The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Poop

Now most people never talk about poop.  Maybe Doctors and Nurses do but real people in the world really don’t talk about poop.

Cats don’t talk about poop.  They get all embarrassed and go off and hide whenever poop is in the making, they even make sure and cover the whole subject up.

As far as I know I have never heard of a cow, or horse or goat or pig or even a chicken give any thought at all to poop.  They eat…there is poop.  That’s it. They just move on.

Now dogs, which are what this story is all about, understand poop.

Well, at least most of us do.

So dogs everywhere—-listen up!!!!

If you see cow poop, no matter how good it smells……

No matter that it may or may not have little bits of undigested corn in it…..

You just DO NOT EAT the poop!

OF COURSE that is how your people will feel about you eating the poop….you won’t.

You will love eating the poop!

You will want to eat as much of it as you can!

But don’t!

After you eat you WILL throw up!

Usually, by the time you throw up you will be in your car heading back to the city, or at your house as you are running up the stairs to bounce on the bed with your family.

I promise you.


Trust me.

Just give the poop a really good sniff and that is all.

No, stop!






When the s *#t comes down, err, up… remember I warned you!

Green grass helps.


Works to settle most any stomach….

Oh, yes! By the way.  I gave up poop when I was a pup.  It just wasn’t worth the stomach ache afterwards.



16 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Poop

  1. Bug here, Fuzzy. You are one smart dog – you have to whip those young’uns into shape. I like poop, too. Cow poop. But my momma gets really mad if I eat it. She says cute little chihuahuas should not want to eat poop or roll in it or even smell of it…


  2. Rolling on the floor LAUGHING! Yes, dogs are the connoisseurs of poopy and dead smells. Even rolling in such things seems to make people and even some other creatures show much disapproval. So does barfing. Glad you learned your lesson Fuzzy.


  3. Rusty needs to read this post! I have to be on guard everytime he goes outside as he will even try the goat and rabbit poop. Now Tinker loves to roll in it… yuck! Have a very blessed weekend!


  4. Fuzzy,
    I passed your words of wisdom along to Sweet Cleo.
    She assures me that cow poop has been off her menu for many years.
    However, she maintains the firm belief that deer poop, in moderation, can be tolerated.
    As her mother, I would strongly disagree…


  5. Oh, Fuzzy, I love your writing. We had a dog once who was smart and wise, like you, and took good care of us, like you….. but she never learn about cat poop. We loved her anyway!!


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