.

Your friend,


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Calf Check

In a small break in the weather, meaning no snow and a melt of sorts, (But no sun) Mom, Dad and I loaded up on the four-wheelers and headed out to check the cows and calves.



If you look where the big white arrow is pointing you will see a tiny calf.  Mom has her baby all snuggled up and warm against here body.



See the brand new baby trying to get up.  Mom just gave birth here.

All the cows are really tame, we can drive through them (slowly) and they never spook. I ride all the time, because just seeing me trotting alongside WOULD spook them.  Mom says I have to stay right next to her.


This one is hidden behind the equipment at the equipment storage area.

Mr. Davis and his daughter check them twice a day, sometimes three times a day always, always making sure the moms and babies are doing okay.  If there is one that is having trouble Mr. Davis and Theresa load them up and take them back to their really nice barn on the ranch.

For us, Mom, Dad and Myself, Boomer the Beagle,—we go out on the off-times to makes sure all is well.  Just this morning we heard the coyotes moving around in the cows, never a good thing.

Minutes-OldSo far all is right with our world.



A Small Set Back—Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pink-4The first thing we had a small set back…the starter failed.  (Well, not the first thing, the first thing –just before light–Terry took the corn down to the elevator.  Arriving back around 11 a.m. was the first time he could get back into the field!)

That is what happens when you use old equipment, although Terry does keep them in good working order you just never know when some part is going to break. The kids laugh because we have a ‘herd’ of combines.  That ‘herd’ comes in handy every now and again!  🙂 🙂



Boomer and I went out to help him…(it’s one reason he keeps other combines around…for parts). My stead…just incase he needed me to pull start him.  Usually I go out on the four-wheeler, but with something broken down you just never know.  The loader is also a good place to carry parts and chains (if you have to pull, say—a combine.)


Then an hour later…every system was go!  The second load of the day left at 1:30 for the elevator.    Gradually, gradually this corn is GOING to turn into a paycheck!


Keep on smiling…two more weeks to go!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm in the middle of corn harvest,



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Green Stuff

I hate to admit it, but I got in trouble.

Well, not a lot of trouble.

But trouble all the same.

See it all started with Mom not being able to do much…if Mom doesn’t go anywhere, Fuzzy doesn’t either.

After two days of no walks, no rides on the four-wheeler and no trips to town…well….see…


I got bored!

Heck, man!  I’m only 4 or 5 years or so and there is a still lot to see and do out there.  To top that all off Hank/Puff is 2 years old so he is ALWAYS ready to go see and do.

It was Tuesday last week.  Tuesday is when Hank and Tally come up and spend the day with us.  Mom does something called Grammy School, and then she and Tally usually have to come outside and do something for or with Dad.  (That is what I wait for…doing stuff with Dad.)  I don’t go with Dad because he is usually on something big…hay swather, combine, huge truck so if you go with him there is no room to ride which means you have to run alongside all the time and well, that gets boring.  Up the field, then down the field, then up the field…you get the picture.

Now if you go with Mom she usually has to do something for Dad that requires waiting.  The waiting thing is what I LIKE!!!  She and Fuzzy wait (and Tally, if along) and I go out and see what news is out there with my really good sniffing nose.   If Hank/Puff is along he likes to scare up stuff—birds, rabbits, mice, and oh! Joy! Of Joys!  Squirrels!  Then we give chase!  It’s like ever so wonderful!

So Tuesday came, Tally showed up with Hank/Puff.  I waited.  Hank and I waited.  Fuzzy took a nap.  He always takes really long naps.

Boy, did we ever wait.

We waited so long I could smell lunch cooking…ummmmmmm  yummy good smells….I just sat there with a big goofy grin on my face when my tongue rolled out of my mouth and I drooled on the ground.

Hank laughed at me.

Shoot! I couldn’t help it …people food is wonderful!

Then Dad was in, then back out.

Dad said that Mom was resting today, boys.  She isn’t feeling up to much stuff.

Man…this sitting around was getting old.

So I asked Hank if he would like to go out to the bean field and see what Dad was doing and maybe hit the back pasture to see if we could see anything up there.

Off we went.  No one seemed to miss us.  I didn’t think we would be gone very long.

I knew we had to be back BEFORE Mom and Tally went down the lane to get the kids off the bus, she would miss us if we weren’t there to run down the lane with her.

The pasture was heaven!  HEAVEN!  We smelled raccoon tracks, deer wallows, chased up several kinds of birds and lots and lots of rabbits.  What a heavenly good time we had.

On the way back, just across the bridge of the little pond, over by the hill going up to the Chico patch, where the coyotes sometimes hang out I FOUND IT!!!

Oh! What a wonder!

And I found it BEFORE HANK!

A big green pile of something so wonderfully dead it was not just green it was emerald green!  Oh, yeah the flies had found it too, but WHAT THE HECK!  IT WAS JUST WONDERFUL!

I sniffed all around it…then I lay right down on top of it and rolled all over it it……………….


I rolled again and again. I squished up my back and squiggled all down the back of my backbone, and then I drug my collar and chin through it just as Hank came up.

He was so disappointed.

I had every last gooey bit of rotten wonder stuck to my whole body.

He almost cried he was so disappointed.

He did try to roll around in the sort of grease spot that was left there, but I had it ALL!

ALL! Mind you ALL!


