The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Pheasant Hunting Season

Finally!  Mom and Dad are home!

They have been super busy, super busy!  Which suits me just fine…I like being busy.  Fuzzy says we are busy but really we aren’t.

Here’s how our day went when Mom and Dad were in Texas.  Sleep until Misty and Tally came up to do the chickens….hang out with them for a while.  Then they would leave and Fuzzy and I would sleep again.  Fuzzy would pick out a spot in the sun somewhere and doze off.  I like to jump on top of the dog houses and sleep there.  It’s all nice and cuddly and warm, the sun hits and warms everything up.

Then I would sort of mosey around but I never went too far, because I knew Fuzzy would miss me. Then later, way later, in the day Blade would come over with Puff/Hank and they would do the chickens…gather the eggs and put the chickens to bed for the night and throw some hay over to the cows.

Mom and Dad were gone 4 days….an eternity!  On the third day I begged really, really, hard to get to go home with Mom-mom and Tally so they let me.  (Fuzzy didn’t want to go)


While Fuzzy slept in the sun Puff/Hank and I P.L.A.Y.E.D. everywhere.  I came home with Blade in the evening.  The next morning when Mom-mom came up I hopped into the truck, because I WAS going home with them again!

Then Mom and Dad came back!  Which is just wonderful, you see.  They’ve been doing lots of stuff in the kitchen and the bathroom and we have been without water for a couple of days, something about the hot water tank leaked and caused the bathroom vinyl to come up and the underneath wood to get really soaked.  A new hot water tank had to be bought, new carpet laid down…but Mom saved lots of water so we didn’t have to go thirsty.

I think they are about done with the water because we rode down twice to the end of the lane to turn the water off and turn it on.  Now Dad says he has to haul hay down to the elevator as they are out and want some more.  Then maybe, just maybe, on Friday Dad plans on combining corn.  He had a flat tire on the combine, but he took it town and got it fixed so plans are still on for Friday.

We all will help with that, but all the other stuff comes first, Dad says.

Today is Friday the 11th, on the 12th Pheasant Hunting season starts.  Since none of us had checked fences for a while or even checked on the cows for a time we all headed off to do so.  Mom and Dad don’t let hunters hunt on our property anymore.  There was a time when they did, but not anymore.

Dad says too many people have left gates down, climbed over fences and broken down the fences, shot at the cows, and even walked down the canal and shot close to the barn to even begin to think about letting hunters back on the place.

(Besides there really aren’t many pheasants left in our area.  Too many fox and coyotes!  They eat the eggs and they eat the birds!  I know because I’ve been sniffing out the sad tale now for the year I’ve lived here.)

We headed out, but had to stop; as our neighbor was moving his cows down from the plateau to his winter pasture…he said the cows were eating snowballs up there.  Made us all laugh.  The cows said it was true; they were super glad to see food again.

Fuzzy and explored along the corn fields,

there were a couple of lose wires that had to be fixed so the folks worked on those.

The wind had blown some big weeds into the electric fence which had to be picked off; we explored some more while they did that.

Fuzzy pretty much had to ride with Mom —  he would get way too tired.  Still Mom would put him off and let him run around while they worked.

When we got home the moon was coming up….WOW! Sure was a pretty moon! The last time we had a full moon Sissy Coyote came calling, but we all checked out the known dens (yes there are two for sure) and it looks like they have left our farm.

I sure hope so!  Dad said…we’ll see, we’ll see.

Anyway, nothing happened last night.  Except it got really cold around  8*, I stayed in my dog house all snug and warm.

It was dark when Mom gets up…I wonder why she gets up so early.  Oh, yes…to get the fire started in the woodstove.

The moon was just going to sleep but she came out anyway with her camera, she said she wants a good photo of the moon.

I think she got one.  She took one at night and one in the morning.  I don’t care if she is outside with the camera that just means I get to go and do something with her.

Then we all went inside and had a good snuggle around the fire.  It got too hot for Fuzzy so he headed outside.  I thought I could just stay inside and keep myself cool by panting.

That didn’t work.

Still everything is good, I helped Mom rake and I tried to catch mice that were sneaking into the chicken house.

Then I rode in the wheelbarrow as Mom hauled wood to the house.  I jumped out when Sam the Cat smirked at me.  Mom caught Sam and made him ride then.  He did too. Rode all the way to the house on a load of wood!

Smarty pants cat!

Well, hang on to your ears as pheasant season starts Saturday!!  (I’ll lay bones to hamburger Fuzzy tried to hide in his dog house or to make a dash to get into the house when the guns start going off.)


14 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Pheasant Hunting Season

  1. I stopped all hunting on our property about 10 years ago for the same reasons, plus I got shot at once and that was enough for me. The new generation of hunters just don’t understand the responsibilities that go along with the privilege…which they consider a “right.” (“I don’t have no place to hunt in the city.”)

    There are very few pheasants or quail on our property. There are lots of doves, I think dove season must have started this morning, there were shots before the sun came up. What’s the point of shooting doves? There’s more meat on a chicken hot dog and it costs a lot less than ammo, and shooting holes in the power lines. And what would happen if there were actually “too many” doves? Or pheasants, or quail for that matter. Have monstrous flocks of them ever bothered anything?


  2. Hey Boomer, sounds like you and Fuzzy took good care of the farm while your Mom and Dad were in Texas. I’m sure they are proud of you!!!


  3. Oh How I love the Fuzzy and Boomer posts… I am sure that they missed Mom and Dad…. One of your sayings made me giggle. Haven’t heard “Mosey around” in years and years… LOVE it!!!

    Sorry about the water heater and damage…. Dang it!!!!! That’s not sometime to come home to after a short vacation….

    Great pictures of the moon…. Hope your coyotes are GONE…..

    Good luck to the pheasants!!!!


  4. You really keep busy, Boomer! You are sure smart to pick out a good place to live. Your family is smart to not allow hunters. Too many of them have bad manners. Watch out for them for sure.

    That first photo looks like a painting from a fancy gallery! Did you and Fuzzy howl at that big moon?


  5. Hi Boomer, Bug here. I hate when my mommy and daddy are gone. Grandma usually dogsits me and she won’t let me off my leash outside. We have a new cat here AND a new dog named Gypsy. She tries to chase me and my mommy has to grab her collar. We hear the coyotes here at night too. I’m glad your mom and dad have you and Fuzzy to keep that Sissy Coyote away. You have a really job taking care of your place there. Sorry the pheasants are about gone. I bet they are fun to chase…


  6. Boomer, sounds like you had a good time while Mom and Dad were here visiting me!! You have been really, really busy since they got home. I still have coyotes to bark at here…too many of them! Your mom took great pictures of the moon…don’t ya just love full moon nights?! I don’t sleep much on those nights.
    Tell Fuzzy ‘hi’ for me. I like to sleep alot, too, so guess Fuzzy and I are a lot alike. I did enjoy playing with your dad, tho, that was cooooool! I look forward to hearing from you next Friday!
    Your friend,


  7. Boomer, you sure kept busy while Mom and Dad were in Texas. It’s too bad you couldn’t have prevented the water heater leak, but then you can’t do everything. I hope you get through pheasant hunting season without too much excitement. I also think that Mom got a couple of good pictures of the moon.


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