Frost Early This Year — Monday, November 4, 2019

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The remnants of Summer freeze-dried right on the trees, with that nasty storm last week. (As you can see the bright gold of Autumn barely started)

The moisture in the corn zipped down to harvest levels.  Although our renters have not started harvesting on our place

The alfalfa fields are just starting to show signs of turning brown…it takes alfalfa a long time to lose its green color.

Moon and one star

The chill of winter already upon the land.  Methinks we are in for a long, long winter.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




My May Post on Trees

My monthly post is a tad bit late….I had to do the History post on Thursday and what would Friday be like with out Fuzzy and Boomer …. a wee bit lonely I do believe…so here is my tree post today June 2, 2012

Lots and lots of lovely shade giving green leaves.

And as a delightful blog friend   Ceclia, from New Zealand, now living and farming in America says: “A bendy tree day”!

If you get a chance zip on over and visit Ceclia…you will meet Momma Sheep, several little pigs, a cow who is going to calf any moment and beautiful Kupa, not to mention all the wonderful chickens.

For those of you who love to cook, she is a delightful cook, sharing recipes will all of us.

This is such a lovely time of year!



My last post for March will be my trees.  I’m taking a photo of the same trees and posting them on the last day or close to the last day of the month so you can see the progression of leaves on the trees.  If you would like to see February’s go here.

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The leaves are starting to appear.  Today we had 80* weather.  A bitter cold spring snow storm is supposed to blow into night, stay all day Sunday and leave us sometime late Monday night.

Then we will start to warm back up.

Terry is finishing rolling so the ground won’t pack IF we do get moisture.


Sunday Stills—Trees

This lucky assignment happened just in the nick of time.  I was going to post my February Trees (I’m taking photos of the same trees at the same time every month—just so I can see the movement of the seasons.)

So here it is the last Sunday of the month and the Sunday Stills assignment is TREES!  YEA!

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My last post of these very same trees can be seen here complete with snow on the ground!

We are almost to March, not long now.  Terry said he will start farming in three weeks.  Lots of the big farmers are already working up the ground.


January 30, 2012

Finally!  The end of January is approaching.  Winter is gradually giving way, although we have at least all of February if not part of March.

The days are getting longer, which always helps with the winter-time blahs.

I’ve decided that I want to  take a photo of the trees each month at the same time …there should be an awaking as we move closer and closer to spring.

Here is the cottonwood and the weeping willow on this last day of January!

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