The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — The Canyon

Boom and I have been DYING to get to go somewhere, besides just here on the farm….you know—a mini-vacation.  By that I mean A RIDE IN THE BACK OF THE PICK-UP!

But it hasn’t been happening!

Yes, we’ve been to the upper end and to the back forty and over to bad burn and irrigating.

We have helped Mom in the yard and even road with Mom to deliver stuff to Uncle Evan’s (although we didn’t get to get out and see Zookie and Bella), but we have NOT got to go for a fun pick-up ride!

A pick-up ride to some place really cool with lots of new smells.

Mom did make her house-cat….Monkey…go outside and work with us in the yard a couple of days.

Boomer and Monkey like each other so they had fun until Monkey went back inside.

Sammy-Sam the outside cat doesn’t put up with Boomer and me very much so he’s no fun.

We just wanted to GO FOR A RIDE!!!!

We would beg and hop up (well, Boomer hopped up, I can’t hop anymore) and put on our happiest faces, even whapped the ground with our tails (well, Boomer whapped, I just wiggled mine).

Nothing was working!





Mom came out and asked if we wanted to go for a ride!

Yippppeeee!  Boy did We!

Dad and Mom gathered up a huge rope and a great big chain, put them in the back of the Dodge with us and headed down to the Canyon!


Couldn’t be a better place!

When we got there we saw why—Aunt Shannon had gotten her truck stuck in the spring river run off.

Dad got her right out.  Just a quick hook-up and pull.

And we went back home.

Boomer and I loved every second of it.

I sure hope we get to go again soon.

Mom, said she hopes the next trip to the canyon is NOT for something like this!





13 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — The Canyon

  1. Hey Fuzzy (and Boomer), Glad you two finally got your ride!!!! Sorry about Aunt Shannon’s truck–but glad that Dad could pull that truck out of the water…

    Monkey is a beautiful sister… I’ll bet she enjoyed being outside with you and Boomer awhile… Sorry that Sam/Sammie is not very friendly… Most outside cats aren’t though…

    I hope that the hawk hasn’t bothered the chickens anymore…


  2. Wow! That looks like quite an adventure. Good thing you got to go along. Good thing it ended so well. You’ll have to tell Monkey all about it. (that photo of the stuck truck is a winner)


  3. Nice post, Fuzzy!! I’m glad you had fun and that you were able to help, too. Take care of the farm and your mom and dad.


  4. years ago my dad drove his land rover across a stream and ended up floating down stream quite a ways

    beautiful countryside – interesting trip – is that water cold enough for trout to live in?

    David in Maine USA


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