Bubbles of Joy—-Thursday, May 26, 2016

Loch-Colorado-Farm-MonsterThe Monster at the Loch of Colorado Farm. He resides within the Standing Stones Garden.

1Everything comes at a price, they say.  Everything.

3But I wonder:  Does it have to be in pain, and sweat and tears!

Can’t the price be hope, and joy, and the belief in well-being?


Can’t it come through that most profound emotion called Love?


Why NOT approach everything in the belief that there is a stream of well-being in the world and be part of that stream?


I love the coolness and the sudden sense of relief the second I arrive in that place of “letting go”.   The letting go place is soothing, calming, and (to be very honest) Real!

Changing-Water-1Even if you don’t understand what I’m trying to say…that’s okay also.

CultivatingI much prefer this looking at the world in rose colored glasses, than any other kind.

Cooling-offMy wish for you today is find those things that raise your heart in happiness!

From my heart to your world,




One of Those Long Restless Nights—-Thursday, May 12, 2016


I had one of those long restless nights last night.

MonkYou know the kind, whereby you toss and turn, your mind going over all the things you need to do, things you wish you could have done better—everything and anything…

WarningThings that make you wake up in alarm, even though you didn’t think you were sleeping.

SamyEven a walk in the dark with Sam and Boomer left me restless and wide-awake—as if I had drank too much tea.october-dawn

Gradually along about 4 in the morning peace came over me.  The quiet of the night pushing me past the edge of restless dreams into real sleep. Of course first light was in an hour.  🙂

SunriseI get up at 5 in the morning.  Always.  Always.

Things are so much worse in the dark!

home-in-the-morning.jpgRoutine is such a part of contentment; night fears fade away.

From my world to your heart!






The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—A Walk with Monkey the Cat

Every day, Mom, myself, Monkey cat and sometimes the really old, old cat, Sammy-Sam —Sammy is 15 that is ancient for a cat! —go for a walk.

MM3Sometimes we go far, far, far, and sometimes not so far. Mom doesn’t like to walk far, far, far, with the cats, because cats can become FOOD!  Also, Monkey doesn’t stay with Mom and I, she is here and there and everywhere.  If we walk by the corn field, she runs into the still standing corn field.

Mom says the still standing corn field is a dangerous place for cats… fox like to live in the still standing corn field and the coyotes hide in the still standing corn field. Therefore, we don’t ever walk by the corn field if Monkey is with us.  Sammy usually doesn’t walk as far as the cornfields anymore anyway, so Mom doesn’t worry about Sam.

Monkey-1Yesterday we all went for a walk…Sammy stopped by the equipment shed saying he was going to hang around there and search for mice.  We all waved our paws good-bye, Mom gave Sam some really nice body rubs then we were off again.

MM1This time we walked along the, now, dry canal…Monkey LOVES the canal.  She likes walking in the canal looking for mice and other interesting things that hide in the grass.

I sometimes hop into the canal with her, but I much prefer sniffing along the bank and down the canal road.

Cross-Over-Ditch We usually walk all the way up to the Cross-Over Pipe.  Up there Mom lets us play on the pipe that crosses over the canal from one field to another field.  I walk very, very fast over the pipe my toe nails clicking the whole way…I try to move fast, because, well, toe nails and metal make for some slippery sliding times.

monkey-2.jpgSometimes Mom walks over and back with us.  We all laugh and have a great time.  Monkey runs across and doesn’t even think a think about it.

I try to sniff in the pipe holes, but Mom and Dad always cover them up so the skunks, raccoons, fox and other critters who like to den up can’t hunker down in the pipes.  Still I sniff, it’s interesting to see if anyone has tried to live in one of the pipes.

MM2Then we walk back home, sometimes fast (if it’s getting dark and colder) sometimes we take our time.  Either way, it works for me, and Monkey, just being outside with Mom is always fun.



The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Out on the Ditch Bank



Mom had to go help Dad over at the other place.  She went on the tractor so I didn’t get to go!  😦

Mom and Dad won’t let me run alongside either, they say I’m too old (I’m eleven now) and it would be way too long of a run so I get—“No, Boomer!  NO!  You stay here”!  Then Mom gives me a hug and a very stern look and off she goes.

