The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Out for a Ride

Our snow didn’t last very long.  Well, let me rephrase that…the sky snowed all day and part of the night, but the next day warmed up to 35* so it all melted.  (—except for the stuff that was left from December and is frozen solid to the ground!)

Then the temperatures dropped back down to around 28-30*.  Cold enough Boomer and I stayed inside most of the time.

Mom said she was getting cabin fever so we all had to go outside.

Darn it.

I like just lying around and sleeping by the fire.

Boomer sleeps right next to the fire, but I don’t.  I sleep on the back porch where it’s cool enough I don’t start panting and Mom makes me go outside to cool down.  For the record, if Boomer starts panting he has to go outside also.

Anyhoo, Mom was feeling house bound so we all took off for a ride on the open fields.  I ride with Mom.  It’s hard to jump up anymore, but Mom lifts me up and away we go.

Boomer loves to run, so he gets to run.

Everything was ever so much fun!

When we got back, Dad had company.  The neighbor down the road had ridden his four-wheeler over and his dog, Pepper came with him.

I hope Dad doesn’t see what Pepper did…Pepper will get really yelled at.

This is Boomer, Dad won’t yell at Pepper, because Pepper isn’t his dog, but Dad will NOT be happy, let me tell you.  Then we dogs will get a real talking too about NOT PEEING ON THE SAME SPOT!

Sure is hard to not add our smell to Pepper’s we try really hard to wait until Dad leaves and goes someplace else and can’t see us.

I guess you know what happened when Dad when in the house.


Fuzzy and Boomer


15 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Out for a Ride

  1. Oh, you bad boys! But, it’s all about pride and defending what is yours! Pepper had no right to pee on something that didn’t belong to him…especially when it wasn’t on his own property. Shame on him!


  2. Oh those doggies…
    I will have my Grand dog for a week next month. This will be her second time and she was so good the first time I don’t mind having her again. I will have two of the Granddaughters three of those days…oh my (o:
    Love the court house stories and pictures.
    By the way..are you still writing. I decided to get serious about writing family stories. My 9 year old Granddaughter gets such a kick out of reading them.
    We have had WARM (60 degrees) days lately.


  3. All in the day of a happy dog! Sneaky too!
    Like the pictures of your farmstead as it ells what your farm is about. So I can be sneaky like the dogs only I don’t make a mess.


  4. Good post today, boys. I know what you did when your dad went in the house but I won’t tell!! I’d like a little…. notice I said little…. bit of snow in Oklahoma. Stay safe and warm. Tell your mom the pictures are wonderful I love that blue sky.


  5. I’ll send you some snow boys! Hey tell Mom I put her on my blog with a Leibster award. If she wants to play she can see the rules there, if not that is okay too, just wanted her to know she is special as are you!


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