A Mindy Adventure Story—Life Goes On, Friday, November, 27, 2020 Chapter Four

Chapter Four

Every day is just another day.

I patrol the farm constantly.

Working hard to keep Mom and Dad safe.

And those hens.

They are such silly girls; it is really hard to keep them safe.

I’ve tried.

Boomer always checked out the hen house and made sure the hens were safe so I tried to do the same thing also.

Let me tell you, it is just too hard.

I don’t think they have a brain in their heads.

So, I only go to the hen house now when they are NOT IN the hen house.

That way I can keep the hen house SAFE!

Yes, SAFE!  You know there are MICE who like to live in the hen house and eat chicken food.

I make sure the mice become MY Food!


If Dad is outside I always,

I mean always,

Go to Dad and get Kitty pets and Kitty Rubs and Kitty Pick Up and Carries.

Sure, is nice.

After a while I make Dad let me down and I head off doing Mouse patrol.

Well, it was any day just like any other day….oh, not really, it was more any evening like any evening


Suddenly two grey ghosts flew right past me; landing in the very Ancient Willow Tree.

I flung myself to the ground when they flew past.



OWLS! EAT! CATS!!!  I started to bolt away when one of the owls silently lifted out of the tree and headed in my direction.

I ran as fast as I could to the, now empty canal, dove under the grass hanging over the side of the now-empty canal just in the nick of time, as I felt the swoosh of feathers passing over me.





AHHHHHHHHHHHH, MOM, Hey MOM — Tuesday, November 17, 2020

‘Are you finding anything, Myrtle?”

“Well, kinda. Let’s look over here.”

“This is extravagant..lots of weeds and leaves and stuff.

“Let’s head someplace else.  I’m not finding anything.”


“Oh, look the loud echoing water is gone.  Let’s go down there.”

“I’m done.”

“Me too.”

Knock, knock, knock

“MOM!  Come out we want some luxury food.”


“YAY!  Mom is heading to the hen house with treats!”

“First one there gets all of them!”

“That’s just what you think, Myrtle.”

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,




Things that Fly—-Thursday, October 1, 2020

Honey Bee

Those are bugs flying in the air.  All types and varieties

Sparrow in flight

The Barn Swallows left us in one huge swirling swoop

These just think they can fly.  🙂

To have one of these fly up in front of you is to startle you greatly (pheasant)

Not a feathered type of flying, but one that flies, never-the-less

And, yes, this really does fly!


Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Sherlock Boomer—-What Mom Doesn’t Know, Chapter Five, Friday, July 10, 2020

Chapter Five





I’m done with all this waiting.

With that, Mindy stomped off the cement step, down the cement sidewalk, across the red bricks, back onto the cement sidewalk.



I think I need to take a little break here and …………….ummmmmmmmmmm enjoy myself for a spell.


“Henny lets go see what sitting on the cement step is all about.”

“Sounds good, wait just a minute, Penny, let me catch up with you. We will stand and peck at the door together.”

Peck, peck, peck

Peck, peck, peck

“This is dumb, Penny. I have better things to do.”

“HAHAHAHAHA” I bayed at those silly hens.

“There is no one home.”  Chuckling to myself I took off to do a little checking around.

I looked over here and sniffed out the news.  Nothing.

Then I went down the road a spell,

Humm, Raccoons.  In the night. Late.

Then I walked back to the lawn…nothing passed through here late last night, or early this morning, or after lunch.

“Hey, Mindy! Do you want to do something like anything…

I mean SOMETHING?  This is BORING without Mom and Dad.”







The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— What’s Happened with the Coyote

Mom started wondering what happened with the coyote…

no longer has she seen signs of coyote in the yard

or on the game camera she put on the little trail the coyote seemed to be using crossing the long, long lane and through the lawn to get to where my dog houses were.

SO…. Mom and I took down the game camera and hopped on the four-wheeler.


Off we went way over where the equipment is stored on the other side of the farm. Where I jumped off and searched the ground thoroughly for news.



Now, Mom doesn’t know if one of these coyotes is THE coyote coming onto the yard, but at least there are no longer signs of coyote on the grass or the road or around any of the buildings; it just might be safe to say the coyote has moved on and joined a pack.