BUT!  I always meet Mom when she comes home!  ALWAYS!  I meet Dad, also, but I don’t run down the road as far. 🙂

The fox are coming into the yard.  One had Sammy cornered.  Mom heard the racket and came running out of the house just in time to see the fox and Sammy in a standoff at the grain ben.  I chased the fox all the way to the upper end.  Whew!  Boy was I ever hot and tired when I got back.  Mom gave me a big bowl of cold water and a dog cookie.  I gobbled up the water and the cookie and took a Loooong nap.  I sure needed it.  (I might be old(er), but I can still do my job!)


Last night we scared Momma Deer and her Princess out of the corn field when we went up to change the water.  (Dad was a little disgusted, but at the same time we ALL liked seeing the little baby!)  Mom told me that today we will just take up more of the shelled corn and put it closer to where the deer are bedding down.


Everyone had a big laugh when I chased a mouse out of one of the siphon tubes.  It ran toward me and I sorta jumped.  BUT!!! No one jumped as much as Mom did when she put a siphon tube into the water and a vole rushed out of the end of the tube and over her hand!

Mom didn’t scream but she sure did lose the siphon tube in the ditch and run backwards for a short spell!!! 🙂

Early this morning we were just stirring around when the fox came back INTO THE yard and ran right by the kitchen window.  Monkey started growling low in her voice, Sam jumped up on the window sill, Mom and I hurried out the back door and Mom said “Get!” to the fox.  Which it did.

I didn’t chase the fox this time, he/she was going so fast there was no reason to give chase.


Well, there is my week. Doesn’t seem like much, but it sure is fun!

The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—When the Folks are Away

Don’t let anyone tell you there isn’t a very active night life on a farm or ranch…if you do let them tell you and you believe it —-YOU ARE WRONG!!! ♪♫❤♪♫❤


There is all sorts of activity.  Visits from the–


Tall, sleek, svelte

Pole Cat

Those reeking of perfume


Gorgeous and dangerous


A Monkey


Mischief makers


And those



who protect the place


Then Mom and Dad come Home…

YAY, I just report the news.  I let Sam protect the place.




The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Back Stop

Yesterday was a BLAST!!!

Sam-Sam, Monkey, Mom, Dad, and I all worked outside. The day was cold, but it felt nice to be outside ‘doing stuff’.


Dad was building another backstop for the hay. Since he expanded the acreage of alfalfa he also had to expand the hay yard.  First he dug post holes then he started nailing up the backstop wood.  Mom just held the wood, Dad does all the hard work, like digging the holes,



the tractor sets the poles, and Mom holds the wood in place.


Then Mom and I went for WALK!!! Actually I went for a jog/run/dash :).My-Sam

Sam-Sam came with us,



but Monkey hung out with Dad!


When we got back Dad and Mom loaded up an old cottonwood burr



to haul to the upper end.


Dad said it would make a nice home for some critter up there.

Then Mom and Dad cut up firewood and Mom hauled it to the house.  All the time they were busy — I checked out everything I could…the pipes, the ditches, deer tracks…you name it.



Sam-Sam hung out with Mom and Dad and



Monkey climbed on EVERYTHING!


After that we had to go down to the other house and check on everything down there…that meant a FOUR-WHEELER RIDE!!!!


When all this was finished the day was cooling down and the sun was starting to set!

What a perfect day we had!



The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Cornharvest

All-in-a-rowHere is the corn all in a row,

The tassels are up; the cobs below.

25Dad’s in the combine making a dust,

Harvest is continuing all in a rush.


The corn is all gobbled and spun out to fly

Leaving a cob all empty to dry.

WalkMonkey wants to hunt mice with me

MM-walkingBut  I have the Nose you see

HuntingOff you go Monkey don’t wait around now


If there is something interesting I set up and Howl!

Your Poet at large ( TEE HEE!)

BOOMER, The Handsome!!!

The Adventures of Boomer on Friday—Priceless



Hi, Ya, Sam!  Been catching any mice lately?


Your fur is getting messed up Monkey?  A bit windy out here for those of you with long fur!

Oh…look here is Mom.

