The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Hunting Mice

Nothing new here…still cold; and I do mean C.O.L.D.

Mom has put a heat lamp in the chicken house (red, because if you don’t put red in the chickens will peck on each other…Chickens are NOT very smart!  Mom says that isn’t true, she says she thinks chickens are like people and treat each other just like groups of people treat each other.)  She also hooked up the electric water heater for the chicken water tank.  Dad has the cow water from freezing.  The only thing that freezes now is our water dish, but Mom keeps a really close eye on it.

It’s so cold now that we sleep in the house….YIPEEE!!!  Hoo Ray!!

I like sleeping in the house, so does Boomer.

Mom has to keep a really close eye on us there, because we get lazy and don’t want to go outside and ‘do our duty’.  We’ve both been ‘trained’ but who likes to have bodily fluids freeze as it leaves your body?

Boomer said I exaggerated but when you’re advanced in age, that’s what it feels like.  Frozen….well you know what I mean.

It’s really nice having Mom home.  This is the first time in my whole life that I’ve lived here that Mom has been home all day long.  (She goes to town sometimes, but that isn’t very long.  Before she would leave before day break and get back after dark…she was gone a long, long time.)

The day warms up pretty slow.  Last night the cold air was around 8* and just before the sun came up it was 6*, but the day will warm up.  It got up to 40* yesterday afternoon.

Something we all do now that Mom is home ALL THE TIME is go for a walk.  We walk all over the farm, she says it’s good for me…keeps my bones working.  We go slow, Mom and I, Boomer runs all over the place clear up there and clear over there, back to where Mom and are.  Sometimes Mom walks a little too fast for me, but she is always waits for me to catch-up.

There are lots of things to see and smell so it takes me awhile.

The coyotes are back!   Mom got a little weird out because we were walking through the equipment storage area when two coyotes ran right by us.  She said she guess it is so cold they are hunting in the day time.

Boomer and I have met Freddy Fox…he is new to the farm.  So we have lots of critters visiting us…raccoons, skunks, coyotes, and foxes…so Mom bought a solar critter light to protect the chicken house and pen.

But one of the very best part of winter, besides getting to be in the house all most all the time…sleeping in the mud room, hanging by the fireplace…



It’s ever so much fun!



12 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Hunting Mice

  1. Dear Fuzzy,
    I like staying in the house also even though my bones are not that old. Tripper and I use to play a game of tag in mom and dad’s big bedroom for exercise. Tripper’s gone now and I’m sad. Dad is talking about how I need a puppy to play with. I think I’d like that. Mom is not so keen on the idea but dad thinks she’ll come around. She is worried that I’ll become neurotic, whatever that is. I’ve decided to look at her with sad eyes then maybe she’ll get me a puppy.

    See ya,


  2. It got down to 3 here last night Boomer. Have any jack rabbits and do you ever get an occasional rat? If not that’s okay cuz some can be big and real mean. Don’t let them coyotes ambush you and Boomer. They’re better at that than your new fox.


  3. I need to borrow your mouser. The garter snake that was hanging out in my hay pile has gone off to sleep for the winter and those danged mice are cuddled up right under the tarp to stay warm. When I pull the tarp off, they just squeak at me to put it back. They don’t even move, it’s insulting. It got down to 29 here at night this week and I thought we’d all die. We’re such sissies in California. Now I’ve read your blog, with all that snow falling on my monitor, I need to go get a cup of warm coffee.


  4. Hee hee I love this quote: “but who likes to have bodily fluids freeze as it leaves your body?”

    My naked dogs agree AND they say, who wants to go out in the cold with no fur and look at their Mom like she should try it if she thinks it is so easy! 🙂

    The fireplace is wonderful too isn’t it. MTWaggin kids are happy it is Friday and Mom will “fire up” the stove. Stay warm!


  5. Dear Fuzzy, You and Boomer better listen to your mama —and stay away from the Coyotes and Foxes…. Looking for a mouse is okay—but stay away from those bitter guys….

    You two had better quit complaining about the COLD COLD COLD weather… Remember that you won’t be able to sleep inside when it gets warmer…

    Tell you Mom and Dad to stay WARM…


  6. Morgan says that she wants to hunt mice too! Well, maybe tomorrow? She is busy sleeping. On these cold days the best thing is to be by the wood stove all warm and cozy. Have fun chasing mice and take good care of your Mom. Bye, from Morgan


  7. Hi Fuzzy! It’s cold here, too. My mom got us a heated bed, but now I have to share it with the 3 cat friends!! I guess they want to keep warm, too, but they don’t have to lay on TOP of me, do they?! If it warms up I may chase some mice, but haven’t seen any recently. The coyotes drive me nuts, tho! They always yip and howl at the train whistle during the night and wake me and mom up. Then I just HAVE to go out and bark at them to shut up! Mom sometimes gets upset 😦

    Keep warm and enjoy the porch. My nice warm bed is in the garage, just where I like it.
    Your friend, Lucky


  8. Hey, Fuzzy. Sorry to be late answering your blog. I learn SO much from you!! I did not know about red lights in the chicken house or solar lights to protect the animals. You and Boomer stay warm!!


  9. Dear Fuzzy,

    Will you please come hunt mice in my garage? There are a couple wiley ones living in there that my cats haven’t been able to catch yet. I think the mice know when cat predators are about and hide really, really well. Perhaps they wouldn’t recognize dog scents as “predator” and you could catch them. In return, I can offer you warmer weather of up to 50* and barely freezing at night. I would also let you sleep inside in exchange during your visit. I would be ever so grateful if you could get rid of those pesky mice! I am so afraid they’ll get my horse tack before I can be rid of them.

    Thank you.




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