At least that is what Mom and I want to think.


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— Waiting on Spring….Leave Winter Leave!

Mom and I are very tired of winter…Very.

I want to go out and about checking on my friends out on the farm.  Although, Mom keeps telling me ‘no more running around and staying gone, Boomer’.

I don’t get why she tells me that I know where I am and what I’m doing.


Mom and I wander around where the mud is starting to dry out, which isn’t very far. And Mom takes photos…mostly of birds.

Not much going on.  Pretty much housebound.


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— Catching UP

Well, it seems like I need to do some catching up.  Well, not me, but you.  Well not you catching me up, but me catching you up.

It’s still terribly dry here.

And the wind blows every day, —- still.

The deer are enjoying the corn.

They like corn just like Mom and Dad.

The coyotes eat the corn also.  There isn’t anything a coyote won’t eat —-just say’n.

The Barn Swallows are doing a real good job of keeping the mosquitoes gone.  They are on another batch of little kids so they eat lots of flying bugs.  Mom and Dad and Mindy and I think that is a VERY GOOD THING!

The very busy raccoons are coming into the yard all the time.  They robbed Mom’s tomato patch the other night and had a huge feast.

So, Mom covered up the watermelon hoping to protect the three which are left. (One was eaten and Mom said it wasn’t even ripe.)

Freddy Fox comes to see me every so often.  He is shy and won’t come around if Mom is out on a walk with me…but I see him and give him tag wags.

The other night we almost ran into a skunk.  Mom was extremely careful.  She called me back to her and made me walk with her into the cornfield where we hid—and Mom took a photo.

That tail went up, up and more up, but nothing came out.  Which was a very good thing.  Mom and I were extremely nervous we were going to get sprayed.

But I guess the big news is Ethie and Dottie don’t live here anymore.  Ethie’s real parents came and got her.  They also took Dottie because Ethie and Dottie were BFF’s now and would have been sad without each other.

Then Mom was sad about not having Ethie and Dottie.  She kept saying that the yard seems empty without chickens.  This went on for several days.

My oldest sister (the one who has my cousin Etta) came up and gave mom TWO young hens.

Little Bit One and Two.  They do everything together. If one turns left the other one does too.  If one runs down the road the other one is right with them.  Mom says they must have been twins.  (Can chickens have twin eggs?  It’s a wonder all eggs look the same to me.)

Anyway, Mom is happy again…two hens to scratch and run in her yard.  I have two hens who like to take naps close to me…and Mindy has two hens who like to chase her.

Mindy is not very happy about that!!!!

Oh!  Have to go!…………….






The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Dogs in Charge

Okay, everyone knows we have work to do around here, Boomer and I have lots of jobs!  The biggest job is TAKING CARE OF THE FARM!

We are the Security Team for the farm.  That’s big work.

For instance we caught a guy stealing Dad’s car parts….I barked and growled and even bit him.  Dad was a little shocked I did that, but then he saw the car parts lying on the floor of this man’s pickup cab.  The whole thing was pretty tense for some time, but I got lots and lots pets and love’n and three—GET THAT (!) —3 yummy DOG COOKIES!!!


Boomer got two, because Mom said he is still learning how to protect the farm. She is confident that he will learn because I’M THE DOG IN CHARGE!

Both Mom and Dad said they would not have known if I hadn’t gotten so upset.  See I never really get upset so they ‘knew’ something was up.

I think Mom told you that we closed up the entire gated pipes, the transmission pipes and any culverts on our place.  It keeps the critters from nesting down over the winter.  Next spring it saves the critter’s life since they never really know when the water is coming and they always drown, which isn’t a very pretty site.


The neighbor to the east of us never closes up his pipe or culverts.

Three nights ago Freddy Fox and several Raccoon’s came into the yard (at different times) and sniffed around the chicken pen, we barked and barked and really raised a ruckus.

Mom came out with the flashlight and checked out everything.  The hens were asleep.  Chickens have a really hard time waking up when it’s dark.  That’s why they make excellent food.  Easy pick’ns as they say.