What’ up, Mom!  What cha go’na do?

To-bed-1“Are you up to putting the farm to bed, Boomer?  Come on…we will go on out and get started, Dad will come up when he is done helping loading hay.”

To-bed-2 Mom reached down and picked me up and sat me down behind her on the four-wheeler.  (Mom has to pick me up and put me places ever since I blew my knee out.  My knee is healed now, but neither she nor I want it to get hurt again—so she always picks me up and puts me behind her—or sits me in the back of the pick-up or on the pick-up seat.)


“WAIT!!!!” Monkey yelled…..”I WANT TO GO!”

“No, Monkey—git!  It’s too far up there!  SCRAM!””  Finally Monkey ran back to the yard.Wait-1

Up we went to gather all the siphon tubes and stack them so the cows won’t stomp on them and destroy them.  Cows are like that ya know…if it’s interesting they like to walk on it to see what it will do.  Cracked siphon tubes in hooves is not a good thing, nor is it something Mom and Dad want to deal with either.


It was hot work…even if the sky acted like it wanted to rain, we all worked up a sweat…Mom even took her coat off…I’m glad I didn’t have a coat like thing on, I was already hot!

BirdUp one field, down another we went, picking up dams and tubes and straightening up anything that might get in the way of the corn combine…then I SAW IT!!!


Looks like the coyotes got a Big Bird…sniff, sniff..snuff…

“Boomer what you got there?” Mom asked, as she walked up the last of the dirt ditch.

“Oh, sometimes nature is so cruel…my, that was a big bird, I wonder what kind it was.”


Dad arrived about that time—“Coyotes!  They’ve gotten very brave again…I saw evidence along the equipment area yesterday.”


Yeah, Dad….Mom and I can hear them when we walk at night.  Mom and I think they are hanging out down around the other house.  They wouldn’t be at that house if Hank still lived there, but since he doesn’t they aren’t afraid!

And we see scat everywhere…coyote poop!  I sometimes stop and pee on it.  Makes me feel…GOOD!!!  Tee hee.

“Coyotes…never a good thing.  You stay close by, Boomie, even if it’s daylight you don’t need to be scaring up some coyotes in their den” Mom admonished me.

Not to worry Mom.  Since Fuzzy isn’t here I try to stay within eye-sight of you…I know you don’t have anyone to protect you now.  I can still get the news, but I’m the only dog now, so I know you need me to take care of you.


‘Come on, Boom, let’s go.



We got done faster with Dad’s help.  A nice little ride on the four-wheeler will cool you down.


Then we need to go check all the water traps for the mice…the mice seem to be rather bad this year also.”  Mom lifted me up, started the engine and off we took right behind Dad.

iop Wind in your ears and cool air on your fur………………priceless!



Once More–Cross your Fingers and Your Toes–Monday, December 1, 2014

Cute-1Daily we check the corn…riding out on the four-wheelers to get samples from all the fields.  Samples on the ends, samples in the middle…then THERE IT WAS…the moisture content said…”Give it a go!”  So we did!

Season-2Down the rows he went

Season-1Opening the driest field

Red2Filling the truck with red/gold corn

RedBecause it was the Thanksgiving holiday and the Elevator was good enough to stop and let everyone have a break….we parked the truck under the car port

TiresWhere Monkey-the -cat spent lots of her time checking to see WHY the grain truck was close to the house and not out by the barn.

WhatSilly cat!

Gradually the sun started to set filling our skies with a purple haze

Purple-4It was stunningly beautiful,

Purple-2Unusual and gorgeous all rolled into a swiftly darkening day

Purple-3Terry left for the Elevator at 5 this morning…when he called he was 13th in line and more arriving. It’s 9:00 a.m. right now and he still isn’t home.  He will be lucky to be here at noon.

Keep your fingers and toes crossed, send prayers and magic thoughts, please that this load passes and we are out-on-the-land until all the corn is in!

Your friend,



The Adventures of Boomer—the Cats

Well, I guess it’s true.  Fuzzy isn’t coming back.

After following Mom around for days and days until I got into a daze (TEE HEE) I decided hanging with Mom 24-7 is BORING!!!!   If she is outside that’s okay, but if she is inside all that I can do is sleep.  Right at first that seemed like a really good thing….then it hit me.


