As we entered the park we were told “WATCH OUT FOR THE BEARS”!! and then given all sorts of brochures telling us to watch out for the wildlife, do NOT get close to the animals…in the Visitor Center were video’s running of people getting hurt by the wildlife.

So we were pretty open to ‘seeing’ wildlife.

It must have been the wrong time of the year

We saw very little…..

But what we saw were traffic stoppers!  If we came upon cars stopped every which way (including tour bus—of which there were MANY), even in the middle of the road we knew some type of animal was up ahead.

We saw…………….

A cool family of Buffalo

An elk

A very thin deer (in Green River)

Another elk (the following two photos and the deer above were taken by Wayne Maxwell)


Taken in the evening on the second day

Lots of crows

A cool little butterfly

Several bear at the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone, Montana


(Photo by Wayne Maxwell)


Then I saw the Three Bears

And I KNOW this is stupid, but I got to take a photo of a magpie!

Those birds are extremely hard to photograph.  I happen to think they are beautiful birds.

We don’t have them in our area anymore…the ravens and the crows have pushed them out.  They maybe living in other parts of Delta and Montrose County, but I, personally, haven’t seen any for a very long time.

Then, although we know we were NOT suppose to stand or get close to the wildlife…Terry just HAD to go stand by a Moose!  These animals are huge!











Tee-hee-hee!  HAHAHA!  Laugh, snicker, chuckle!

















17 thoughts on “Wildlife

  1. We finally made it to Colorado! The first bird I saw when we moved to Montrose was a magpie, but I haven’t seen another one here since! Up on Log Hill, though, they’re thriving (but that’s Ouray County).


  2. I’d gladly send magpies and camp robbers your way if you are missing them! Glad you saw the elk, I’ve yet to see a really nice bull close enough to photograph!


  3. Brilliant pictures. I really liked the three bears and of course the one of your very brave husband and the mighty moose!
    The magpies are handsome looking birds but can be a pest sometimes. We had to have a couple of windows replaced at our previous home and the magpies seemed to love the putty which held the glass in place as they were constantly pecking bits out of it. Fortunately not enough to disturb the glass!


  4. You must e having fun as you are making me laugh with things like stay away from large animals.!
    Most of our black bears are in hibernation or hanging around very close to their den.


  5. I’m starting a new blog hop! Every Thursday night I will post Farm Fun Friday. I’d love it if you came and linked up every week.



  6. Super great photos, Linda. I spotted the magpie in your header. I was not 100 % sure so was happy to read that I was right. I loved Yellowstone. Think I’ll look at my pictures from our trip!!!


  7. Good pictures – good humor. I like magpies as well. Especially when there’s a bunch on wing headed out to raise hell. I like the way they fly and look when there’s numbers.


  8. The biggest dangers in the park are tour buses and tourist who think they are in a theme park and want a photo of themselves standing next to a wild buffalo. (giant mental mooses don’t count) I’m with you on liking magpies. You were there at the best time to see the big bull elk. Did you get to hear them “bugle” ?? Wild sound!


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