We made it into Yellowstone Park the next day…excitement abounded in the car…WE WERE GOING TO SEE OLD FAITHFUL!!!

Which we did three different times…the first time was planned.


We stayed in West Yellowstone that evening, then went back into the park.  We spent two days touring.


The amazing beauty and the exciting thought that we were walking on top of a giant super-volcano kept us all in awe


People were everywhere

I could NOT imagine how crowded it must be in ‘high’ season—summer time— as we were never without crowds ourselves.

Everything about Yellowstone is dramatic

You can walk or drive your car to just about any outstanding place possible

Those are stairs to an over-look

But I must confess, the one thing that amazed me was man-made…

 The Old Faithful Inn

If memory serves me right it was finished building and opened in 1904.  The building is MASSIVE and all out of logs and stone.

The second I saw it I wanted to spend at least one night there.  We checked to see if there were any openings…If you want to spend a night or so at the Inn you MUST make reservations a YEAR in advance!  And the rooms are down right pricey.  But for once in a life-time….

$400 was way too much for us and there wasn’t one anyway.

Ah, well…one can dream.












  1. Yellowstone is such a beautiful place. We were lucky we got to see almost every large animal in the park!! Moose, deer, bear, Rocky mtn sheep, a mouse (lol) . We fished on Yellowstone Lake, that was a blast!! Catch and release but we caught quite a few! We camped at the lake too, had a bear warning so the kids slept in the car! LOL


  2. Interesting how at one time they made all park buildings “campy”…logs beautiful
    I’ve never been to Yellowstone so I’m going to have to work on a trip.


  3. The Old Faithful Inn is one of my favorite places on the planet. There is something magic about having breakfast there and peering out the window to watch a geyser go up. I’ve been going to Yellowstone since I was a kid. That’s one of the places that started my love of history and The West.


  4. Oh Linda I am so jealous, what a marvelous tour you have given us. Did you climb the stairs to the overlook? I have read about this wonderful lodge and always wondered how far in advance one might need to make reservations. Thank you for taking us along, America is truly beautiful. Safe travels, Julie.


  5. That is some awesome pictures, and the building was my favorite! $400 would be just a little pricey for me too! But is sure is a beautiful place.


  6. I’m so glad you had so much fun in the second-best park in the world. You’d already been to the best–Grand Teton National Park. But, then, it doesn’t have Old Faithful. Just the grandest mountains. Okay, I’m prejudiced but we can see the west side of them from my house. SO COOL you finally got to come back. You’ll have to look up on the internet how the firefighters had to make a stand and face down the BIG FIRE of 1988 to save The Old Faithful Inn. We could see the smoke from the fires clear over here all that summer.

    Someday we’ll have to cross paths.


  7. We tried to eat dinner at the “Inn” –but couldn’t get in… BUT–as you said, the cost was unbelievable… We did eat at several of the other lodges in Yellowstone. Loved Buffalo Burgers…. YUM.

    We went down those steps you pictured from the other overlook… Going down wasn’t too bad –but UP was harder… ha

    Loved seeing your photos. We saw all of that –and I’m ready to go back.


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