The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Dogs in Charge

Okay, everyone knows we have work to do around here, Boomer and I have lots of jobs!  The biggest job is TAKING CARE OF THE FARM!

We are the Security Team for the farm.  That’s big work.

For instance we caught a guy stealing Dad’s car parts….I barked and growled and even bit him.  Dad was a little shocked I did that, but then he saw the car parts lying on the floor of this man’s pickup cab.  The whole thing was pretty tense for some time, but I got lots and lots pets and love’n and three—GET THAT (!) —3 yummy DOG COOKIES!!!


Boomer got two, because Mom said he is still learning how to protect the farm. She is confident that he will learn because I’M THE DOG IN CHARGE!

Both Mom and Dad said they would not have known if I hadn’t gotten so upset.  See I never really get upset so they ‘knew’ something was up.

I think Mom told you that we closed up the entire gated pipes, the transmission pipes and any culverts on our place.  It keeps the critters from nesting down over the winter.  Next spring it saves the critter’s life since they never really know when the water is coming and they always drown, which isn’t a very pretty site.


The neighbor to the east of us never closes up his pipe or culverts.

Three nights ago Freddy Fox and several Raccoon’s came into the yard (at different times) and sniffed around the chicken pen, we barked and barked and really raised a ruckus.

Mom came out with the flashlight and checked out everything.  The hens were asleep.  Chickens have a really hard time waking up when it’s dark.  That’s why they make excellent food.  Easy pick’ns as they say.

Boom and I sniffed around and showed Mom the ‘leavings’ of the raccoons, we just told Mom about Freddy Fox.  But Mom knows about Freddy Fox as we saw either him or some of his clan in the transmission pipe on the neighbor’s land.  His/her little head was poking out just watching us last week as we went for our daily walk.

Mom said “Well, guess you boys are going to have to be real diligent watching the farm.”

We both wagged our tails in excitement and agreement.

Since we sleep outside until the temperatures drop real low, Mom decided that she was going to take matters in her own hands… on the internet she ordered three Nite Guards which flash lights from dust to dawn. This emits pulses of continuously red light which repel both ground and aerial predators.  Mom got three because she wanted one at the door of the hen house (which is shut up tight at night), one for the end of the run and one for the other side of the house because, we would be inside and not see or hear or smell anything.

Like I say – we sleep inside most of the winter, but if the weather isn’t THAT cold, like below 20*, I like to sleep in our dog houses.

Sometimes I just go on out and sleep in my dog house, without Boomer, I really take guarding the place serious you understand.

Now, Hank, he NEVER sleeps outside, he sleeps with Bladen —boy and his dog stuff you know.

The sunset sure was beautiful last night.

Well, gotta go…Boomer said he smells something rather cool and he wants me to come smell it with him.




22 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Dogs in Charge

  1. There’s nothing better than a dog who understands who needs to be bit and when, but aren’t aggressive most of the time. Our old Queensland would never even look at someone who walked into the backyard from our house, but she would diligently guard the gates into the yard. I had a Kelpie years ago who only bit one person. He worked on the farm. She would sneak for a long ways through the corn just to jump out and nip him on the butt, then run back to the house. Otherwise she was a totally sociable dog. How stupid of someone to try to steal something from a farm with dogs.


  2. Way to go! I be that thief was a bit surprised at your prowess! I get to protect our house too. But, I don’t sleep outside, so all manner of critters take advantage of that. But… I do get to be the ‘doorbell’ when folks drive in the yard. I don’t know what is wrong with the people’s ears – they can’t hear a darn thing… until someone is knocking on the door – geesh. I know they are here just about the minute the drive in our long driveway! -Tucker


  3. Guard Dog Fuzzy… That is so so so neat. You are a fabulous doggie… Thanks for protecting your property –from humans and from wildlife… I’m sure that Boomer will learn from you…

    Good Dog..


  4. Another tail in the continuing saga of Fuzzy and Boomer. Great reading and fun photos every time. Good think you two are on the job and taking care of the farm. People who don’t share their lives with animals miss a lot.


  5. That is a beautiful sunset picture! Also like your header!

    Fuzzy, you’re the man…! What a great guard dog you are and so glad you are teaching Boomer to be one, too. I know the hens love you keeping watch over them so no varmints can get to them!

    Linda, let us know how your Night Guards work. I’ve been thinking of getting some to deter all the coyotes I have around.



  6. Wow Fuzzy you’re a really fine guard dog and it’s great you’re teaching Boomer everything too.
    I can only imagine how stupid that person was to come on to your property and try to steal something – you really showed him!
    You both have such cosy beds too. Loved all the photos, nice sunset as well.


  7. we were driving in to the matriarch’s for some supper tonight and i said .. bugger,.. what? said John .. I missed friday with boomer and fuzzy.. i said.. needless to say he just kept driving.. but here I am.. better late than never.. nice job!! you guard dogs you! c


  8. Oh, Fuzzy, I’m so proud of you guys! It’s a big job keeping chickens and property safe…A few years ago, my husband’s truck was broken in to 3 times in just a month, and we didn’t even know it until he went out to leave for work the next morning. All my dogs ever do is bark at our elderly next-door neighbor when she comes outside to feed the fish in her little fish pond!


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