The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Water (Predicted to Shrink)

The irrigation water sure has Dad and Mom worried.

They don’t have to go out every eight hours right now because the water is in the corn and the old alfalfa field.   See those fields have their plants up and growing so they don’t take as much water, but when the water gets BACK to the pinto bean field they will be back to the eight hour change No Matter What!

Dad is planting the very last of the corn today…this morning in fact.  He has given up on planting the new alfalfa field.

He will start planting the pinto beans on Monday.  Outside of the alfalfa field (alfalfa seed is like buying gold at today’s prices, so he is not going to chance losing the crop because of the lack of water) he will have everything planted.  (Dad will plant the alfalfa seed after the sweet corn farmers start harvesting their crop.  Once the sweet corn is gone, more water will be in the canals.  Hay is a nice cash crop to have.)

Water is extremely short…they are working with 70% of 100% right now—as they move into the middle of summer the ditch riders have told everyone that water is going to be moved lower and lower until it gets to 40%.  That will be a 60% loss of water.

Everyone is hoping 40% is as low as it does get!

We hope so too!!!!

So the race is on!

All the farmers HAVE to get the seeds in the ground, watered up, and growing well ….BEFORE…the irrigation water drops to 40%.

As the water levels shrink the nightmare, of keeping everything wet, will just get worse.  But the critical stage is getting the plant UP.

Boomie is doing better about coming when he hears the four-wheeler start…Mom talks to him as soon as we get to the field…”Boomer…you can play, but when you hear the four-wheeler start, you HAVE to be back here ready to go home or you will have to run home by yourself!”

He has done real good, even coming back to check on us once in a while.

But the last evening he said he was clear over in the wet lands smelling out the birds and things when he heard the four-wheeler start.  Everything was just getting really interesting so he decided he would run home.

That’s a pretty long run, let me tell you!

We had everything put away for the night when he came dashing in just as fast as his Beagle legs could carry him.

Worked out for me really well, as I had the whole four-wheeler to myself!



12 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Water (Predicted to Shrink)

  1. These two dogs have such a fine time while you two work so hard.. If i could send you one of my rain clouds with the string I would, your fields look so dry.. do you get a few hours off tomorrow? c


  2. When my dad finally ran out of reasons to sell his farm– he ended up in the hospital with a heart attack, that MIGHT have been the decider–he couldn’t leave his twenty pound bag of alfalfa seed behind. It went with him along with the dog and his cowboy hat to the little house in town. Yes, some things are golden.

    Best wishes for getting those green babies UP. And Happy Mothers Day.


  3. The water situation sounds terrible… and it is so early! I hope we have great afternoon thunderstorms…daily!
    We’ve heard that hay prices are going to continue to climb. We bought more than enough last year to see us through at least 2nd cutting. I’m estimating that I have 70 bales left. That should see me through August – if I keep the horses.
    I’ll keep my finger’s crossed for you folks.
    So, now that Boomer had a good run… will be be more likely to catch the 4-wheeler back on his next trip?!


  4. I hope you get rain soon. And… I hope Boomer enjoyed his run home. Beagles have boundless energy!! I hope you have a nice Mother’s Day.


  5. sounds like you have figured out the water requirements for corn and alfalfa and when to switch the flow. (we grew alfalfa on our long ago Maryland dairy farm, i just discovered it is native of southwestern asia).

    David in Maine USA


  6. Those two dogs are so adorable! I enjoy reading their posts! I am one of those people who just doesn’t have much success with seeds germinating. I guess that’s why I’m so amazed at those five stalks of corn! 🙂 I have been trying to keep everything wet while they germinate, especially things in the starter pots. I just keep re-seeding if things don’t come up. It’s always such a game of roulette! You see, I guess, I am a “farmer” at heart but don’t have the real skills of a farmer. 🙂


  7. Am keeping my fingers and wishing good luck to you both in getting that alfalfa crop not only in but UP! Boy oh boy I hope some rain comes your way soon – 40% is a big drop in water allocation.
    Love your reports Fuzzy… glad to hear that Boomer made it back home that night. He must’ve been having loads of fun! Cheerio 🙂


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