We got home just in time.  Mom was firing up the four-wheeler, Fuzzy was loaded up and so was Tally and they were heading down the lane to the bus stop.  We ran right alongside of them, they were none the wiser.

When we stopped Mom said: “Boomer!  You Stink!  YUCK!  Just look at you!”

“Pretty darn neat, don’t ya think?”  I grinned at her.

Then I did a little swirly dance so she could see how really lovely I was.

Then Talley started saying pee-u, ick!

Mom was going to get mad at me…I could see it in her face, but the bus drove up.


Then Bladen and Linkin started in about how it stinks out here.  So I ran over to them and did a really good twirl so they could see my new green color.

Well, anyway…to make a long story short.

I had to have a bath.  I got hosed down in the yard first.  Then I was dumped in the kiddy pool, which still didn’t satisfy Mom, so I had to go inside and have a bath with all types of soap in the tub.

Afterwards I was pronounced clean.



P.S.  It was really a cool smell, but you will just have to take my word for it.  I don’t want to go through 4 washings again just so Mom doesn’t gag all over the place all the while chewing me out, laughing and grabbing her ribs.

P.P.S.S.  Maybe I’ll find another really good smell someday.

P.P.P.S.S.S.  I’ll let you know if I do!


History Really Does Repeat Itself

Many years ago I used to walk all the way down the lane to the bus stop, the family dogs with me, to wait for the kids to get off the bus and tell me about thier day at school.

Who would have thought that many years later I would get the same opportunity, only this time I would ride the four-wheeler down, with two dogs amd the littlest grandchild?  We wait at the end of the lane, tossing pebbles in the irrigation ditch, looking for bugs, and finding pretty stones until the bus comes.

Then a fast trip down the little dirt road to an after school snack, fun for Grammy conversation, a little down-time until 5:00 p.m.  Then its homework time and usually Dad is home to get the kids.

I like the fact that this history did repeat itself.


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —How It Really Is

Boom, Mom and I were out in the corn field picking corn; it was starting to get really hot.  I was hot, but I wasn’t about to leave Mom.  So I just sat waiting in the shade of the four-wheeler.  Boomer was off sniffing smells.  That kid can get lost sniffing smells.  Sometimes I follow him around, but mostly I like to sit in the shade while Mom gets her load of corn.

After we get all the corn we are going to get Mom loads me up on the four-wheeler and off we go.  Boomer runs along beside, behind, or way out front.  Today he was way out front.  Way out there, running so fast I lost sight of him.

When we got to the start of the yard we could see and hear Boomer baying and spinning in circles like there was something neat in the yard…there was…Shannon had come (also the boys and Houston).  Not only were they there, but Shannon had unloaded the whole kit and caboodle.  They were sitting on the lawn talking to Dad.

Mom and I jumped off the four-wheeler and headed over to the party, Boomer, of course, was already there.

“Hi, Houston, gosh it’s good to see you!”  It’s really nice you get to get out and be on the lawn. Heck, gosh! It’s really just well….nice!”

I pushed Boomer out of the way…excuse me Boom I’ll handle this.

I looked up into her face and my heart began to pound…My goodness that woman was beautiful!

“Houston, may I welcome you to the farm!  Before you got here the day was long and hot, now that you are here I can see the sun is shining just for you.”

“Well, aren’t you nice?”  She smiled at me.  “Thank you.”

I heard a growl.

“Was that you, Hou-Bug?”

“Why, no Fuzzy, it must have been one of the boys.”

The boys…I forgot all about the boys!

There they were hanging out with Shannon, on leashes so they wouldn’t go mark anything.  Also, so Dad would feel more comfortable.  Makes me feel more at ease also, Boomer also agrees.

“Oh, Hi, Boys.”

They just looked at me.  I felt as significant as a bug of some sort.

So I tried to get right in their faces to make them look at me…Shannon just grabbed my collar and pulled me over to her.  That was okay…I really like getting pets from Shannon. Heck she does Doggie Massages so her pets are reallllllllllllllllllllllly wonderful!

Boomer was very alarmed, kept baying the RED ALERT until Dad said…. “That’s enough, Boom! Stop it Now!”  He stopped and went over to Mom and hovered by her chair.  Then he got up an moseyed around sniffing the ground.  His attention span is really short.

I was so busy watching Boomer that I forgot that the love of my life was not far from me…maybe just about three feet.

“Hello, Fuzzy.” Houston said in that soft honey voice of hers.  “Boomer’s real cute, isn’t he?”


I looked at her for a long time and then I looked over at Boomer.  Boomer was ignoring all of us, sniffing for some sort of news or something.

Cute?  I couldn’t believe she said such a thing.

I thought I had better let her know how I felt so I told her that I thought she was the most beautiful dog in the whole world.

“Oh my,…” she exclaimed with very wide eyes.

“What is it, My Dear?  Is something bothering you?’

Well….I’m sorry you sweet little dog, but my heart belongs to Rocky.”

I was stunned.  I felt like I had been hit on the head with a rock, well I guess in a way I had.”

I got up to leave, but Shannon reached over and started petting me.


Oh, well.  I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.  When I really look at it, I think I have the best of life, Mom, Dad, Boomer, a couple of cats, but they don’t count.  And, once in a while, Shannon comes over and pets me and gives me doggie massages.  When you get right down to it, I don’t think it WAS Houston at all, it was those wonderful Doggie Massages.  I just mixed it all together and thought it was Houston.  Outside of Bella she is the only female dog in the family pack.