Boom and I sniffed around and showed Mom the ‘leavings’ of the raccoons, we just told Mom about Freddy Fox.  But Mom knows about Freddy Fox as we saw either him or some of his clan in the transmission pipe on the neighbor’s land.  His/her little head was poking out just watching us last week as we went for our daily walk.

Mom said “Well, guess you boys are going to have to be real diligent watching the farm.”

We both wagged our tails in excitement and agreement.

Since we sleep outside until the temperatures drop real low, Mom decided that she was going to take matters in her own hands… on the internet she ordered three Nite Guards which flash lights from dust to dawn. This emits pulses of continuously red light which repel both ground and aerial predators.  Mom got three because she wanted one at the door of the hen house (which is shut up tight at night), one for the end of the run and one for the other side of the house because, we would be inside and not see or hear or smell anything.

Like I say – we sleep inside most of the winter, but if the weather isn’t THAT cold, like below 20*, I like to sleep in our dog houses.

Sometimes I just go on out and sleep in my dog house, without Boomer, I really take guarding the place serious you understand.

Now, Hank, he NEVER sleeps outside, he sleeps with Bladen —boy and his dog stuff you know.

The sunset sure was beautiful last night.

Well, gotta go…Boomer said he smells something rather cool and he wants me to come smell it with him.




Sunday Stills-Bird Stalking

Our assignment this week to get and see if we could capture some birds which are arriving back for spring.

One of my goals is to be able to take really good bird photos.  This has been a horribly busy week this week so I wasn’t able to stalk many birds, but I did get this lovely pair of ring-necked doves in the apricot tree—

A very chirping flock of (I don’t know what kind of birds)

And of course the resident hens!

Of which I thoroughly enjoy.


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Chicken Attack!

When the weather was warmer and we were all enjoying it, Mom decided that the ‘girls’ could go outside and peck around for a while. They had been really restless, pecking on the run plastic, trying to flap out the door whenever Mom went in to do something for them-gather eggs, refresh their feed, or bring in clean water.

After a very beautiful day, in which Mom and Dad were going to be gone, Mom promised the ‘girls’ if the next day was nice they could get outside, once all their eggs were laid, and have a really good dust bath and peck around.

The next day came, it was beautiful…all four eggs were laid by 11:00 in the morning so the ‘girls’ got to go OUT!

There was much joy, running and flapping and cheerful squawking as they made their way into the mud and snow of the farm yard.

Fuzz and I just watched, and then we decided they were not very entertaining so we headed back with Mom to the house and begged to come in.

We should have stayed outside.

Fuzzy and I feel really super bad, because we didn’t stay outside and guard those hens.  Mom says she feels bad too.

But we didn’t.

So the deed was done.

(If you want to see a photo of the hurt, Mom would send it to you.  Maybe someone out there could tell her who tried to eat her chicken)

But by whom..?

That is the Million Dollar Question!

Mom, Dad, Fuzzy and I rounded up the hens and put them away.  They didn’t want to go.  They had run into the lilac bush and were standing in there frozen in terror.  Fuzz and I talked about whom or what could have done the deed.

So we sat out to find out…we sniffed here and there and everywhere.

While we were out looking for the culprit, Mom was doctoring the hen.  First she cleaned the neck and shoulder wounds up really good with warm water, gave the hen a few drops of liquid baby vitamins, and a mashed up half of a baby aspirin.

The hen let her, I guess she was in shock, then she covered everything in salve, after which she placed the hen in a dog crate in the hen house in a warm location.

That was three days ago and the hen is doing well.  The wounds are healing over and the stress is gone from the hen’s eyes.

She has even laid two eggs!

Fuzzy and I have been on the lookout, but we haven’t figured out what happened yet.  Since the dastardly deed happened in broad daylight who knows—-hawk/crow/raven maybe?

Mom sat a live trap out with really yummy smelling cat food (I kept trying to get at it, Mom was NOT happy me about it.  But GEEZ it smells GOOD) just in case it was a skunk.

Since all this happened our temperatures have dropped back down to typical January temps….the high is 22-29* and the lows -2-5* at night.  If it was a skunk he/she went back into hibernation.

If it was a hawk/crow/raven…he/she WILL be back!

In the meantime…Fuzzy and I will be on guard and ready to bark all predators away!

Very Serious,