Monday, November 19, 2012

I’m back.  Slept off and on yesterday and even slept in really late this morning.  I got up at 6:30, with everyone else up and doing stuff.

I feel good.

I think I just got really tired from doing our things here and then running down to our oldest daughter’s place (only 2 miles away) to feed her fire and watch over her animals.  She only heats with a wood stove so I had to be extremely diligent to keep the fire going so her pipes wouldn’t freeze all through the day and night.

She is back home now so everything will mellow out until our other daughter and her family heads to Nebraska for Thanksgiving on Wednesday.  They heat with wood also, but they have a backup propane system.  I will just have all their animals to take care of, which won’t be as exhausting.

Terry and I and the dogs all went around the place yesterday checking on the fences.  It’s getting close to pheasant hunting season, which means people will cut, break down, and destroy fences to get to the birds.  Everything is posted, not because we are against hunters, but because we are against property damage.  It works most of the time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These lovely birds are back.  I tell them all of the time they are most welcome to land on our place…we are a no hunting zone.  Although, I don’t think there is a Sand-hill Crane season I know there is a Canada Goose season, of which they will be safe here!


14 thoughts on “Monday, November 19, 2012

  1. It’s for sure that hunters will do most anything to get their prey.. They (most of them) don’t mean to damage property–but they are ONLY thinking about their ‘catch’……

    Glad you got some rest yesterday. Sometimes our bodies just need that!!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving.


  2. Hi Linda, You certainly burn the candle at both ends-not only taking care of your place & animals but your daughters as well. What a mom! Hope the hunters respect your property boundaries and leave your land be. Hope you have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. Great that you have recovered your energy.
    Canada geese and sand hill crane populations have really increased. the geese have become a nuisance in many places. Sand hill cranes fill some fields in the spring.


  4. Yup that 2 hour fire feeding will wear you out in a hurry – I know! And I don’t have to go 2 miles to do it. Love the geese photos and have some I took yesterday I will share “eventually” when I get a chance to get my blog post finished.


  5. I hope you have a great day on the 22nd for your Thanksgiving.
    Lets hope that the shooters for the hunting season have respect for the farmer’s
    properties, fences, gates etc.
    I always associate the “hunting season” as the culling time. Keeps the flocks in
    some form of control.
    Colin (Brisbane.Australia)
    Weather: Thank God those horrendeous storms of last weekend have gone,
    unfortunately they are expected back for next weekend and this time I will be prepared.
    Once bitten, twice shy – ha ha!


  6. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving day.
    One can but hope that the hunters during the “open season” respect your property,
    only needs one to spoil things like having no respect for a persons property like gates and
    fences. I think of the hunting season as the “culling season”, keeps the flocks at a controllable
    Thankfully the last weekend storms of mayhem have gone, but they will be back for next weekend
    it seems. This time I will be prepared – once bitten, twice shy – ha ha.
    Colin (Brisbane. Australia)


  7. You work so hard — you certainly deserved a day off (at least). (One good thing about getting behind on reading my favs is to find out you’re better at the same time I find out you were under the weather). The slide show is lovely. We hear shotguns from the other side of the lake this time of year and while I’m not against hunting completely I really hate to hear that sound.


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