The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Moving Water

Dad had another meeting last night so it was just Mom, I, and Boomer.  We had a great time.

The sunset was beautiful.

We had to move the water from the upper end, from the hayfield, down to the corn field around the house.

The corn field around the house is well….hot!  We are all ringing wet all the time and it isn’t because we are dipping in a swimming pool, let me tell you.

I sleep under Dad’s pickup truck and under the lilac bush, the two coolest spots in the house.

Boomer has decided he wants to sleep with me under the pickup truck…I told him okay, there was room enough for the both of us.

The other place Boom likes is under the garden bench right after Mom has watered her flowers right there.

The musk thistles are amazing…they are as tall as Mom.  Mom says they are pretty but she sure doesn’t like having them around, especially on the ditch bank.  Makes for moving water well, stickery!

Those things aren’t near as bad as cockleburs I tell her, but sometimes Mom doesn’t understand what I’m trying to say.

It took us a little while to get the water from the upper end to the house, so Boom and I played around lots.  Mom worked with the water, she had a run away for a short spell….the ditch had sanded up and the weeds were a mess…she dug and dug and finally the water headed on down like it was supposed it.

Did I tell you the sunset was amazing? It sure was.

Well, not lots happening here…just watching the corn grow and the pinto beans and hay.  Dad sold the second cutting of hay, every last bale of it.  It wasn’t the best hay as it got rained on, but a couple of small farmers wanted it for their two cows and one wanted it for his three cows and his wife’s rabbits.  Dad gave them a huge deal and they took everything down to last hay leaf.  Dad said this was a win-win for everyone.

Mom is painting the inside of the house since she has everything all weeded up.  We like it better when she is outside with us, but sometimes she works inside.

We go inside sometimes, but that can be hotter than outside…like when she is canning.  WHEW!

Hope good things are in the picture for all of you.

Just hang’n loose,








16 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Moving Water

  1. That sounds like a LOT of work for your mom, Fuzzy. Too bad she didn’t have any help from some humans. When does Mom think the corn will be harvested? I’d imagine it will be cooler for the whole family when it’s cut down.


  2. Hot here too, Fuzzy. I’m glad things went so well for the sale of your hay. Hope the corn and beans go the same way–maybe even better. Playing in the water is fun. Digging sand out of a ditch is NOT. At least there is the wonderful view of an amazing sunset to help the situation along.


  3. Fuzzy, I’m sorry it’s so hot out there, but Mom got some marvelous pictures of the sunset. She also got so neat pictures of the thistles, but I’m not a fan of thistles, either.


  4. Thanks Fuzzy, loved hearing what you and Boomer got up to. Still sounds very hot there… whew, your poor Mum doing painting, bet she’ll be happy when it’s all finished, then she can come out to play with you both again!
    Beautiful photos of the clouds and the sunset – you live in a wonderful part of the world… those views are something else. Cheerio for now 🙂


  5. Hi Fuzzy! My goodness you, Boomer and Mom have been busy! Moving water is definitely not an easy job, especially when you have to shovel sand and weeds! The sunset pictures are really, really pretty. It is hot here, too, but I don’t have tall corn fields around the house, so get the benefit of the winds.
    I got so hot the other day that I dug a nice, cool spot in Mom’s freshly watered flower bed to lay in! Ummm, Mom was NOT happy with me, to say the least! She gave me some ice water to drink and then turned the hose on so I could lay in the mist and keep cool. So she does love me even if I dig holes! 🙂 Oh, and I agree about the cockleburs!!!


  6. Fuzzy, it sure is pretty where you and Boomer live, love the sunset photos. Winslow Homer would like you to know it is hot and humid here too, tunder showers are predicted for this afternoon, there will be alot on panting and shaking going on. No Fuzzy, not on my part but Winslow Homer’s! Greetings from Maine


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