January 30, 2012

Finally!  The end of January is approaching.  Winter is gradually giving way, although we have at least all of February if not part of March.

The days are getting longer, which always helps with the winter-time blahs.

I’ve decided that I want to  take a photo of the trees each month at the same time …there should be an awaking as we move closer and closer to spring.

Here is the cottonwood and the weeping willow on this last day of January!

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12 thoughts on “January 30, 2012

  1. What a great idea! It will be interesting to see the buds swell and turn color… and finally pop!
    We have some sort of bulb pushing leaves up and one of my mum’s has decided to start growing!
    I’ll have to protect them if/when we get more cold weather!


  2. Yes winter is coming closer to an end and spring is on it’s way but don’t get too over anxious because there’s still some rough stuff to come. For us we don’t expect any real change until the first of April. Our mud and frost leaving the ground is still a long way off.


  3. What a wonderful idea! I may join you — this would be a fun “Friday fences” type of post. You could call it Tuesday Trees — or something. …I think I’ve had too much coffee. I’m blathering away…


  4. What a nice idea! I too stood out in the yard today and welcomed the passing of one of my least favorite months. The weather is pretty decent here and it was nice to see the sun for a bit.


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