I tried whining at Mom, trying to get her to come outside and ‘DO SOMETHING’, but she would just reach down and pet me all over and give me a really nice leg shaking/scratching belly rub.  Then she would continue dusting or whatever it was she was doing.

I tried helping her cook—THAT didn’t work for sure.

So I said to myself—“WHAT CAN I DO?!?!??!”  That’s when it hit me —I can make friends with the cats!  Maybe we could do ‘stuff’ together!!


The first thing I had to do was to get Monkey-Cat to want to go outside.  Monkey-cat never likes to go outside, but I whined and begged her until she finally said: “Okay, dog! Let’s go outside and see what so neat about being out there”!


Sammy-Sam grudgingly said Monkey-Cat and I could go out with him…BUT we could NOT get in his way.  He said he has extremely important work to do on a twice a day basis and we were NOT to create havoc with his routines!


First we had to get outside…I can go…I just put my head against the back door and I’m out.  But the cats have to wait for Mom or Dad to open the door.

“To get outside, Monkey, you are going to have to sit at the door and meow and meow loudly”, I told Monkey.

Sammy turned a scornful eye at the both of us and said…”you just watch…I’ll get all of us out in a cat minute.”

Slowly he walked over to the door and sat down. He just sat there looking into the rest of the house waiting for Mom or Dad.

They never came.

It’s not working I fretted.

“Hang-on Dog I’m not done yet.”


“Wow! You sure are demanding, Sam,” Dad exclaimed as he walked into the kitchen then onto the back porch. Dad pushed open the backdoor and Sam yelled—NOW.  So we all bolted out the back door.


After a few minutes Mom and Dad came out!  “YAY!  We are all outside!” I bayed!

Dad headed over to the big truck where he is working on fixing the tail lights and Mom packed the trash to the trash cans.


“Come on, Monkey and Sam lets go see if there is any news at the canal.”

“SAY THIS IS FUN!”  Monkey screamed as she zoomed by Sam, Mom and I…”first one up the Willow tree is Queen of the world!”

“Look at that cat go!”  Mom laughed.  “I think she has finally figured out being outside is fun!”  Then Mom started loading up wood for the day.


“Come on Sam let’s see who has passed this way.”


Sniff, sniff…..”oh, Aanda’s big yellow and white Tom Cat.”


“GRRR, GROWL   that neighbor cat is NOT welcome on this place….grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.” Sammy casted a malevolent eye toward the canal.


“What cat? Huh, what cat, Sam….how can you tell, are you sure…where did he go…huh, Sam?  Sam….”

“Shhhhhhh, Monkey…just put your nose to the ground and follow the scent”…Sam glared at Monkey.

“Sniff, sniff…..oh, yeah, you are right, Sam, snuff, snuff…yep, right here…down this side of the canal…”


“COME ON…let’s see how far he went up the canal!” I invited as I slid down the side of the canal.

Down we all went- Sam, Monkey and myself.

“Oh!  This is really fun!’  Monkey exclaimed…”look there are pockets of water trapped between the rocks and little hidey holes under the long grass along the canal bank…”

“Look for mice”, Sam said.  “Don’t waste your time jumping on the rocks, Monkey…if you can find a mouse or two you can have a really nice snack.”


“You cats just go on and enjoy yourself, I think I’m going to hop up on the ditch bank road to smell what news is up here”…hummm,



deer…yes…buck and a nice buck.


Oh…yes…the mom and the fawn are in the corn….RACCOONS!!!  A couple of big ones….snuff, sniffle…mice.  “HEY! SAM THERE ARE A TON OF MICE IN THE CORN FIELD!!!”


“Thanks, Boomer, yum, yum, swallow, slurp…I found a few down here.”


WHAT!  Mom’s calling.  Maybe I’d better —————head ——————–home…but………..wait……….hummmmmmmmm…skunk…I think they are getting ready to hunker down for the winter.



GO” Town!?

Run to

“I’m COMING MOM!!! “

Run to

“I’m Coming!!!”

“Bye cats….I’m heading into town now.  See ya when I get back!”