The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Boomer Checks In

We had several days of rain awhile back, but so far we have been having clear, warm days, the kind that makes Fall just perfect.

I’ve been busy soaking up the sun and the heat…I rather like to sunbathe all the time, well, except in the Summer…that more like baking and I don’t like to bake.

Fuzzy and I checked out the corn for Dad…he was getting corn samples in all the fields to see if it is time to start combining….we ran clear to the deer wallow, scared up the buck.  Dad yelled at us because NOW if the deer run through the corn it will be knocked down.

Oh, yes…the corn is dry…after Dad and Kelly get the roof on the house Dad will start combining…next week —-Fuzzy and I think.

We will see.

The people who share the west fence with us let their renter put in heifers yesterday…there still isn’t a fence there, so Dad had to talk to renter about the fence line…

The renter is going to put up an electric fence.

And electric fence is made of small steel posts and a thin strand of wire.

It’s called an electric fence because it’s hooked up to a battery that is solar powered.  I’m not sure how it works but this I know for sure….if you keep your tail up real high and you are wagging it because you are happy and you go under the electric fence….


Fuzzy and I decided to not hang around, there were better things to find out than listening to fence talk.

Like always there is so much stuff to learn out there.

Dad sold the jeep so we got to bark Matt all the way down the lane and then bark him over to the jeep, then bark him back down the lane.

That was FUN!

We barked in the postman, (he always gives us dog cookies) the UPS Guy…he is always grouchy he says he doesn’t like dogs, Matt for the jeep and Kelly (several times).

We have been really busy with helping people in and out of our farm.

Blade came over and helped with the roofing job, (he really hung out with Hank and me.)

Fuzzy doesn’t much hang out with the kids; he hangs with Mom ALL THE TIME!

So as you see it’s been a really nice week!

Now the sun is just right; I feel a nap coming on.



16 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Boomer Checks In

  1. We used to have five dogs and they learned that exact lesson about hot fence. It was hilarious to see them run under the fence and into the field. All five tails bobbed down simultaneously then popped back up. Like a ballet.


  2. that electric fence thing sounds painful.
    I like the sun bathing thing. Sometimes I go out into my front yard to lay in the sun.
    My mom says we have to move. So, I have to leave the small front yard that my mom and dad planted just for me. I’m not sure what that means but I know it can’t be good. Turns out that I’ll have a small back patio but I know that my mom and dad will take me for nice long walks at the park.



  3. Now I’ll bet that jeep has a long and interesting story it could tell.!
    Most combining is complete here. Just the odd guy not finished who for some reason got behind.
    Have a nice day Fuzzy and Boomer


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